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Animated 'Snowpiercer' Prequel Explains WTF is Happening

If you saw the bleak, train-centric trailer for Bong Jooh-ho's "Snowpiercer," chances are you might've been at least a little confused about what the what was going on in it. This animated short, which serves as pseudo-prequel to the sci-fi drama should help clear a few things up. Get More »

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'Sweetwater' Trailer: January Jones is MAD (Get It?)

Move over, Django. Betty Draper has some scores to settle and she's doing it in the Old West with a trusty six-shooter.

January Jones takes her woman scorned persona from "Mad Men" to a new level  as a badass widow on a warpath. Showings last year at The Sundance Film Festival resulted in a "rotten" 20 percent score for "Sweetwater," but to be fair, there are only five reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes as of right now. "Sweetwater" looks like a mix of "True Grit," HBO's flawless series "Deadwood" with a bit Quentin Tarantino's Spaghetti Western revisionism, plus a dash of Betty Draper shooting those pigeons (as EW gleefully pointed out). Get More »

New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Call' and More

The Call Sony

This week: Halle Berry goes above and beyond the call of duty as a 911 operator trying to save a kidnapped teenage girl from a serial killer in the thriller "The Call."

Also new this week is Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi and Jim Carrey in the Vegas magician comedy "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," David Duchovny and Ed Harris in "Phantom" and the Blu-ray debut of The Beatles' "Help!" Get More »

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'Pain & Gain' Trailer: Welcome to the Gun Show


Michael Bay knows a thing or two about using guns in his movie, but chances are even he has never seen guns like the ones busting out of Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's shirtsleeves in the brand new trailer for "Pain & Gain."

Looks like these two are the only special effect Bay is going to need. Get More »

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Elizabeth Banks Goes Out 'On a Ledge' In New Trailer Commentary Track

Elizabeth Banks and Sam Worthington in "Man on a Ledge"

We've heard of commentary tracks on DVDs before, but it's not often you get a commentary track for a movie trailer -- and if "Man on a Ledge" turns out to be half as entertaining as the new trailer commentary track from Elizabeth Banks, it's going to be the best damn movie of the year.

We dare you to watch this and not be entertained. Get More »

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Sam Worthington Gets Edgy in 6 'Man On A Ledge' Clips

Man on a Ledge

We don't want to go out on a limb here, but "Man On A Ledge" could be the most white-knuckle suspense film of the new year.

Sam "Avatar" Worthington might need his wheelchair again if he falls off a New York City high-rise he's climbed in order to, get this, distract the cops while his brother pulls a diamond heist to clear his name. Hollywood, you're a genius. Jamie Bell costars as the brother, while the always lovely Elizabeth Banks tries to convince Sam that life is Worthington living. Get More »

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Sam Worthington Might Jump in 'Man on a Ledge' Trailer

Sam Worthington in Man on a Ledge
Summit Entertainment

Who is this guy and why does he want to plummet hundreds of feet to his death?

The answers are many and none appear to be easy in "Man on a Ledge," a crime thriller about an ex-con (Sam Worthington) who causes quite an incident from the top of a New York City hotel as a police psychologist (Elizabeth Banks) tries to talk him down. Get More »

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Ed Harris and Matthew Fox Fall Victim to the Zombie Apocalypse


Zombies: they are ugly, relentless and make no mistake about it, they WILL eat you. So it's rarely a surprise when we get word that the zombie horde has claimed another hapless victim or two -- unless, of course, those victims happen to be huge Hollywood stars such as Ed Harris and Matthew Fox.

Add two more brains to the menu, because New York Magazine is reporting that both Harris and Fox have dropped out of the new zombie apocalypse movie "World War Z."

Is no one safe from this undead menace? Get More »

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New 'Way Back' Trailer Has Serious Legs

"The Way Back"
Newmarket Films

It's a story that sounds too crazy even for Hollywood: trapped in a Soviet prison in the heart of Siberia during World War II, a group of prisoners makes a daring escape and then wanders through over 4,000 miles of wilderness -- from tundra to desert to mountaintop -- before finally arriving safely in British-occupied India. Seriously, that couldn't have really happened, could it?

Well, it's happening now: acclaimed director Peter Weir has just released the new trailer for his upcoming film "The Way Back," and it features the epic journey in all it's amazing detail. Get More »

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