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'Doctor Who' Meets Ryan Gosling in Someone's Fantasy (and Real Life)

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Ryan Gosling might just be a closet Whovian, people, because for his directorial debut "How to Catch a Monster," Gosling's now plucked none other than The Doctor himself, Matt Smith.

Per Variety, "Monster" will mark Smith's stateside acting debut, and he will star as the male lead for the film.

Outside of "Dr. Who," Smith has very few film credits to his name - British titles like "Womb" and "Bert & Dickie," e.g. - so the decision to cast him probably had a little something to do with his popular (and zany) work in TV. Given the surreal subject matter of the movie, Smith's experience muscling through wacky material to make it work will come quite in handy. Get More »

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Q&A: Kenneth Branagh on Marilyn, Sir Olivier and 'Thor 2'

Kenneth Branagh
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Kenneth Branagh is an international star of stage and screen who's as adept at performing Mamet or Stoppard on stage as he is at directing a summer blockbuster like "Thor." In "My Week with Marilyn," Branagh takes on the role of Sir Laurence Olivier, the legendary thespian who directed and starred in "The Prince and the Showgirl" with Marilyn Monroe. It's this production that's at the heart of "Marilyn," as the actress, played by Michelle Williams, struggles with the staid British set, the pressures of working with Olivier and her ongoing personal drama.

So, what's the Shakespeare-trained actor like in person? Branagh's as charming as one would hope, easily chatting about playing the legendary Olivier, the trials and tribulations of directing, and his lifelong love of "Dr. Who." Get More »

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'Doctor Who' Girl Gets 'Not Another Happy Ending'

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Some people can't get enough of stories of love triumphing against all odds, and for them, there's a whole section of Netflix full of Nicholas Sparks movies.

For the more cynical movie-goer, or the guy or gal who just wants to know where Amy Pond goes when she's not slipping through the universe, there's "Not Another Happy Ending."

The movie, written by David Solomoms, tells the story of a girl whose happiness nearly ruins her life, and the handsome hero who sets out to make sure she's miserable. Get More »

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