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Wolverine as Disney Princesses Is Disturbingly Awesome

Squigglenaut on Tumblr Squigglenaut on Tumblr

When it comes to Disney characters, we are always in the market for weirdly amazing transformations. Whether it's a Grumpy Cat meme collision with the House of Mouse or the line-up of pretty ladies getting slothified and given historically accurate wardrobing or even the animated villains getting a Broadway-esque spotlight, we are soooooo in. Always.

So, naturally, when we discovered that a gaggle of web artists are now making Wolverine as Disney Princesses a thing, we just had to share. Get More »

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Disney Villains do the 'Spell Block Tango'

The internet wins big again today because here we have a drop-everything-and-watch-this-right-now mashing of some of Disney's most (dis)favored villains and the "Cell Block Tango" from "Chicago." Yes, really. Happy Tuesday!

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Monsters University' and More

Pixar Pixar

This week: See how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) first met in college in "Monsters University," Pixar's animated prequel to "Monsters, Inc."

Also new this week is "R.I.P.D.," a supernatural comedy starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as two cops tasked with managing ghostly activity on Earth, and "Byzantium," Neil Jordan's atmospheric vampire film starring Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton. Get More »

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When Memes Collide: Grumpy Cat as Disney Characters

Tsaoshin at DeviantART Tsaoshin at DeviantART

Everybody (at least, everyone on the internet) loves a good set of memes, and for obvious reasons we have a particular fancy for the movie-related sort. But apart from Tommy Lee Jones' pissed face at the Golden Globes, there's been very little opportunity to offer up a crossover with one of the web's best-ever meme creations, Grumpy Cat ... 'til now, that is.

Presenting Grumpy Cat animated in as various Disney characters. It's pretty much everything you've been waiting for...and then some. Get More »

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5 Disney Movies We Wanna See-Feel on Their New Touch App

Disney Disney

Snaps for innovation, especially when it means we get to be even more entertained (talk about your 21st Century people probs).

So, in a nutshell, Disney's now totally made up for its "The Little Mermaid" iPad snafu by developing a touchscreen app that actually appeals to a person's sense of touch. To repeat, that's tactile television, people. Oooooh ahhhh ... Better start giving those index fingers all stretched and ready now!

Get More »

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'Cruella de Vil' Live-Action Movie is Coming Because Duh

Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmations 300x220 Disney

Someone cough up a green star because Disney is officially in the recycling business now.

For its latest reduce-and-reuse effort, the studio's set its sights on "101 Dalmations" as a live-action movie, giving the pooch-thieving villainess Cruella de Vil the spotlight.

As they've done with "Sleeping Beauty" and the Angelina Jolie-driven "Maleficent" reinterpretation, Disney intends to name this re-telling after its resident evil thing, calling it simply "Cruella." Because of course they are.  Get More »

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Meryl Streep's 'Into the Woods' Look Will Make You Want to Reconsider That Halloween Costume

Walt Disney Studios Walt Disney Studios

We've definitely seen Meryl Streep rock some gray locks before — like that time she turned all fierce ice boss in "The Devil Wears Prada" and when she got the salt-and-pepper treatment for "The Iron Lady" — but for the currently-in-production adaptation of the musical "Into the Woods," she's treading into all new, scraggly mane territory alright.

First of all, is that silver or is it blue? Or is it silver-blue? It's hard to decide. And secondly, would you just get a load of those nails. Yech! Get More »

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'Frozen' Trailer: She's as Cold as Ice

Disney kept it pretty cute and coy with its first little teaser for "Frozen," but now it's time for all the twisty darkness of the chilly tale upon which it's based to come through, right? 'Cause they say it's a play on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" which was not exactly your airy-fairiest fluff story.

Well, judging by this theatrical trailer for the 3D animated pic, nahhhh, it's still gonna be mostly just adorable talking snowmen and such (this is the Mickey Mouse studio we're talking about here). Andersen purists, steer clear! Get More »

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Ugh, New 'Star Wars' Movies Set to Be Origin Stories

Lucasfilm Ltd. Lucasfilm Ltd.

Back when Disney bought out Lucasfilm with the intention of making "Star Wars: Episode VII" and beyond, the news was met with a heaping pile of skepticism. So much (understandable) vitriol and snark. But then once some of the original castmembers were wrangled back in and J.J. Abrams, giant fanboy-slash-sick director that he is, was tapped to lead the Warsian charge, well, attitudes shifted a bit toward excitement and intrigue.

Today's news might just earn a new hiss or two from the crowd, though. Get More »

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'The Little Mermaid' Re-release to Feature iPad Glares and Squealing Children

Disney Walt Disney Pictures

If all you wanna do is mouth along with the hot crustacean band sounds of "Under the Sea" in peace and quiet in a sufficiently darkened theater space, well, you might wanna just make a blanket fort at home and skip Disney's theatrical re-release stint of "The Little Mermaid" altogether.

'Cause for some reason, Disney's decided that it'd be a totally grrrrrrrreat idea to have children playing along with their iPads during the screenings and has built a custom app to help encourage that.

Consider yourself warned. Get More »

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