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Hot People Looking Hot: Alexander Skarsgard Photos

Whether battling aliens on the high seas or sinking his hot, hot fangs into some lucky lady, Alexander Skarsgard is always at the top of his game. In fact, considering the actor's height (roughly nineteen feet, give or take) he's at the top of everyone's game.

This spring, we get brainwashed by his creepy cult activities in "The East," opening May 31, and join his search for connection in a wireless world in "Disconnect," now in theaters. Even though he cheats on Paula Patton in that last one (dude, are you crazy?).

Check out our entire gallery of Alexander Skarsgard looking tall, light and handsome.

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Why Paula Patton Isn't My Wife: A Soul-Searching Introspective

Paula Patton in Che Magazine Che Magazine

There's nothing to really do when waiting for a train in a subway station. There isn't any cell phone service, and even if you're with friends, the odds that they are ten-minutes-of-straight-conversation-level interesting are sadly low. You might say that being on a subway platform makes for our only real, actual chance to take a break from staring at glowing rectangles all day and "Disconnect." So you people-watch, and sometimes, you notice the ads on the wall — some of which don't even have impromptu sharpie penises drawn on them. Get More »

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April Movie Math: It All Adds Up

Paramount Paramount

Your mother always said that math would be important. You just didn't understand what she meant until now. Well, NextMovie is here to drive her point home. Can't decide which of April's dazzling new releases is for you? Fret not, faithful moviegoer! Whether you're in a "Trance" or aiming for "Oblivion" (or even a more lucid state) it all adds up. Read on to see NextMovie's April Movie Math, breaking down the month's new releases into simple arithmetic. Get More »

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Who's Watching You Watch the New 'Disconnect' Trailer?

It's a fact of modern existence: The more you do online, the more you unwittingly reveal the details of your life to pretty much anybody who really wants to know. Everything you do leaves a digital trail and there's no telling who might be watching.

And just wait until they see you checking out the new trailer for the upcoming indie drama "Disconnect." Get More »

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Best of the Fest: The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Looper TriStar Pictures

We've bid farewell to the Great White North for another year — yup, the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival is officially over. In years past, Oscar winners like "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The King's Speech" made their international debuts at TIFF. With that in mind, we took in every screening our schedules allowed, looking for the Next Big Thing of this year.

We narrowed the Best of Fest list to 15; They may not be the Oscar nominees of 2013 — though we'd bet cash money some of them are — but they'll be among the best movies you'll see for yourself this year. -- By Kevin Polowy and Brooke Tarnoff Get More »

Haley Ramm Connects to 'Disconnect'

Haley Ramm
Getty Images

Haley Ramm will soon know the dangers that lurk along the Information Superhighway.

The "Skateland" star is the latest addition to the ever-growing cast of the anti-Internet drama, "Disconnect," according to Variety.

"Disconnect" is a "Crash"-style ensemble piece that explores various characters and how they are affected -- and in some cases destroyed -- by the Internet and other forms of modern communication. Get More »

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Paula Patton Is Experiencing a 'Disconnect'

Paula Patton
Getty Images

If you've been too busy tweeting, texting and Facebooking today to notice the news that Paula Patton just signed on to a new movie, that's only fitting, because ... that's exactly what the film is about.

Here's the news, in slightly more than 140 easily digestible characters: According to Deadline, Patton has signed on to join the cast of "Disconnect," which tells the tale of a group of family and friends slowly torn apart by the very social media designed to bring them together.

Now that's something we can all "like." Get More »

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Jason Bateman Schedules 'The Longest Week' and 'Disconnect'

Jason Bateman
Getty Images

Apparently, Jason Bateman doesn't believe in taking time off.

The "Horrible Bosses" star has officially booked the remainder of 2011 with two back-to-back projects, "The Longest Week" and "Disconnect," according to Variety.

Bateman joins Olivia Wilde in "The Longest Week," which chronicles the misadventures of an aimless young man who lives in his rich parents' five-star hotel. Over the course of one week, he suddenly finds himself broke, evicted... and in love (probably with Wilde, which means things could be a lot worse). Get More »

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Alexander Skarsgard Wants to 'Disconnect'

Alexander Skarsgard
Getty Images

Alexander Skarsgard will soon be online.

The "True Blood" hunk hits the information superhighway as he joins the cast of "Disconnect," an indie drama about the many dangers of the Internet, according to Variety.

"Disconnect" sounds like a variation on "Crash" (the one that was nominated for a lot of Oscars, not the one that was actually good) as it follows a group of interconnected characters who are affected -- and in some cases destroyed -- by the Internet and other forms of modern communication. Get More »

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