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GALLERY: All the Photos From 'The Host' Released So Far

Step aside, vampires and werewolves — 2013 marks the year of the alien takeover with "The Host."

The upcoming adaptation of "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer's sci-fi novel centers around Melanie (Saoirse Ronan), a human serving as a host for Wanderer, one of the alien Souls that have invaded Earth. Wanderer struggles to maintain power over Melanie, whose strong emotions and memories cause friction between body and soul. Eventually, they fall for the same human guy — played by Max Irons. Diane Kruger is The Seeker, the nasty alien threatening to put a stop to the freaky love triangle.

The film doesn't hit theaters until March 29, 2013, but they're releasing images now. Check out today's new look at Wanda.

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Casting Roundup: McGregor, Cruz and Yelchin Get the Gigs

Ewan McGregor Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

Ewan McGregor is looking to play the bad guy again, following his sleazy turn earlier this year in "Haywire." Deadline reports that the "Trainspotting" star is set to star in "Son of a Gun," an Australia crime thriller that chronicles the complex relationship between a notorious criminal (McGregor) and his young protege. That's not all for McGregor — he'll also be joining Kate Hudson for the showbiz comedy, "Born to Be King," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Penelope Cruz is going to teach us about clothes ... and murder! The "Bandidas" beauty is in talks to star in "Gucci," a drama about the Italian family behind the legendary clothing brand in which she would play Patrizia Reggiani, who was jailed for 29 years for allegedly ordering the 1995 murder of her ex-husband and heir to the family empire, Maurizio Gucci. Get More »

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Everything We Know About 'The Host' So Far

Saoirse Ronan in "The Host" Open Road Films

Stephenie Meyer's money-makin' mojo isn't just limited to massive book sales. She's also four for four on resultant box office pillages, and the folks at Open Road Films would love nothing more than for her first non-"Twilight" book-to-screen adaptation, "The Host," to become the next focal point for the rabid attention of her fan base. Rumor has it, Meyer's currently tapping out the long-overdue sequel to her sci-fi novel, too, so there's definitely some franchise potential at play with this story.

As for the first post-vamp adaptation, here's an all-inclusive guide to what we know about the movie so far. Get More »

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Diane Kruger, Chris Pratt and More Expand Their Resumes

Diane Kruger
Getty Images

Well, it looks like Hollywood was definitely hiring today.

Show business is apparently still booming, as Diane Kruger, Chris Pratt, Lucas Till, Mos Def, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Octavia Spencer and even "Adventures in Babysitting" star Elisabeth Shue all scored new gigs today, according to various sources.

Kruger, whom we just can't wait to see as The Seeker in "The Host" next year, is hitting the history books as she's joined the cast of another Abraham Lincoln movie, "The Green Blade Rises," according to Deadline. She'll be playing Sarah Lincoln, Abe's stepmother, in a film that to our knowledge will feature neither vampires nor Daniel Day-Lewis. Get More »

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Diane Kruger Is The Seeker of 'The Host' (Which Is Now a Trilogy?)

Diane Kruger
Getty Images

It looks like the search for The Seeker might be over.

Diane Kruger, who recently played a German actress and undercover Allies ally in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds," is in talks to join the film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's non-"Twilight" novel, "The Host," according to Deadline.

Kruger has been offered the role of The Seeker in the romantic sci-fi drama that chronicles the hostile alien takeover of 'The Souls,' parasitic creatures that invade the mind and body of their human hosts. The Seeker is in charge of overseeing the conversion of Mel Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), a rebel soldier whose takeover by the alien known as Wanderer is experiencing some complications due to the parasite's own fascination with Mel's memories -- particularly those involving the men in her life, boyfriend Jared (Max Irons) and brother Jamie. Get More »

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Diane Kruger Reigns as Marie Antoinette

Diane Kruger
Getty Images

After much gossip in the court, it's finally official: Diane Kruger will play Marie Antoinette in Benoit Jacquot's adaptation of the French Revolution novel, "Farewell, My Queen."

She replaces "Casino Royale" actress Eva Green as the young and lively royal leader who finds herself in the midst of this bloody coup d'etat.

Kruger joins French actress Lea Seydoux, who plays the role of a royal reader in the queen's closest circle—and recalls the events of 1789 some 30 years later, describing the final days in the palace before the revolution brings the country to its knees, Variety reports.

Pretty heavy stuff. Get More »

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Foreigners Stealing Our 'Superman' Roles?! OK... But Which?

IFC Films

Last weekend, you may recall, it was announced that British actor Henry Cavill will be playing the Man of Steel in the upcoming big budget reboot of "Superman," causing the internet to split in half as concerned patriots took to the virtual streets to protest the farming out of an American icon. Well, don't look now, but Warner Bros. is working on casting the film's female lead -- and the candidates are all European.

Start writing your rant now.

Here's the deets: according to Hollywood Wiretap, Britain's Alice Eve ("She's Out of My League") and Rosamund Pike ("Surrogates") are in the running for the role, as is Germany's Diane Kruger ("Inglorious Basterds"). How will America survive?! Get More »

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'Inhale' Trailer Reveals Organ Black Market Hell

26 Films

WARNING: Organ Tourism could be hazardous to your health.

Hey, if your daughter needs a new lung, you gotta do what you gotta do, even if it involves going down to Mexico and getting beat up, shot at and engaging in car chases.

'Inhale' follows the plight of a married couple played by Diane Kruger and Dermot Mulroney as they go to extreme and highly illegal means to secure a new lung for their dying daughter.  Even Sam Shepard gets involved in the high-stakes melodrama, albeit on the golf course. Get More »

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