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China Thinks the Sequel is 'Despicable'

Universal Universal

The story of China's film market is getting more and more intense (and, frankly, popcorn-worthy) to observe. The nation knows well that its market is uberinfluential right now — the second-biggest in the world behind the U.S., for now — and that big studios are pretty much at the mercy of their State Administration for Radio, Film and Television to allow their movies, especially those big-budget blockbusters, a chance at those coveted international ticket sales. Get More »

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Jon Hamm Is Your 'Minion'

Getty Images Getty Images

Anyone with an operable pair of eyes knows that Jon Hamm is one hunky hunk-o-man meat, but does the "Mad Men" star still drive the ladies wild when that dapper mug of his isn't in the frame?

We'll find out soon enough!

Hamm has now signed on to star, as it were, opposite Sandra Bullock in Illumination Entertainment's "Minions," a follow-up to the wildly successful animated flick "Despicable Me" which puts focus on those hilarious little scuttle bugs.

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The New 'Despicable Me 2' Trailer Is So Cute You're Going to Hate Yourself

Okay, all you cynics out there. We know exactly what you're thinking when it comes to "Despicable Me 2." All those little "cuddly" minions and their "hilarious" nonsensical dialogue. The cutesy story about a bad guy turning good due to the love of children. The corporate tie-ins. We get it. You're determined to hate on this thing. We're right there with you.

Or, you know, we would be. Exceeeept, check out the new Apple Trailers clip for "Despicable Me 2," you guys. Because it's just so gosh darn cute and fun that even the most cynical fan will love it despite themselves.

Dang it, it's hard to be darkly edgy when they keep putting out stuff like this! Get More »

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Yep, There's an 'Angry Birds' Movie Coming in 2016


"Angry Birds" has already conquered the video game app market and with a new animated series in the works, it's also well on its way to dominating television as well. And now, after a year and a half of behind the scenes work, it appears "Angry Birds" is officially taking aim at the world of movies, as Deadline is reporting that the "Angry Birds" feature film is set to hit theaters in 2016.

And these birds aren't just going to be angry, they're also going to be despicable. Get More »

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Meet the Despicable Avengers

Ever find yourself wishing your heroes were just a little, well, cuter?

Then meet the crack team we like to call the Despicable Avengers, a hybrid of The Avengers and the (adorable) minions from "Despicable Me." Just imagine these little guys saving the day!

This fan art is the brainchild of Tumblr user squall95. Wishful thinking, but can the minions please don these outfits to save the day in "Despicable Me 2"?

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The 'Despicable Me' Minions Are Getting Their Own Flick


Minions: Everybody wants some. Seriously, how cool would it be to have a bunch of minions at your beck and call, ready and waiting to carry out your every whim? It's like having the world's best personal assistant, only better.

Well, you might not have minions, but luckily for everyone, Universal is happy to share theirs, as according to Deadline, the studio is teaming with Illumination Entertainment to create a spinoff from "Despicable Me" featuring those loveable little yellow goofballs. Get More »

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'The Lorax' Stars in Our Animation Color Wheel

Disney / Pixar / Universal / DreamWorks

You don't have to be a kidlet to love animated movies — actually, the jokes in ones like "The Incredibles" and "Despicable Me" are so sharp, we suspect the little ones might have been the secretly-secondary demo.

In fact, though we love our cartoon icons almost as much as their youngest fans — we draw the line at plush toys and bedsheets... usually — we'll admit that once in a great while, we've looked at a particularly great still of The Lorax and thought, "Man, that would be a great color for throw pillows." Get More »

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Now You Too Can Become a 'Despicable Me' Minion

Despicable Me

In today's tough economic climate, there's one job opportunity that offers excellent benefits, long-term career stability and a corporate environment that promotes teamwork and creativity. That job? Supervillain minion.

And now you too can apply for this amazing career path simply by attending Universal Studios Orlando's new seminar/thrill ride, "Despicable Me's Minion Mayhem."

Who says the stimulus package didn't work? Get More »

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Javier Bardem Brings Villainy to 'Despicable Me 2'

Javier Bardem
Getty Images

Javier Bardem is about to get animated -- for the first time!

The "Eat Pray Love" star will indulge his evil side as he prepares to voice the main villain of "Despicable Me 2," the sequel to the 2010 tale of, well, villainy, according to Heat Vision.

Bardem is no stranger to bad guy roles, having played them to brilliant effect in films such as "Collateral" and "No Country For Old Men" (for which he won an Oscar), but "Despicable Me 2" marks the actor's first role, evil or otherwise, in an animated film. Get More »

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New Poster For 'The Lorax' Offers Free Mustache Rides


Mustaches, trees and Dr. Seuss: They're not just three of our favorite things in the world, they're also the main ingredients for the upcoming animated blockbuster from the folks who gave us "Despicable Me."

Yes, we're talking about "The Lorax" -- and today, we've got your first look at the film's mustache-centric first poster, which debuted on Yahoo! Movies.

Tom Selleck, eat your heart out. Get More »

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