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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Great Gatsby' and More

The Great Gatsby Warner Bros.

This week: Leonardo DiCaprio is perfectly cast as the titular character in "The Great Gatsby," director Baz Luhrmann's gaudy adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel.

Also new this week is Michael Bay's darkly funny "Pain & Gain" starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, the family drama "At Any Price" with Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron and the cult monster movie "Q: The Winged Serpent" on Blu-ray. Get More »

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New Trailer: Zac Efron Will Entertain You 'At Any Price'


You have to give Zac Efron this much: He may not be an A-list movie star yet, but it sure isn't from a lack of trying.

And that ambition is on full display in the brand new trailer for the indie drama "At Any Price," which features Efron in perhaps his meatiest role so far. Get More »

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Enter for the Chance to Attend the 'Playing for Keeps' Premiere in NYC


We've given away some pretty amazing prizes in the past — shirts, signed posters, Blu-ray box sets, zip drives, key chains, body art, a llama (okay, not really) — but we rarely give away anything quite this awesome: Two tickets to see the New York City premiere of the upcoming Gerard Butler / Jessica Biel rom-com, "Playing for Keeps."

Bright lights. Big city. Best giveaway ever. Get More »

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Bradley Cooper Learns 'The Words' in 5 Clips

The Words
CBS Films

Bradley Cooper leaves the bachelor parties behind him and tries to show his intellectual side in the new drama/thriller "The Words."

The "Hangover" star plays a writer who's achieved great literary success but has to pay the piper when he's confronted by an old man (Jeremy Irons) whose work he stole. Zoe Saldana plays his hot girlfriend, with Olivia Wilde, Ben Barnes and Dennis Quaid in the mix as well. Read (or watch, rather) "The Words" when it hits theaters on Sept. 7.

Get More »

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May Brings Avengers, Bridesmaids and Twi-Stars, Oh My!

Lauren Cox

They say that April showers bring May flowers, and, while rain may not have been the primary cause behind my lack of A-list encounters in April, there was definitely a crop of roses waiting for me in May.

"The Avengers" promotional train crossed over into the beginning of the month, offering a couple more chances at meeting the cast, and I finally succeeded! Not only did I get to meet Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, but I also managed to meet actual Avenger, Mark Ruffalo.

The annual Met Gala soon followed, as well as the television Upfronts, which is when networks trot out their hottest talent for potential advertisers. "Twilight" stars, Oscar nominees and even a "Bridesmaid" were among the highlights of my flower-filled month. Get More »

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Trailer: Bradley Cooper Said 'The Words' and Now He's Taking The Book


Not to get all English teacher on you, but words are important. Words have power, especially when used by the right person in the right way.

And for our money, there are very few words that have power quite like these: A hot new movie trailer starring Bradley Cooper has just hit the itnernet.

And we've got it for you right here. Are you ready for the power of "The Words?" Get More »

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These 3 'What to Expect' Clips Are Pregnant With Laughs

What to Expect When You're Expecting

You may have heard "What To Expect When You're Expecting" was coming out, but with all these superstars bearing bulging bellies, what you should expect from this comedic spin on the classic baby manual is hormones aplenty.

On the ladies side you have Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, and Brooklyn Decker (not too shabby), while the antsy men in the audience have the dude-centric antics of Rob Huebel, Thomas Lennon, Chace Crawford, Dennis Quaid, and Chris Rock to appease them. Get More »

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Dennis Quaid Headed for Divorce

Getty Images

It looks like the third time's not a charm for Dennis Quaid, as the actor's (third) wife, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, has filed for divorce due to a "conflict of personalities ... that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation."

The couple of eight years married at an intimate ceremony on his 500-acre Montana ranch back in 2004 and have one set of twins, now age four. Get More »

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Jennifer Aniston and Dennis Quaid Make 'The Switch'

Jennifer Aniston
Getty Images

It's wedding bells for Jennifer Aniston and Dennis Quaid ... at least in the movies.

Aniston and Quaid are set to play a wealthy married couple caught in the middle of a kidnapping scheme that doesn't quite go as originally planned in "The Switch," according to Deadline. Get More »

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The Stork Brings Dennis Quaid to 'What to Expect When You're Expecting'

Getty Images

Dennis Quaid has joined the fecund cast of "What to Expect When You're Expecting," because, well, why not spin a classic pregnancy manual into a romantic comedy packed with stars? With new cast members being announced all the time, this movie is getting more crowded than the Duggar family's dinner table.

In "What to Expect," his character Ramsey is in a December-May marriage with Skyler, played by model/actress Brooklyn Decker. Luckily, Quaid has over 30 years on Decker in real life, so that part should be easy. Ramsey and Skyler are expecting twins (not those twins, folks -- eyes up here, thanks), and if that wasn't enough stress and opportunity for ca-razy hijinks, Ramsey's grown son Colin is also about to become a dad for the first time. Get More »

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