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The Top 50 Music Videos Featuring Movie Stars

Kristen Stewart Music Video
Ever since Michael Jackson and John Landis unleashed "Thriller" in 1983, shaming all that preceded it, the music video has become an art form within itself. It can be a launching pad for your career (Alicia Silverstone), a favor to a boyfriend (Courteney Cox, Evan Rachel Wood), or a way to begin rebuilding a thousand burned bridges (Mickey Rourke).

With the MTV Video Music Awards hitting MTV tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET, we've compiled a list of the 50 best based on a number of factors: creativity of video, quality of actor's performance and, for some, random dancing ability. Our only caveats: no cameos and no soundtracks. The debate begins now. Get More »

'Blue Velvet' Even Bluer on New Blu-ray

Blue Velvet Blu-ray

We miss David Lynch terribly.

Don't panic—the inimitable 65-year-old director of "Eraserhead," "The Elephant Man" and Lost Highway" has not died or retired, but he seems to have turned his back on film for the time being. His last movie, 2006's "Inland Empire," was an all-digital production that was obtuse even for Lynch's standards. Instead, Lynch seems more interested in music nowadays—he directed a concert for Duran Duran that streamed live from Los Angeles and he just put out a new album today titled "Crazy Clown Time."

The release of "Crazy Clown Time" coincides with the Blu-ray debut of "Blue Velvet," his gorgeously filmed 1986 masterpiece starring Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern, Dennis Hopper and Isabella Rossellini for which Lynch was nominated for a Best Director Oscar. The story is about clean-cut Jeffrey Beaumont (MacLachlan), a college student who returns home to the small town of Lumberton to assist with the family business after his father's illness only to find a severed human ear in a field. Jeffrey brings the ear to the police chief and sets out to do some amateur investigating with the help of the chief's daughter, Sandy (Dern). Get More »

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Dennis Hopper Sponsors Shoes From the Great Beyond


When he passed away last year at the age of 74, Dennis Hopper was a legend, no question. "When it dies, he dies! What are they gonna say about him? He was a kind man? He was a wise man? He had plans? He had wisdom?"

How about he sponsored a line of wicked-cool threads?

Yes, if you dwell in a major urban market right now you've probably been seeing Hopper's steely gaze staring through your soul from a billboard or wheatpaste, proclaiming "Hopper Lives." Get More »

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10 Infamous On-Set Fights


It's awards season which means, among other things, that those in the movie industry must smile and make nice with their enemies and competitors while cameras are rolling. We all saw the nominees' thin, tight-lipped smiles as host Ricky Gervais roasted them at this year's Golden Globes ceremony. What else can they do? The world is watching.

However, on the movie set, it's a different ballgame. Actors and directors may say everyone was a joy to work with during interviews. However, tensions run high on-set and creative types can be explosive by nature. The film set is where bridges are burned and arch-nemeses are made. As proof, we look at the 10 most-explosive on-set fights (that we know about). Get More »

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