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Infographic: Every Tarantino Movie Death, and How They Died


Hey, have you ever noticed that there are a ton of people killed in every Quentin Tarantino movie? You have? Us, too. It would be interesting if someone took the time to sit through every one of his films and not only count the number of dead people, but tell us how they all died. If a cool graphic was made about it, all the better. Get More »

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Quentin Tarantino's Filmography Gets the Infographic Treatment

Quentin Tarantino Getty Images

If you chart the course of Quentin Tarantino, you see a video store clerk who was able to cut and paste his infinite index of film knowledge to create some of the most memorable pop characters of the last two decades.

Now Vulture's Jesse David Fox has taken the liberty of translating those characters into ACTUAL charts, albeit ones that might be inappropriate for your next office PowerPoint presentation. Get More »

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Tarantino: I Will Quit Before I Make A Movie Worse Than 'Death Proof'

Quentin Tarantino Getty Images

Quentin Tarantino is pretty much on top of the world right now — his last film, "Inglorious Basterds," earned Best Picture and Best Director nominations and his next film, "Django Unchained," is already December's most buzzed-about release — but in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he revealed that he can see the writing on the wall and plans to quit directing sooner rather than later.

The reason? He doesn't want to make a movie worse than "Death Proof." Get More »

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