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Scary **** That Happens in the 'Burbs: 9 Instances of Suburban Movie Terror

Dark Skies Dimension Films

Did you know that if you live in the suburbs, you're approximately seven times more likely to be menaced by aliens (a la "Dark Skies") or stabbed by a neighbor than you would be if you lived in a major city? It's true! Just ask a Hollywood producer, who, when a writer pitches an idea related to anything creepy, will inevitably counter with, "Yes, and let's make sure we set it in the suburbs! All scary s**t happens in the suburbs!"

It does indeed, oh Hollywood producer person.

Here are nine flicks that slam home that point in all of our faces. Get More »

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8 Muppets Spin-Offs We Need to See

The Pig Lebowski

As Jason Segel recently pointed out, The Muppets' mixture of comedy is "a real witch's brew."

But these guys can do more than get laughs; just see their new surefire hit "The Muppets." They do inspirational drama (the story is set against their comeback attempt), they do heists (they plot to kidnap Jack Black), they do romance (um, hello, Kermit and Piggy).

What's to stop them from moving into even edgier fare? Courtesy original artwork via Old Red Jalopy, we imagine Kermie and gang upping the ante in 8 spin-offs.

Get More »

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