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Fox Finds Directors For 'Fantastic Four' and 'Rust'; Loses One For 'Daredevil'


With Comic-Con in full swing, expect to be carried away like Noah's ark by the flood of superhero movie news, the tip of the iceberg being 20th Century Fox's triple announcement: two good, one bad.

According to Deadline, Fox has finally confirmed "Chronicle" director Josh Trank to reboot "Fantastic Four," while one of the studio's other big Marvel properties, "Daredevil," is now flying blind without attached director David Slade ("The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"). On the plus side, they've nabbed fan fav Joe Cornish of "Attack the Block" to direct "Rust," an adaptation of Royden Lepp's sepia-toned graphic novel which the studio purchased a year ago. Get More »

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10 Directors Who Could Take Over 'The Hunger Games' Sequel, 'Catching Fire'

The Hunger Games

This morning, we were surprised to learn that "The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross might've just made the unfortunate decision to vacate his chair for the first sequel "Catching Fire."

The news is not officially official just yet, but fans across the various districts are already up in arms about it. The hashtag #WeWantGaryRoss made its way into today's trending topics on Twitter as a result of the story.

If it is true, and Ross will not return for the second film, we're left with a very burning question: Who could take his place?

Ross' will be big shoes to fill by whomever steps in, of course, so we thought we'd go ahead and size up some of the potential candidates for the job. Get More »

'Twilight: Eclipse' Director Sets Sights On 'Daredevil'

20th Century Fox

Spider-Man's not the only New York superhero who's set for a comeback.

David Slade, hot off the success of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," will be trading vampires for masked avengers as he looks to bring Marvel's Daredevil back to the big screen, according to Variety.

However, unlike "The Amazing Spider-Man," this new "Daredevil" will be a continuation of the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock: blind lawyer by day, blind superhero by night. Get More »

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Jude Law May Battle Dracula Aboard The 'Demeter'

Getty Images

"14 February -- A handsome British man looks to possibly become a part of a most terrifying tale..."

It looks like the good ship Demeter has found another crew member. Jude Law is now in talks to join the cast of "The Last Voyage of the Demeter," according to Bleeding Cool. Get More »

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Exclusive Q&A: David Slade Predicts the Next 'Twilight,' Explains Vampire Allure

David Slade on Eclipse set
Summit Entertainment

There are movie fans, and then there are movie fans -- people so dedicated to their favorite franchise they elevate almost everyone associated with the project to celebrity status. George Lucas may have begun behind the camera, but to "Star Wars" fanatics, he's Skywalker-level recognizable.

And in 2010, there's no die-hard like a Twi-Hard.

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" director David Slade has experienced the fervor firsthand, telling NextMovie exclusively: "At this point, I think I'm finally getting less recognizable and that suits me just fine.  The days of being stopped on the street are actually getting less and less." Get More »

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'Eclipse' Director Says 'Twilight' Wedding Almost Came Early

Twilight Eclipse

Any Twi-Hard knows that Bella Swan's extravagant wedding to her handsome vampire suitor occurs in the beginning of series closer "Breaking Dawn" -- chapter three, to be exact.

But according to David Slade, the director of the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" adaptation, it might have come a little earlier on the big screen. Get More »

Major Directors Hungry for 'Hunger Games'

"The Hunger Games" book cover

With both the "Twilight" teens set to say ta-ta and the "Harry Potter" kids heading out of Hogwarts, Hollywood is readying another wildly popular sci-fi book series for the big screen: "The Hunger Games" trilogy.

Gary Ross ("Seabiscuit"), Sam Mendes ("Revolutionary Road"), and David Slade ("The Twilight Saga: Eclipse") are all vying to direct Lionsgate's adaptation of Suzanne Collins' best-selling novels, according to Deadline.

The books follow 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, a tough-cookie teen who lives in a post-apocalyptic world and is forced to compete in the Hunger Games, a government-sponsored reality show in which she faces off against other youngsters in a bloody battle to the death. Get More »

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