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The 12 Ballsiest Movie Publicity Stunts

Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza Getty Images

In this economy, filmmakers will do just about anything to boost ticket sales. And when they've already placed larger-than-life ads all over the world, what more can you do? Publicity, silly!

Since the dawn of time, movie folks have gone to great lengths to get people to know — and hopefully see — their latest projects. But it's no easy task. Now that film publicity is more common than ... well, movies themselves, the tactics have become crazier. Raunchier. Scarier. Really, just more of a giant, fabulous hot mess. -- By Christopher Rosa and Jacqueline Lem Get More »

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R.Pattz Confesses: He Started Acting 'to Meet Girls'

Robert Pattinson
Getty Images

For many artists, the drive to create or perform -- whether it's in the arena of music, dance or drama -- comes from a deep need to express some inner emotion. But for others, there are more practical concerns.

Case in point: "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, who last night sat down with David Letterman and revealed that he got into acting not for some existential compulsion to work out his inner demons ... but to meet chicks.

Mission accomplished. Get More »

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Phoenix and Letterman Reunite, Kiss and Make Up (Sort Of)


Go back, if you will, to about a year and a half ago, when Joaquin Phoenix appeared on "Late Night With David Letterman," bearded and more than a little incoherent. The segment was classic "uncomfortable" Letterman, filled with awkward silences, aggressive tension and David berating Phoenix for chewing gum.

Cut to the present day, with the documentary "I'm Still Here" now in theaters. The movie chronicles Phoenix's "retirement" from acting in pursuit of becoming a hip hop artist, one with few social graces, at that. Get More »

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