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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Now You See Me' and More

Now You See Me Summit

This week: Jesse Eisenberg heads up the Four Horsemen, a team of professional illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances in "Now You See Me," which also stars Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman and Melanie Laurent.

Also new this week is the based-on-a-true-story crime thriller "The Iceman" with Michael Shannon, the road-trip drama "Arthur Newman" with Colin Firth and Emily Blunt and the inexplicable cult hit "Sharknado" with Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. Get More »

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Movie Stars Reveal Their Porn Star Names

The "porn star name game" is a time-honored tradition in America.

It's a game pretty much anyone can play, depending on the rules — we employ the First Name: First Pet, Last Name: Street You Grew Up On method (our apologies to those with allergies, maybe you had a goldfish?). And the results are, without fail, hilarious.

We asked over 100 of our favorite movie stars in Hollywood — including Channing Tatum, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Ryan Gosling, Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Katie Holmes, Emma Stone and Neil Patrick Harris — for their porn star names. They did not let us down. Click through the gallery for all 100+.

Reporting by: Sandie Angulo Chen ("Millie 69"), Robert DeSalvo ("Rocky Waverly"), Claire Donovan ("Spunky Walter"), Elizabeth Durand ("Stephanie Veronica"), Bryan Enk ("Buck Densmore"), Max Evry ("Orion Cedar Crest "), Breanne Heldman ("Krugerrand Ardon"), Jenni Miller ("Mitzi Turtle Creek"), Kevin Polowy ("Sparkle Sterling"), Brandon Rae ("Sammi von Fernway"), Brooke Tarnoff ("Brandy W. Riviera"), Joanna Varikos ("Angel 14") and Kase Wickman ("Blake Sisters").

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James Franco Wants Jon Hamm to Share his 'Sound and Fury'

Getty Images Getty Images

James Franco's ready to roll up his sleeves and direct another one from the William Faulkner stacks, ya'll.

Next up for the lit-loving multi-hyphenate is an adaptation of "The Sound and the Fury," a stream of consciousness styled sendoff to the guards of the Old South. Central to the story are the Compsons of Jefferson, Miss., a formerly wealthy and powerful family whose glory days are quickly being replaced with an endless onslaught of ruin and shame. The story's told through multiple points of view, but for the big daddy role, Franco wants some Hamm. Jon Hamm. And he might just get his way, too. Get More »

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Watch Dave Franco Toss Cards While Grinning Like a Madman

Dave Franco (yes, the James Franco's little doppelganger brother) is called "The Sleight" in the upcoming heisty magic movie "Now You See Me," and now he's ready to prove that his hand skills do indeed live up to that moniker ... and also that, just like his brother, his intellect is likely of the right-brain nature.

Franco and real-life magician — or should we say as real-life as magicians get — David Kwong teamed up for this new promo video for the film in which Franco smiles maniacally and throws cards at the camera. It's a technique called, you guessed it, "card-throwing" and Franco proves to be pretty apt at it. It's all in the wrist, of course! Get More »

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Questions and Answers With Dave Franco

Getty Images

You may best know Dave Franco as "James Franco's little brother," but it's time to move beyond that. Though Franco shares his sib's chiseled features and surname, Dave's out to make a name for himself. Between a hilarious turn as a cool kid-turned-con in "21 Jump Street" and his most recent role as a gun-toting tough guy in the post-zombie apocalypse rom-com "Warm Bodies," in theaters this weekend, there's a new Franco on the block, in a big way.

"It's all been going somewhat smoothly, so don't f*ck it up," Franco told NextMovie during a recent interview to promote his new zombie rom-com. Beyond that helpful advice, Franco also spoke to us about his zombie survival strategy, playing drunk and the status of the "21 Jump Street" sequel. Get More »

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Eff, Marry, Kill: 'Warm Bodies' Edition

One of the (many) taglines for the upcoming zom-rom-com (that would be the new genre of zombie rom-coms that we hope is just beginning) "Warm Bodies" is "Cold Body, Warm Heart." That's exactly how we tried to approach this edition of Eff, Marry, Kill: Just as the human Julie (Teresa Palmer) learns to look past the grey-skinned zombie facade of R (Nicholas Hoult), we (our expert panel of Effemkayers) must learn to look beyond that handsome genetic Franco facade and ask ourselves the important questions: Who is he really? Does he had a warm heart? Is he kind?

Do we want to eff him?

We invite you to ask these same questions alongside us in this very special "Warm Bodies" edition of Eff, Marry, Kill, pitting Nicholas Hoult, Dave Franco and John Malkovich against one another for a place in our hearts, a place in our beds, and a place at the bottom of a cliff.

Onwards and effwards! Get More »

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Rob Corddry Spills the Beans (and the Brains) On 'Warm Bodies'

Playing a zombie in a major motion picture like the upcoming undead romcom "Warm Bodies" may seem like a walk in the park — or a shamble in the park, at the very least — but as this new Screen Junkies interview with funny guy Rob Corddry proves, there's a lot more to playing a zombie than just eating brains.

Though he did plenty of that too.

"De Niro, on 'Raging Bull,' would eat a whole chicken. Feathers and all," Corddry said, explaining the inspiration for his extreme method acting. "Every day, I would eat a real human brain."

"Also with feathers," he added. "Because feathers are delicious."

For more of Corddry's amazing zombie acting tips, as well as commentary from co-stars Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer and Dave Franco, zombie-shuffle over to this cool clip right now!

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Sibling Rivalry: Vote for Your Favorite Brothers and Sisters

Liam and Chris Hemsworth
Getty Images

They may be brothers and sisters in real life, but in the acting world, sibling actors are often fierce competitors. Sometimes they're even up for the same roles.

You could call these cases of sibling rivalry being played out on the big screen a real family affair, along the lines of "Mom always liked you best."

We've come up with a list of top actors who have competing brothers or sisters. Vote on your favorites of each brother-brother, brother-sister or sister-sister pairing -- and may the best siblings win. Get More »

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'Avengers,' Alison Brie and Dave Franco Rule April

Lauren Cox

When April began, I knew that there was no chance it could top March's "The Hunger Games" rush. It's usually a quiet month anyway, and the biggest event here in New York that would be worth making a big fuss over was the Tribeca Film Festival.

But, with "The Avengers" closing the festival, I was thrilled. Perhaps my prediction would be off.

Alas, my search for superheroes wasn't as fruitful as I'd like. Try as I might, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Loki and more just weren't sharing their super-stardom with me.

Thankfully, the beginning of the month was a bit more productive when I met "21 Jump Street" star Dave Franco and "The Five-Year Engagement" actress Alison Brie at a concert. I even got the chance to talk to Alison about how great "Five-Year" was only to find out she hadn't even seen it yet! Get More »

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Dave Franco Is Naked in Your Bedroom

Child Safety PSA with Dave Franco

If that headline doesn't make any sense to you, don't worry -- it will soon enough.

Dave Franco isn't anything at all like the drug-dealing villain he plays in "21 Jump Street." In fact, he's deeply concerned about child safety, especially when it comes to what celebrities they might be idolizing. And Franco definitely practices what he preaches -- just not in the way that you might think. Get More »

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