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'Tyler Perry's Temptation' and 25 Movies That Sound Like Perfumes


There's a movie coming out this week called "Tyler Perry's Temptation." It has nothing to do with any personal temptation of Tyler Perry himself — it's a movie he directed called "Temptation," but it's Tyler Perry, so his name's in the title.

But it sounds more like a perfume than a movie, right? According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, there's a 37.6% chance that there will be a perfume called "Tyler Perry's Temptation" by 2018.

That got us thinking: What other movies out there could be perfumes? Here are 25 that you could spray on your neck and wrist before a night out. Get More »

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Most Effed Up Spells in Witch Movies

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

In "Beautiful Creatures," Lena Duchannes traipses into the damp, small town of Gatlin, South Carolina with the sole intention of remaining a good witch. There are those in her lineage who want nothing more than for her to join the dark side upon turning the dreaded age of 16, but the gal's got eyes for a little human boy named Ethan and just wants to play nice, for crying out loud.

Most of her predecessors in cinematic spell-casting, however, were not quite so noble. In fact, a lot of them would just do some downright effed up stuff. Let's review some of the worst. Get More »

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The 10 Worst Movies of 2012

John Carter / Snow White and the Huntsman / That's My Boy Disney / Universal / Sony

As we established in our list of the 25 Best Movies of 2012, it was a pretty great year at the multiplexes.

But in what you are about to read below, well, there is no "good."

Some of these actually didn't do too badly in the box office and one might incite some rage from a certain fan army (sorry guys, but our whole staff agreed!), but either way, we want to know what you think. Read up on our 10 clunkers of 2012 and hit up the comments section below with your two cents. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Dark Shadows' and More

Johnny Depp in "Dark Shadows" Warner Bros.

This week: The latest collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp is a remake of the '60s soap opera "Dark Shadows" with Depp playing the centuries-old vampire Barnabas Collins, who is having an amusingly difficult time adjusting to the weird and wonderful '70s.

Also new this week is the family drama "People Like Us" with Chris Pine, the Blu-ray debut of Disney's animated "Cinderella," a Blu-ray collection of the first seven "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies and "Universal Monsters: The Essential Collection" in high definition for the first time.

Get More »

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Summer Movies Poll: Biggest Disappointment

Warner Bros. / Warner Bros. / Universal

NEXT: What was the worst movie of the summer? >>

PREVIOUS: What movie was the biggest surprise of the summer? <<

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Chloe Moretz: I'd Rather Be a Vamwitch

You may know Chloe Moretz as the potty-mouthed Hit Girl in "Kick-Ass," but, in her latest film, "Dark Shadows," she steps back in time to the 1970s and gets a taste of the supernatural. But, when asked if she'd rather be a witch or a vampire, the 15-year-old takes a rather interesting approach. Get More »

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GALLERY: Eva Green Draws Us to the 'Dark' Side

Agent 007 sure knows how to pick 'em.

Eva Green was the Bond babe in "Casino Royale" who stole our hearts with that smoldering glare alone.

The raven-haired beauty switches it up with a retro blonde hairdo in "Dark Shadows" as Angelique, a magical temptress who just wants Johnny Depp's Barnabas to fall for her. Barnabas turns her character down harshly, so she gets revenge by cursing him to be a vampire. Ouch, but seriously, who would turn this lady looker down?

Check out our gallery of the French femme fatale's best looks and try to withstand her bewitching beauty.

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GALLERY: Awkward Family Photos in Movies

Since the dawn of time, people with nothing in common and zero to say to each other have been coexisting in homes against their will. We call this a "family." But it wasn't until the invention of the camera that every uneasy hug and forced smile between these disparate souls could be preserved eternally.

Thanks to the hilarious website Awkward Family Photos, these embarrassing moments are now available for the entire world to mock. And with Tim Burton set to release "Dark Shadows" (May 11), a gothic comedy about a frighteningly dysfunctional family, we're opening up our own photo album of movies' most motley clans.

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Sink Your Teeth Into 9 'Dark Shadows' Clips

Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows
Warner Bros.

Oddball director Tim Burton continues his association with mancrush Johnny Depp in "Dark Shadows," their eighth collaboration together.

Based on the late-'60s TV soap opera of the same name, the story follows 200-year-old vampire Barnabas Collins (Depp) as he awakens in the 1970s to find his family on the verge of ruin. This campy take on the cult series should be ghoulish fun in an "Addams Family" vein.

Get More »

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What You Need to Know About 'Dark Shadows'

Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer in Dark Shadows
Warner Bros.

Even immortal vampire Barnabas Collins himself would find it a Herculean task to wade through all 1,225 episodes of the original "Dark Shadows" TV series. To put it in perspective, a new complete coffin-shaped DVD box set boasts a runtime of 30,000 hours, and that's without bathroom breaks.

The supernatural soap opera, which ran on ABC from 1966 to 1971, is now getting the full-on feature film treatment. "Dark Shadows" (the movie) has all the big-budget trimmings courtesy of director Tim Burton and his muse Johnny Depp as Barnabas. Before you devour the May 11 release, we've created an easy-breezy introduction to all the things you'll find lurking in the "Shadows." Get More »

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