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Pedro Almodovar Says Daniel Day Lewis Can't Make Us Laugh

Getty Images Getty Images

When it comes to Hollywood, that little "Golden Rule" bit is pretty much null and void upon entry, and when people don't have anything nice to say they tend to blabber on anyway. Oh, and absolutely no one is safe from trash talk, not even a three-time Oscar winner. Heck, especially not a three-time Oscar winner.

For whatever reason, "I'm So Excited" director Pedro Almodovar decided to promote his own movie by mean girling "Lincoln" star Daniel Day-Lewis, saying that there's one field of acting that he's just not capable of excelling at: comedy. Get More »

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Are You Ready For Steven Spielberg's 'Obama?'

After the overwhelming critical and box office success of "Lincoln" last year, fans around the world have been wondering just what director Steven Spielberg and star Daniel Day-Lewis could possibly do to top themselves. After all, Day-Lewis won the Best Actor oscar for his role as our 16th president. So where does he go from here?

Well, how about playing our current president, Barack Obama?

Yes, that's the brilliant idea behind this new viral clip, which comes not from the usual sources like Funny Or Die or "Saturday Night Live" but instead from an unexpected comedy machine: The White House.

Saying anything more would be too spoilery, so we'll just let this clip from last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner speak for itself. Because when you have a concept like Steven Spielberg's "Obama," well, what else do you need?

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Lincoln' and More

Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln DreamWorks

This week: Steven Spielberg directs Daniel Day-Lewis in his Oscar-winning role in "Lincoln" as the 16th President of the United States who spent the last few months of his life making changes that would affect generations of Americans.

Also new this week is the crime drama "Killing Them Softly" with Brad Pitt, the horror sequel "The Collection," the family comedy "Parental Guidance" and Stuart Gordon's cult favorite "From Beyond" on Blu-ray for the first time. Get More »

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Oscar Nominees Get Psyched, We Laugh

Anne Hathaway, Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones and Joaquin Phoenix are likely shaking in their boots in preparation for this weekend's Oscar awards. Well, maybe just Anne Hathaway. DDL, TLJ, and JoPho are probably taking it easy-peezy, if this video is any proof. Sketch group Barely Political asks the question, What do these cinematic overachievers look like in the privacy of their own dressing rooms?

The answers might not be what you expect (Daniel Day Lewis is in character! Joaquin Phoenix is potentially, er, "dehydrated"?). Or maybe it is what you're expecting: Anne Hathaway bawling like a fully-grown musical theater kid in the spotlight.

Either way, it's certainly entertaining. Just ...don't tell Anne.

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2013 Oscar Predictions: Now With Every Category (Even the Shorts!)

Argo Warner Bros.

Updated Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Okay folks, it's crunch time. Have you submitted your Oscar ballot yet? There's big money on the line (at least a hundy we hope, right?).

As we do every year on NextMovie, we're handicapping the Oscar races to give you a leg up on your friends, family and coworkers when entering your high-stakes pool, which as we all know is as much about the glory as the greenbacks (freaking Al from finance still hasn't gotten that smirk off of his face for calling Cotillard over Christie in 2008; get over yourself, Al).

Our usual disclaimers: We do not condone gambling, unless you're in Vegas or on a reservation. Good luck!

(And for  a trusty second opinion, check out Joe Reid's Oscar predictions on

Get More »

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Steven Spielberg Emancipates Free 'Lincoln' DVDs to Schools

Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln Disney

"Okay, class, today we have a very special substitute teacher. Please be on your best behavior for Mr. Day-Lewis."

If only school was like that in real life… but now it is! Daniel Day-Lewis' portrayal of Honest Abe is about to become a part of the curriculum as MSN reports that Steven Spielberg is sending free copies of his movie "Lincoln" to classrooms across the country. Get More »

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Zach Galifianakis Battles Bradley Cooper 'Between Two Ferns' in 'Oscar Edition Part 2'

If you thought yesterday's "Oscar Buzz Edition" of "Between Two Ferns" was hard hitting, just wait and see what journalistic dynamite Zach Galifianakis will detonate in part 2! Get More »

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The 10 Most Random Foreign Commercials with American Movie Stars

George Clooney DnB NOR

Ahh, the never-ending pursuit of the almighty dollar yen, euro and ruble. It will forever dominate us all — especially those in Japan, Europe and Russia, respectively.

That's where the following American movie stars traveled to film a commercial or two. Fortunately for us, what happens overseas does not stay overseas. Thanks, YouTube! We haven't quite forgiven you for Bieber, but this is a good first step. Get More »

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The SAG Awards Make It Official: Everyone Loves 'Argo'

Ben Affleck in "Argo" Warner Bros.

The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards were held earlier this evening, and according to, it's now official: Everyone in Hollywood loves "Argo," as Ben Affleck's film was the surprise winner of the top prize for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Of course, "Argo" winning anything shouldn't be much of a surprise anymore following wins at the Producers Guild of America Awards and the Golden Globes. But considering "Argo" was completely shut out at the SAGs in the individual categories while "Lincoln" won two awards (Daniel Day-Lewis for Male Actor in a Leading Role and Tommy Lee Jones for Male Actor in a Supporting Role), it does seem a bit weird.

For full coverage of the evening, including "Silver Linings Playbook" star Jennifer Lawrence's win for Female Actor in a Leading Role, head to

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'Lincoln' Screenwriter Thinks Honest Abe Was Gay (But Not for Film)


"Lincoln" screenwriter Tony Kushner has a mighty interesting theory about old "Honest Abe" and his presidential bedroom preferences, but the openly gay writer elected not to out the prez by way of Steven Spielberg's new film... because he thinks the guy probably wasn't knocking boots anyone during the war-riddled time period of the movie.

Kushner told Gold Derby that, from looking at historical evidence, he indeed believes Lincoln was either gay or bisexual during his lifetime, but he justified not writing about it for the pic by saying "I find it difficult to believe that Lincoln was banging anybody [while] ground to a pulp by the war and by the pressures of his job." Get More »

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