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Q&A: Elizabeth Mitchell on Lying, 'Lost' and Her Dane Cook Dream

Elizabeth Mitchell
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Velvet-voiced Elizabeth Mitchell is always a pleasure to watch on-screen or onstage owing to her smart role choices. Most people know and love her as Dr. Juliet Burke on "Lost" and as Erica Evans, humanity's best hope against reptilian invaders, on "V"; but she's also made an impression as Angelina Jolie's lover in "Gia" and with supporting roles in "Nurse Betty," "The Santa Clause 2," "Running Scared" and "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause."

In "Answers to Nothing," an ensemble drama opening this Friday, Mitchell plays a woman desperately trying to have a baby with husband Dane Cook, even though she suspects he is cheating on her. Mitchell chatted with us about her premonition before she got this role, how she felt about Juliet's death on "Lost," what would have happened on "V," and how reaching out and touching Angelina Jolie helped land Mitchell's first film role in "Gia." Get More »

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'Detention' Trailer Promises Thrills, Chills and... Laughs?

Dane Cook in "Detention"
Detention Films

High school may be a hall of horror for many students thanks to cliques, acne and unpopularity, but at least none of us have ever had to deal with a serial killer like Hollywood's teenagers.

Yet another film has taken on the school slasher theme, but Joseph Kahn's "Detention," starring Dane Cook and "The Kids Are All Right" actor Josh Hutcherson, has given it a whole new twist. Several twists, in fact. Get More »

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