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'Inception,' 'The Social Network,' 'Super 8' Top Golden Trailer Award Nominees

Warner Bros.

With the editing of movie trailers quickly becoming an art in its own right, its only fair that the brains behind the stylish ads be rewarded for their efforts.

Enter: The Golden Trailer Awards.

This year marks the 12th round for the awards and, telling from the recently released nominees, should be spotlighting some of our favorite flicks from 2010 and 2011. Get More »

Get Your 'Cowboys & Aliens' On at Comic-Con

Olivia Wilde in Cowboys and Aliens

If you were one of the people who saddled up for "Super 8" over the weekend, you caught a peek at Jon Favreau's sci-fi Western "Cowboys & Aliens." The Fav's latest, which is one of our most anticipated summer films, is chock-full of dusty cowboy hats, saloons, old-fashioned mustaches, Native Americans, horses, and, oh, aliens.

How about Indiana Jones and James Bond getting together to kick some extraterrestrial booty? If Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig looking appropriately grizzled doesn't wet your whistle, "Cowboys & Aliens" also stars Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell and Paul Dano.

Favreau, who appeared at this past weekend's Hero Complex Film Festival, told the eager audience that he's bringing his summer blockbuster to the fans first, with a world premiere at next month's Comic-Con in San Diego. This is big news for fans and movie journalists alike, since it seems several studios have decided to forgo Hall H after spending mad ducats there for the past several years. Get More »

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The 15 Sexiest Women of Summer

Pirates of the caribbean

Temperatures are rising, movies are packed to the brim with explosions and the biggest names and faces grace the cineplexes for a solid three months. It's summer and that means things are getting hot.

This year's blockbuster slate is no exception to the time honored tradition of featuring the sexiest, young actresses in Hollywood making cinematic magic while barely batting an eyelash. Here are 15 shining starlets who should have no problem keeping your attention in-between car chases and fist fights. Get More »

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Our 25 Most Anticipated Movies This Summer

Captain America

Ah, summertime. For us, that means two things: great cookouts and awesome movies. But since this isn't (though we would totally bookmark that site if it existed), we're focusing our energy of all the terrific sequels, blockbusters, superheroes and comedies that are poised to make this one of the best summers in years.

In fact, we're so focused that we've evaluated and ranked every single movie coming out over the next few months so we can better prioritize our moviegoing time. The result? Our list of the 25 Most Anticipated Movies of the Summer. Enjoy -- and pass the relish. Get More »

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The West Gets Wilder With New 'Cowboys & Aliens' Trailer

Daniel Craig in "Cowboys & Aliens"

If its full-length trailer is an accurate indication of what's to come, Jon Favreau's "Cowboys & Aliens" is set to be a national treasure.

What's most fun about the new trailer is watching all the cross-franchise action going on, as you've got James Bond making short work of thugs in a saloon, only to be one-upped by the "TRON: Legacy" girl and taken prisoner by Indiana Jones. Get More »

Our Top Five Super Bowl Movie Trailers

Chris Evans as Captain America
Marvel Studios

The Super Bowl was played on Sunday and for millions of people across America that means just one thing: new movie trailers.

Oh, sure, there's the little matter of a football game, but savvy movie fans were waiting on the edge of their seat for the commercials to start because with each break came another sneak peek of this year's upcoming blockbuster movie lineup.

And the Super Bowl didn't disappoint, with more than a dozen new movie ads touting everything from animated fun in "Kung Fu Panda 2" to romcom laughs in "Just Go With It" to Earth-wrecking alien attacks in, well, just about everything else. But as cool as clips for "Battle: Los Angeles" and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" were, they still weren't able to crack our list of the five most exciting new trailers from this year's Super Bowl -- trailers you can watch right here, right now.

Now that's putting instant replay to good use. Get More »

'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer Crash Lands on Earth

Daniel Craig in "Cowboys & Aliens"

If the moody "Cowboys & Aliens" poster didn't pique your interest, might we introduce you to Exhibit B: the "Cowboy & Aliens" teaser trailer, which just premiered on Yahoo! Movies.

Directed by Jon Favreau, the man behind "Iron Man" and "Elf," this is the summer tent-pole to keep on your radar. We don't care that it's not even Christmas, yet.

"Cowboys & Aliens," to say the least, delivers on its titular promise. There are cowboys. There are aliens. And they are raring to pummel and zap the living crap out of one another.

We originally thought the film would benefit the cowboys and cowgirls, played by Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde, with home court advantage --- the aliens being ducks out of water in the Wild West. Get More »

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Awesome 'Cowboys & Aliens' Poster Lacking in the Olivia Wilde Department

"Cowboys and Aliens" poster

If you haven't heard about "Cowboys & Aliens," that's about to be fixed.

The first poster for the sci-fi/western flick from "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau just made its debut on Yahoo Movies. It's dark, gritty and mysterious. But mostly dark -- we can hardly see the guy's face.

Who of the film's many fantastic male leads could this be? The mysterious, cool stranger Jake Lonergan played by Daniel Craig? The stern, officious Colonel Dolarhyde played by Harrison Ford? Or maybe it's Sam Rockwell as Doc (whom we know little about)?

It couldn't be Paul Dano, who, yes, is also in the film. Get More »

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