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David Cronenberg, I Didn't Make You Diss 'The Dark Knight'

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David Cronenberg mentioned me in a recent interview with Indiewire (well, not by name — he actually called me "the journalist woman," but I'll take what I can get) and while part of me is honored to earn an inch of real estate in his brain, I'm not crazy about the content of the conversation.

When asked about negative comments he made to me, months ago, about "The Dark Knight Rises" and the pedestrian nature of superhero movies in general, Cronenberg replied, "See, this is how it all gets distorted," and suggested that the interview we published had taken his remarks out of context.

Let me be clear: I have no problem with his opinion. None. I love superhero movies — and I love Cronenberg's movies, too — but being a good director or a good critic doesn't make anyone's opinion more objectively true than mine. Or yours. He says that people who consider Christopher Nolan's Batman movies art don't know "what the f**k they're talking about." I say, in matters of total subjectivity, we all know exactly what the f**k we're talking about, by definition. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Looper' and More

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Looper" Sony

This week: Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a mob hit man who has a crisis of conscience when his latest target is his future self (Bruce Willis) in the sci-fi thriller "Looper," directed by Rian Johnson.

Also new this week is the latest David Cronenberg movie, "Cosmopolis," starring Robert Pattinson as a billionaire drifting through New York City in his limo, as well as the Blu-ray of "School of Rock," now available in stores everywhere. Get More »

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GALLERY: Robert Pattinson Touches His Hair

This can't be healthy.

We already know that Ryan Gosling loves to point and Orlando Bloom hugs people, but Robert Pattinson's red carpet quirk may result in premature baldness (and, clearly, that would be a cryin' shame). The guy simply can't stop touching his hair!

We're not saying he's vain or anything, but whenever the flashbulbs get going and the questions start flying, the "Twilight" hottie feels the need to touch those luscious locks. It doesn't matter if he's laughing or in deep thought, his fingers are on the follicles.

But at least we can say this — he still looks damn good doing it.

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Robert Pattinson's Official Score Card: Tallying His On-Screen Lovers

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"

Fans may have gotten all in a tizzy over Kristen Stewart's recent real-life indiscretions, but Robert Pattinson hasn't exactly been the most faithful soul either, at least cinematically.

R.Pattz has more than a few notches on his belt on the big screen, including "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1" and his new head trip "Cosmopolis," and we're going to count every single salacious piece of tail this sparkly vampire has sunk his teeth, among other things, into. Get More »

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Head For 'Cosmopolis' with MTV First: Robert Pattinson

Are you ready for a chat (and perhaps a haircut) with R.Pattz? Get in the limo with MTV News and "MTV First: Robert Pattinson."

Tune in at 7:49 p.m. ET to watch Pattinson introduce an exclusive clip from his new crazy-sexy thriller, "Cosmopolis." Immediately following the premiere, the "Twilight" star will sit down with MTV's own Josh Horowitz for a 30-minute interview - you can participate in the exclusive Q&A by submitting questions through or via Twitter using @MTVNews and the hash-tag #AskRob.

"Cosmopolis" opens in New York and Los Angeles on Aug. 17.

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Q&A: Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Plumb the Depths of 'Cosmopolis'

Getty Images

You've heard of "Cosmopolis," the stylishly surreal adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel, but have you heard of its director and star, up-and-comers David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson?

We're kidding.

Cronenberg, of course, is the man responsible for "A Dangerous Method" and "Eastern Promises," while Pattinson is the driving force behind a gazillion heartbeats as the romantic lead of the monumentally popular "Twilight Saga." The pairing, deemed unlikely in a handful of headlines, is a logical next step for Pattinson, who retires his vampire fangs with the final "Twilight" installment in November, and has already laid the groundwork for a serious dramatic career with other roles, including the lead in last year's "Water For Elephants."

We've been wondering about the impact of casting a teen idol in a very adult movie — and this week, we got a chance to go straight to the source. We talked to Cronenberg and Pattinson about their relationship to die-hard Twi-Hards, and got their take on the recent marriage of big-name directors to superhero movies (Spoiler: Cronenberg thinks it's ridiculous). Get More »

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Jon Stewart Enlists Ben & Jerry to Get Robert Pattinson to Dish

Comedy Central

Sometimes you've just gotta take the bull by the horns. And with Robert Pattinson's next movie, "Cosmopolis," hitting select theaters this week, the actor had no choice but to do some press. And by press, we do mean interviews jam-packed with questions about Kristen Stewart and her recent, ahem, transgressions.

One of Pattinson's first stops was "The Daily Show," where Jon Stewart gave it the ol' college try to coax something out of the heartthrob. As you can see in the clip below pretty much the second R.Pattz hit the chair, Stewart leaned in and asked, "What have you been up to?" Get More »

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GALLERY: 'Twilight' Stars Moonlighting in Other Movies

The "Twilight" gang has stayed plenty busy since launching straight into the cultural zeitgeist four years ago, and some of the franchise actors have had much more luck than others when it comes to scoring impressive and interesting roles.

One nabbed an Oscar nom, two had films in competition at Cannes this year, and another headlines an exciting new J.J. Abrams series this fall. Others have endured critical and box office flops, straight-to-DVD blunders and yes, even a Razzie "win."

Until this weekend, though, none have stretched their legs into new series territory -- but Kristen Stewart really puts her box-office muster to the test as she moves from the damp world of Forks into the clutches of Ravenna's evil queen-dom for "Snow White and the Huntsman." In celebration of her second franchise bid, we take a look at what all of the "Twilight" kids have been up to since first making their mark on modern pop culture not too long ago.

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R.Pattz Gets Cronenbergian For Freaky Photo Shoot

Robert Pattinson in Dead Ringers
Premiere France

Okay, can we start campaigning for Robert Pattinson to star in remakes of every single David Cronenberg movie ever made?

It seems like everyone involved in "Cosmopolis" is claiming it's a return to weirdo form for Cronenberg, who has recently played it relatively safe with mannered character dramas like "A Dangerous Method" and "Eastern Promises." This latest promotional photo shoot (conceived by R.Pattz himself) seems to push that point even further as it features Cronenberg's latest leading man recreating scenes from a handful of the director's cult favorites, including "Dead Ringers," "Videodrome" and "Scanners." Get More »

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8 Summer Movies Starring the Cast of 'Twilight'

Twilight stars in summer movies
Columbia Pictures / Universal

There are roughly seven months until our next (and final) Twi-hard fix, with "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" dropping in November. I don't write that to bum you out. It's more of an embrace-the-day statement. Appreciate these seven months of build-up because in all likelihood, these will be your last (unless you've already started obsessing over "The Hunger Games").

That said, let's get excited for summer movies season -- the season that's no longer just about blockbusters and indies that aren't good enough for award season (although it's still mostly that). When it comes to summer films starring "Twilight" actors, we're lucky enough to get two apiece from Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson; and these hot months will also feature appearances from Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, "Eclipse" alumnus Xavier Samuel and my imaginary girlfriend Anna Kendrick. Get More »

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