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50 Upcoming Movie Remakes (Yep, 50!)

Dirty Dancing
Vestron Pictures

Whenever a movie studio announces plans for another remake, the reaction among fans and pundits is always the same: Hollywood doesn't have any new ideas.

But we like to look on the bright side of things, which is why we're so happy when we hear of a cool remake or reboot. Hey, who needs new ideas when there are already so many great old ideas waiting to be rediscovered?

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 50 — that's right, 50! — upcoming Hollywood remakes that tickle our fancy. Because if these films were good the first time, you never know, you might just enjoy them even more the second time around. Get More »

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How to Survive a (Movie) Kidnapping


Be it for money, bargaining purposes, or strictly out of necessity, movie characters have been getting kidnapped since silent-era evildoers began the mini industry of tying women to train tracks.

Not all kidnappers are mustache-twirling villains, though. In fact, many of them have a darn good reason and are pretty nice folks once you're forced at gunpoint to get to know them. Amanda Seyfried could sure use some do's and dont's in the new kidnap thriller "Gone," but if you ever do get kidnapped in a film, we have a few rules to live by so you don't wind up on a milk carton … or in a wood chipper. Get More »

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Tanzanian Boy Re-Enacts Schwarzenegger's 'Commando'

20th Century Fox

Everything is ready for fighting.

You remember "Commando," the 1985 action flick in which Alyssa Milano gets kidnapped by Dan Hedaya and Arnold Schwarzenegger kills every single person on an island to get her back, right? It's the one where Arnold mutters, "Let off some steam, Bennett," after he impales Vernon Wells with... well, a steam pipe. Get More »

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