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Kevin Smith: I'm Too Rich to Use Kickstarter for 'Clerks 3'

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Funding movies through Kickstarter is all the rage these days in Hollywood. You might recall, the folks behind "Veronica Mars" did it, raking in a cool $5.7 million from fans of the cult TV series, and then Zach Braff appealed to the "Garden State" faithful and drew $3.1 million. So, getting fans to pay for films is a legit thing right now.

But there's one movie maker who won't be turning to the crowd with an open hand, and that's Kevin Smith, who's decided to leave all that virtual "fifteen dollars, little man"-ing to the other guys.

Smith told KCRW radio by way of The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview that his "Clerks 3" baby will not be using Kickstarter to get birthed beyond the script. The reason? Well, frankly, it's because he already knows a bunch of rich people in Hollywood who will totally give him money to do it if he wants to.

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Kevin Smith Says 'Clerks III' May Be a ... Book?

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Kevin Smith has kind of been all over the place in recent months when it comes to the highly anticipated "Clerks III." First he was going to do it as a limited run Broadway play. But then he thought, you know what, let's make "Clerks III" my final movie ever!

And now? Well, now Smith has decided he's just going to write "Clerks III" as an book instead. Online. With reader interaction helping shape the story.

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Kevin Smith Retiring After 'Clerks III'

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When Kevin Smith announced last year that he was planning to retire from filmmaking after his next movie, "Hit Somebody," fans were disappointed. And when "Hit Somebody" was recently rejiggered from a movie into a television mini-series, fans were confused over what that meant for Smith.

Well, now Smith fans are about to experience another emotion: Elation, as Smith has announced that his final film will now instead be "Clerks III."

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