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'As Cool As I Am' Trailer: Claire Danes is a Sucky Mom

In real life, Claire Danes is probably a fantasmically excellent mother. However, her character in this new trailer for "As Cool As I Am" needs a 'lil help.

Fellow junkies of the "My So-Called Life" series — which, seriously, how in the world was that show just one season? — will remember a younger Danes as the sullen Angela Chase, dying her hair (much to her mother's chagrin) and desperately trying to find herself a comfy corner in the universe while hoping above all hope that the hot guitar guy at school might one day pay her just an ounce of attention. Ah, hormones.

Cut back to the present, and Danes is on the receiving end of all that angst ... and deservedly so. Get More »

The 10 Best Movie Tumblrs of 2012

Jean Sleeping on People Jean Sleeping on People

There are about a billion tumblrs out there, covering everything from hilarious cat pictures (there are quite a few of those, actually) to how to restore a first generation Ford Mustang to stunning facts about the sun. If you have an interest in a topic — any topic — chances are someone's blogging about it, for better or worse.

There are quite a few movie-related tumblrs out there, too, and finding the ones that are worth a damn — either for valuable info or just as a way to pass the time in the most amusing way possible — can be a daunting task. Here are the 10 from this year that definitely warrant regular return visits. And don't forget to check out our official Tumblr in the meantime! Get More »

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Don't Forget About Me! Signed, The Other 'Les Miserables' Movie

Les Miserables Columbia Pictures

"Les Misérables" is shaping up to be one of the biggest film events in recent memory. Thanks to an amazing cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe, an Oscar-winning director in Tom Hooper and the public's abiding love for the classic Broadway musical it's based on, "Les Misérables" seems poised to be a major power at both the box office and at the Oscars.

But what if we told you that back in 1998, another acclaimed director put together an even more impressive cast for an adaptation of "Les Misérables" — one that has been almost completely forgotten? Get More »

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Claire Danes Cries ... And Cries ... And Cries


And the Academy Award for Best Crier goes to ... Claire Danes! She's already won pretty much every other award there is, so why not add this one to the mantel, right?

The "Me and Orson Welles" star has been wiping away her tears for nearly 20 years, ever since she first appeared on "My So Called Life" to today's Showtime hit, "Homeland." She may already be known for her top-notch acting abilities and killer fashion sense, but, thanks to "The Claire Danes Cry Face Project" tumblr, Danes is finally getting recognized for her noteworthy and many weeping skills. Get More »

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Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Expecting First Child

Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy
Getty Images

The girl from "My So-Called Life" is pregnant. Anyone else feeling really old?

Claire Danes is now most definitely all grown up with news that she's expecting her first child with husband Hugh Dancy, according to People.

The "Romeo + Juliet" star (still not feeling old?) gave something of a vague teaser for her pregnancy last fall when she told the publication that she's open to expanding her immediate family. "There's definitely a chance, no plans yet," she said when asked if a baby could be on the way shortly. "But yeah, that'd be fun." Get More »

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15 Movie Stars Heading to TV This Fall

Luke Wilson & Zooey Deschanel
Getty Images (2)

School is back in session and the summer movie season has wrapped, which means the pop-culture focus temporarily shifts to television until the annual slate of Oscar contenders and holiday blockbusters hit theaters.

This fall, though, you'll notice the new television season has a host of big movie stars transitioning to primetime, either for the first time, like Luke Wilson, or in a splashy return, like Ashton Kutcher.

While the majority of film actors are headlining high-profile series, a couple of them are lining up for key supporting roles in ensemble casts. Take a look at these 15 familiar faces and find out where you can catch them on the small screen this year. Get More »

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Danes And Marsden Are Mom And Dad In 'As Cool As I Am'

Claire Danes
Getty Images

Wait a minute... Claire Danes is old enough to be the mother of a teenager?

Okay, before you freak out, rest assured that even though Claire is indeed playing the mom of a teen in "As Cool As I Am," the fact that she's so young herself is part of the whole premise. Whew. Get More »

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