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GALLERY: Stars Go Crazy For 'Seven Psychopaths' Premiere

What, no bunny?

The true star of "Seven Psychopaths" may have been noticeably missing from the Hollywood premiere, but Tom Waits, Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Abbie Cornish were spotted on the red carpet in celebration of Martin McDonagh's new crime comedy. And the dog's appearance proved that at least one of the film's four-legged scene-stealers didn't feel like giving its two-legged co-stars a chance to take center stage at the premiere after upstaging them left and right in the actual movie.

Check out our collection of pics from the premiere and join the "Seven Psychopaths" in theaters on Oct. 12.

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Trailer: Walken and Pacino Are 'Stand Up Guys'


Al Pacino and Christopher Walken have both played wise guys in so many different films you might think they'd get tired of it. But whether or not that's the case, one thing is sure: We certainly don't get tired of seeing it, which is why we're so stoked about the new trailer for "Stand Up Guys."

Walken and Pacino together? Fuggedaboutit. Get More »

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Christopher Walken Makes Beautiful Music in 'A Late Quartet' Trailer

Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener & Philip Seymour Hoffman in "A Late Quartet"
Entertainment One

Playing in a string quartet is a great metaphor for life, but does it also make for a great movie?

That's the question being asked by thew new trailer for "A Late Quartet," which also provides three pretty good answers: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Christopher Walken.

Sounds like beautiful music to us. Get More »

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The Top 50 Music Videos Featuring Movie Stars

Kristen Stewart Music Video
Ever since Michael Jackson and John Landis unleashed "Thriller" in 1983, shaming all that preceded it, the music video has become an art form within itself. It can be a launching pad for your career (Alicia Silverstone), a favor to a boyfriend (Courteney Cox, Evan Rachel Wood), or a way to begin rebuilding a thousand burned bridges (Mickey Rourke).

With the MTV Video Music Awards hitting MTV tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET, we've compiled a list of the 50 best based on a number of factors: creativity of video, quality of actor's performance and, for some, random dancing ability. Our only caveats: no cameos and no soundtracks. The debate begins now. Get More »

'Seven Psychopaths,' One Awesome Trailer

Sam Rockwell and Colin Farrell in "Seven Psychopaths"
CBS Films

So here's a movie pitch for you: Put Colin Farrell together with Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell in a film where they face off against a nutso Woody Harrelson. Then have the whole thing be written and directed by Farrell's "In Bruges" collaborator, Martin McDonagh. Oh, and add in Tom Waits clutching a bunny.

It sounds too amazing to be real, but go ahead and pinch yourself if you have to, because we have the new trailer for "Seven Psychopaths" right here. Sometimes it's just cool to be alive, isn't it? Get More »

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Julianna Margulies Is a 'Stand Up Guy'


Julianna Margulies may be earning rave reviews these days for "The Good Wife" -- she's won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as lawyer Alicia Florrick, just for starters -- but she first rose to fame on the long running medical drama "ER." So old school Margulies fans are in for a special treat today, as Deadline is reporting that Margulies is heading back to the hospital for the upcoming Al Pacino flick "Stand Up Guys."

Nurse Carol Hathaway, report to the emergency room, stat. Get More »

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Bruce Lee as Spider-Man & Other Awesome 'What If?' Casting Art


If we got hold of a time machine, would we go back and kill Hitler, ride a dinosaur, or have brunch with Jesus?

No, in true movie geek fashion we would fan cast our favorite actors as Marvel superheroes, which is coincidentally what French concept artist/creature designer Alexandre Tuis has done.

Saving us the hassle of powering the Flux Capacitor in our DeLorean, Tuis has revealed several of his retrofit designs (via Movieline) that dream cast such badass icons as the late Bruce Lee in Spider-Man mode, Dutch movie god Rutger Hauer as The Mighty Thor, and, perhaps most enticingly, Harvey Keitel as a Japan-era Wolverine. Get More »

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LAPD Declares No New Evidence of Foul Play in Natalie Wood Investigation

Natalie Wood in "West Side Story"

Well, you can't blame the police for not trying. Nearly 30 years after Natalie Wood's death in 1981, the LAPD reopened her case when the captain of the yacht on which Wood, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken had spent Thanksgiving weekend that year wrote a book declaring that he had not told the truth at the time of the original incident.

Specifically, the yacht captain presented what he coined as new evidence in the mystery.

So… what did the boys in blue find? Not a lot, apparently. William McSweeney, chief of detectives for the LA County Sheriff's Department reports that, after several weeks of interviews and other investigations, there is still no evidence that the death of the iconic actress was a homicide. Get More »

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Paul Rudd and Kristen Wiig Aim To Prove That 'Freezing People Is Easy'


Freezing people is easy. Coming up with a great cast for a major motion picture about cryogenics? Now that's hard.

And yet, it looks as though Oscar winning director Errol Morris has done just that, as Deadline is reporting that Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken are all close to inking deals to appear in the upcoming film "Freezing People Is Easy."

When they said the iceman cometh, this is probably not what they had in mind. Get More »

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Investigators Reopen Natalie Woods' Death After 30 Years

Natalie Wood in "West Side Story"

There are some girls people just can't stop talking about even long after they're gone. Natalie Wood was one them, from her jaw-dropping beauty to the charisma she projected in hit movies like "Rebel Without a Cause," "West Side Story" and "Gypsy."

It seems the Hollywood beauty is still on the mind of some people in high places, because 30 years after her death by drowning, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department are reopening her case, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 43-year-old actress was last seen alive on the night of Nov. 29, 1981, aboard a yacht she shared with husband Robert Wagner. Wood and Wagner were joined on the ship by their friend Christopher Walken, who reportedly argued with Wagner later in the evening after all three had been drinking. Get More »

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