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Christian Bale's 'Batman Begins' Audition is Just as Amazing as You'd Expect

You might still be scratching your head over Ben Affleck being chosen as the next Batman, but there's a reason the role has become so sacrosanct to Batfans and normies alike these days. That reason, of course, is Christian Bale. Get More »

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'Batman' and 'Superman' Movie Might Just Have a Name Already

Batman and Superman Movie Warner Bros.

This weekend Warner Bros. made us geeks in Comic Con's cathedral-like Hall H have to rush to the bathroom to change those Wonder Woman underoos after they announced that the follow-up to this summer's smash-tastic "Man of Steel" wouldn't be a straight sequel but would instead be a team-up movie along the lines of the "World's Finest" comic books, combining both Superman (Henry Cavill) and a new Batman (who has yet to be cast). The creative team behind "Man of Steel" — director Zack Snyder, screenwriter David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan — are all returning for the project, along with much of the "Man of Steel" cast, so this thing is legit.

But what oh what will such a movie be called, we wondered (especially in light of the big "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" mind melt that also happened at SDCC). Scribe Goyer, for one, seems to suggest that we should expect to see a "Vs." tag in there somewhere between the two heroes' names. Get More »

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'Man of Steel' Rumors: What Came True

Man of Steel Warner Bros.

Every movie has a rumor mill, but when your main character is Superman, it naturally becomes a super rumor mill. As anyone who has been following Zack Snyder's film over the past couple of years knows, rarely has there been a film with so many completely random, crazy and unsubstantiated rumors as "Man of Steel."

Which, of course, just made us even more curious to see the movie, if only to find out: Would all of those rumors turn out to be true? Would any of them turn out to be true? Get More »

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Bat Bummer: Christian Bale Won't Be In 'Justice League'

Justice League Alex Ross/DC Comics

We all know that Warner Bros. has high hopes for "Man of Steel," especially after losing money on the last Superman reboot.

With "Marvel's The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3" both joining the billion dollar club, who could blame the studio that owns all of the DC Comics Universe characters for wanting their own post-"Harry Potter" billion dollar franchise? "Green Lantern" was a misfire, but "Man of Steel" should setup a future "Justice League" nicely. There's just one problem: they're gonna need a new Batman. Get More »

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'Man of Steel' Sequel Coming Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Man of Steel Warner Bros.

Opening week, schmopening week; it's time to talk about that already-was-inevitable-but-now-it's-for-really-real sequel to "Man of Steel."

In a nutshell: It's happening (of course) and all the key players are back on board in some capacity. Yippee skippy! Get More »

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Zack Snyder: 'Man of Steel' to Come Before Any 'Justice League' Business

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Looks like the "Man of Steel" will be getting a sequel faster than a speeding bullet ... or at least, faster than any "Justice League" composite, if director Zack Snyder has anything to do with it.*

To recap, ever since Marvel starting building their "cinematic universe," with stand-alone films introducing several major (and some not-so-major) superheroes, which crescendoed brilliantly with last summer's team-up movie "The Avengers," comic book fans and casual moviegoers alike have been wondering when Warner Bros., slinger of all-things-DC Comics, would adopt a similar approach. Get More »

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Jessica Chastain Joins Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'

Getty Images Getty Images

The past two years have been pretty special in the career of Jessica Chastain. The ginger babe had been sloughing through the dregs of TV guest spots and charming (but hardly ever seen) indies for ages before being recognized as the little snowflake that she is and thrust into the Cannes spotlight for Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life." Two years later, she's navigated back-to-back awards seasons as a nominee and the gettin' is officially good. The world is her dainty little oyster.

So, naturally, the ambitious thesp is ready to launch into some new territory next: outer space. And Christopher Nolan'll be captaining the ship. Get More »

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'Man of Steel' Leading the Way to DC's Own 'Avengers'?

Man of Steel Warner Bros.

The fact that "Man of Steel," director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated Superman reboot, is going to serve as the first chapter of a much larger on-screen DC character universe should come as no surprise. What is surprising is that someone at Warner Bros. has finally officially confirmed that that's indeed the plan.

"['Man of Steel'] is setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward. In that, it's definitely a first step," said Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly. Get More »

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Anne Hathaway Gets 'Interstellar' with Christopher Nolan

Anne Hathaway at "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere Getty Images

Hey remember way back on Thursday when we told you that Matthew McConaughey is going to star in Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi epic "Interstellar?" Well, it turns out that he's not the only one, as according to Deadline, Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway is in talks to reunite with her "The Dark Knight Rises" director as McConaughey's co-star.

Are you ready for Catwoman in Space?

Before you get too excited, we should reiterate that there's no deal yet in place, so it's possible this one might fall through. But given Nolan's track record of putting together the smartest blockbusters in Hollywood (see: "Inception") and their working relationship, "Interstellar" would seem to be the perfect follow-up for Hathaway after her award-winning turn in "Les Miserables." Get More »

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McConaughey to Headline Chris Nolan's Next Mind-Effer

Matthew McConaughey Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey is having a stellar couple of years. After a decade in rom-com hell, the chiseled actor has resurrected his career with eye-opening (and shirt-opening) turns in acclaimed films like "Bernie," "Killer Joe" and "Magic Mike," leading to award season buzz and prompting fans and Hollywood insiders alike to reconsider just what he's capable of.

So how do you top such a stellar run? Apparently, by becoming "Interstellar."

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the bongo-loving actor has just signed on to headline Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated and highly secretive sci-fi epic "Interstellar." Get More »

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