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The Top 50 Music Videos Featuring Movie Stars

Kristen Stewart Music Video
Ever since Michael Jackson and John Landis unleashed "Thriller" in 1983, shaming all that preceded it, the music video has become an art form within itself. It can be a launching pad for your career (Alicia Silverstone), a favor to a boyfriend (Courteney Cox, Evan Rachel Wood), or a way to begin rebuilding a thousand burned bridges (Mickey Rourke).

With the MTV Video Music Awards hitting MTV tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET, we've compiled a list of the 50 best based on a number of factors: creativity of video, quality of actor's performance and, for some, random dancing ability. Our only caveats: no cameos and no soundtracks. The debate begins now. Get More »

Ryan Gosling Gets Behind the Camera to 'Catch a Monster'

Ryan Gosling and Christina Hendricks
Getty Images

Ryan Gosling is more than just a set of abs, people. Hot off his success with "Drive," "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and "The Ides of March," the stunning dreamboat ambitious thesp is about to take it to the next level.

No, he's not proposing to girlfriend Eva Mendes (insert sighs of relief here) — he's directing his very first feature, from a script he also happened to write. We're gonna give you a minute to take that in because it's pretty awesome. Get More »

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Our Shameless Gallery of Great DD Moments in Movies

Any excuse to show large, bouncing breasts is a good one. If one needs proof of this theory, "Piranha 3DD" is coming this Friday to a theater near you.

Not that we're dismissing the premise of this more fully developed sequel to its 2010 predecessor, the flatly named "Piranha 3D." It's completely plausible that killer fish could infiltrate a water park and that David Hasselhoff could star in a classy movie. It's just that both scenarios are highly unlikely.

The more tenable conclusion is that this horror-comedy is merely an excuse to show stacked chicks in bikinis running towards your face in 3-D. We sure hope it is, because it gives us the perfect opportunity to do something similar. So, without further ado, onward to our shameless pictorial of breasts with some sentences beneath them that no one will ever read.

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GALLERY: Celebrities Tell Us Their Favorite Romantic Movies

Valentine's Day is upon us, love is in the air, and we are so on it.

Oh, we don't mean candlelit dinners and flower deliveries -- we mean romantic movies, in which every meet-cute and heartbreak has a soundtrack; and hot, sensitive characters say "I love you" better than your significant other ever will.

You know who loves romantic movies, too? Celebrities. From Channing Tatum to Christina Hendricks, these 20 famous folks name their favorites and give us some pretty good ideas for what we might be watching (again) this Valentine's Day.

Get Attached to the 'Detachment' Trailer

Adrien Brody in Detachment
Tribeca Films

Well, it's good to know that Tony Kaye is alive and well and still making movies.

Kaye was on his way to being an A-list Hollywood director after his stellar work on the intense 1998 drama about a rampaging racist skinhead who experiences a rude awakening, "American History X." However, his falling out with star Edward Norton during post-production kind of got him blacklisted, resulting in a post-"History" resume consisting of a great but little-seen documentary ("Lake of Fire") and a thriller that's been languishing in post production hell for almost three years now ("Black Water Transit"), according to The Playlist. Get More »

Christina Hendricks Is da 'Bomb'

Christina Hendricks
Getty Images

Christina Hendricks, most famous for her role as Joan Holloway on the hit series "Mad Men," may be taking her '60s swagger to the silver screen.

Word around Tinseltown is that the fiery siren is in talks to appear in Sally Potter's upcoming "Bomb," an anti-nuclear flick set in Hendricks' decade of choice.

The drama tells the story of two teenage rebels, played by Elle Fanning and Alice Englart, who become involved in the Ban the Bomb movement and the sexual revolution (which means you might get to see little Fanning burn her bra). Get More »

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Rashida Jones Gets Ready to Start 'Decoding Annie Parker'

Getty Images

Indie dramedies are so hot right now—just ask "Parks and Recreation" thesp Rashida Jones and "Midnight in Paris" star Corey Stoll (who played Ernest Hemmingway and all but stole the show). These two stars are the latest A-listers to jump on board Steven Bernstein's upcoming "Decoding Annie Parker."

Based on a true story, the film follows Annie Parker (Samantha Morton), a breast-cancer patient who resolves to fight her diagnosis with the help of geneticist Mary Claire King (Helen Hunt), which leads to an amazing discovery. Get More »

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Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney and Sarah Hyland Get 'Struck By Lightning'

Christina Hendricks
Getty Images

Back in December we reported on falsetto-voiced "Glee" star Chris Colfer's first big foray into both writing and being a leading man entitled "Struck By Lightning." Details were scarce about the John Hughes-influenced High School movie, but now as filming begins the project is coming more into focus.

According to Variety, Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney, and Sarah Hyland have joined Colfer and co-star Allison Janney of "West Wing" and "Juno" fame in the indie picture. The film concerns "Colfer's character being struck and killed by a bolt of lightning and is told in flashback. It chronicles his exploits as he blackmails his fellow senior classmates into contributing to a literary magazine he's publishing." Get More »

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Watts and Schreiber Feel the Love for 'Bleeder'

Naomi Watts
Getty Images

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are about to take their relationship to the silver screen in the upcoming boxing drama "Bleeder."

Helmed by Jeff Feuerzeig, the biopic is based on the true story of former New Jersey heavyweight boxer and infamous womanizer Chuck Wepner, who boxed fifteen rounds with Muhammad Ali and inspired Sylvester Stallone to pen "Rocky."

The voluptuous "Mad Men" femme Christina Hendricks is also set to co-star—perhaps as one of Wepner's ladies on the side. Get More »

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Jane Russell, First Scandalous Lady of Hollywood, Dies at 89

Jane Russell
Getty Images

These days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a movie poster that isn't exploiting some "shocking" element of perverse culture.

Sex, drugs, rock and, foul language - there's nothing a studio won't touch (or photograph) to get your butt in the seat for their movies. While parent groups and the MPAA board actively fight to censor Hollywood ("Think of the children!"), the leniency on sultry advertising has certainly loosened up in modern times.

But it wasn't always so, as the busty, leading lady Jane Russell learned the hard way back in the 1940s. Russell, who the New York Times reports passed away on Monday from a respiratory-related illness at the age of 89, was a singer and actress first discovered by the wild Howard Hughes (go rent "The Aviator" for more on that) and cast in his gritty Western picture, "The Outlaw." Perhaps, a bit too gritty for the public's taste. Get More »

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