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An Unofficial Ranking of All Things Oz

Oz: The Great and Powerful Disney

Have you ever noticed that we as international consumers of pop culture are exposed to an inordinate amount of things named "Oz"? There are people named "Oz." There are television shows named "Oz." There are movies released 74 years apart named "Oz." Certainly, there is an unspoken worldwide fascination with those two letters in that specific order.

It's entirely possible, in fact, that we've reached a point where we cannot move forward as a society until we have in place an unofficial ranking of all things Oz, especially with this week's upcoming release of "Oz: The Great and Powerful." There are just too many damn Ozzes (sp). Get More »

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Q&A: Chris Klein on 'American Reunion' and His Hero Harrison

Chris Klein
Getty Images

Chris Klein became a household name and instant heartthrob when he appeared in 1999's hit comedy, "American Pie." Klein played Oz, the athletic lacrosse player with a voice, and heart, of gold — which means that, in some ways, he was like a one-man precursor to "Glee." Just sayin'.

Over the years, the "American Pie" franchise has continued to amuse, delight and (ahem) ... educate … moviegoers everywhere. We've seen these friends get laid, get married and everything in-between. And now, with the most recent installment, "American Reunion," hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week, we thought it's high time we had a chat with this dreamy thesp to discuss whether these stars still get along after all this time and how he'll know when he's finally "made it." Get More »

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Have a Slice of These 5 'American Reunion' Clips

American Reunion

Those who were in high school when "American Pie" came out in 1999 may be shocked to discover that not only have Jim, Stifler and the rest of the gang grown up, but so have you. That's right, you're all old-ass 30somethings, and you can learn to cope with it by watching the cast of your favorite teen sex comedy prove that even adults can still have fun in "American Reunion."

The class of '99 returns to East Great Falls for its big reunion, with Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) having settled into a life of marriage and kids that just might get a much-needed shot in the arm during the wild weekend. Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris Klein, Seann William Scott, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth, Natasha Lyonne, Mena Suvari and, of course, Eugene Levy are all back for one last slice. Get More »

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The 'American Reunion' Trailer is Here to Make You Feel Old


Hey – Remember that apple pie that Jason Biggs had sex with? Remember when Tara Reid was known more for her acting than her nipples? Remember when you heard cute little "Buffy" star Alyson Hannigan say "p**sy" for the first time?

You know who doesn't? About everyone under the age of 20. What they do remember are band camp, naked miles, a book of love and a whole lot of Eugene Levy.

But never fear, because an entire generation is about to learn the hard way why you never leave a MILF alone at your house party. Get More »

Check This: All of Chris Klein's Lines in 'Street Fighter'

Street Fighter

If you're like us, you've never seen "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" and have probably only heard of it in the context of, "You know someone who saw that?!"

The sequel to the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme-led original is apparently worth seeing just to watch Chris Klein, seen below doing his best impression of an actor, repeatedly flashing an Eastwoodian squint while firing off gems like, "You don't want a ticket to this dance." Get More »

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