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Katniss Everdeen's Reign of Terror: First the Hunger Games, Now People's Choice

Elizabeth Banks as Effie and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games Lionsgate

Last night, the internet voting zombies people spoke and declared who and what they favored most from 2012's crop of films at the 2013 People's Choice Awards, and to the surprise of absolutely no one it was "The Hunger Games" which came out on top of the wins list.

"Hunger Games" snagged the win for Favorite Movie as well as Favorite Action Movie, Favorite Movie Franchise and Favorite On-Screen Chemistry. The film also garnered its now two-time Oscar-nominated leading actress Jennifer Lawrence a win for Favorite Movie Actress and Favorite Face of Heroism, which was great because her speech was - per usual - completely adorable. Get More »

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The Top 10 Avengers of 2012

The Avengers Marvel Films

The new year is fast approaching and, on the Internet, that means just one thing: Time to put together some top 10 lists. And since "The Avengers" was undoubtedly the film event of the year — $1.5 billion worldwide doesn't lie — we thought it would only be fitting to ring out the old by taking a look at the Top 10 Avengers of 2012.

Just how awesome are the Avengers? They're so awesome that they get a Top 10 list even though there were only six of them in the movie. Get More »

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GALLERY: Chris Hemsworth - Soldier, Huntsman and Superhero

Chris Hemsworth worked the rugged look in every possible way this year: outdoors guy, Norse god, huntsman and, now, homemade soldier. His rippling muscles and blue eyes alone prove there's something in the Aussie water.

This week he's trading in his mighty "Thor" hammer for an assault rifle in "Red Dawn," keeping America safe from invading communist forces.

Sure, Chris' younger brother Liam enjoyed some time in the spotlight this year with '"The Hunger Games," but between "Snow White and the Huntsman," "The Cabin in the Woods," "The Avengers" and now "Red Dawn," the elder Hemsworth is the only one we want to cuddle with out in the wilderness.

See for yourself with Chris' Hot People Looking Hot gallery. Trust us, you'll forget all about the threat of the North Korean army after going through these pics.

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Chris Hemsworth Is a Kid in a 'Candy Store'

Chris Hemsworth Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth has developed a sweet tooth ... for fighting crime!

The once and future "Thor" has signed on to play a boy in blue in the crime thriller, "Candy Store," according to The Wrap.

"Candy Store" follows a deep-cover operative who loses everything and winds up as a burned-out Brooklyn cop ... only to discover that the global organization he was previously dedicated to fighting has set up shop in his new backyard. Get More »

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Chris Hemsworth Hits on Hotties in 'Red Dawn' Clip

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

A lot of men would kill for the chance to flirt with Adrianne Palicki. Chris Hemsworth defends his town against a North Korean invasion for the opportunity in the upcoming remake of "Red Dawn." No biggie. Get More »

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Can Thor and Catwoman Save Us from the 'Robopocalypse?'

Anne Hathaway at "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere Getty Images

Humanity has known for a long time that the "Robopocalypse" is inevitably coming. But despite plenty of warning, it seems as though our world leaders have yet to come up with any kind of focused plan to save us from this terrifying but visually spectacular doom.

Luckily for us, however, Steven Spielberg may succeed where the United Nations has failed, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's currently is talks to enlist both Thor and Catwoman to head up Earth's defense.

Rest easy, America!

Based on the New York Times bestselling novel of the same name by author Daniel H. Wilson, the story of "Robopocalypse" is pretty much self-evident: Robots got nuts and people fight them. But despite the fact that the film is being directed by Spielberg, who is only the most powerful person in Hollywood, "Robopocalypse" has yet to sign any stars.

That is apparently about to change, however, as both Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway are reportedly in talks to headline the film. Get More »

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'The Avengers:' 8 Things You May Have Missed the First Time Around

The Avengers Marvel/Disney

"The Avengers" arrives on Blu-ray this week and, as you might expect, it's chock full of bonus clips, special features and even a brand new 10-minute short film. It's pretty epic.

But before you start diving into the special features, there's something else you're going to want to watch first: The movie itself. That's because director Joss Whedon and the folks at Marvel crammed the film with so many Easter eggs, cameos and moments that make you go "hmm" that even the most dedicated fan couldn't catch all of them.

With that in mind, then, and with a great big spoiler warning, here are eight things in "The Avengers" you may have missed the first time around. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Avengers' and More

The Hulk in "The Avengers" Marvel Studios

This week: The biggest blockbuster of the year, "The Avengers," is likely to become the best-selling home video of the year as fans can't seem to get enough of Marvel's Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America teaming up to battle Loki and an army of hostile aliens.

Also new this week is the hilariously twisted Danish comedy "Klown," the thriller "Barricade" starring Eric McCormack and a collection of all 22 James Bond films called, simply, "Bond 50."

Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Cabin in the Woods' and More

The Cabin in the Woods

This week: Joss Whedon reinvigorates the horror genre with the shockingly clever "The Cabin in the Woods," starring a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth.

Also new this week is the sweet senior comedy "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," the music documentary "Katy Perry: Part of Me" and the Blu-ray collection "Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures." Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and More

Snow White and the Huntsman

This week: Kristen Stewart is the fairest one of all in "Snow White and the Huntsman," an action-packed update of the fairy tale featuring Charlize Theron vamping it up as the evil queen and Chris Hemsworth as the titular Huntsman.

Also new this week is a gaggle of actors in the pregnancy farce "What to Expect When You're Expecting," a 3-D Blu-ray edition of "Titanic" and a 3-D Blu-ray presentation of James Cameron's "Titanic" companion piece "Ghosts of the Abyss." Get More »

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