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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Flight' and More

Flight Paramount

This week: Denzel Washington plays an alcoholic airline pilot who makes a remarkable emergency landing in the high-altitude drama "Flight," directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Also new this week is Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross," the romantic comedy "Celeste and Jesse Forever" with Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones and the Blu-ray debut of "Cabaret" starring the inimitable Liza Minnelli. Get More »

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The 10 Most Criminally Underseen Movies of 2012

Safety Not Guaranteed FilmDistrict

This has been a pretty darn good year for movies. Awesome blockbusters ("The Avengers," "The Dark Knight Rises"), hilarious comedies ("Ted," "21 Jump Street") cool indies ("Moonrise Kingdom," "The Master") and hot dramas ("Lincoln," "Argo") have battled for attention in the media and at the box office. It's really been an embarrassment of riches.

But you know what else is an embarrassment? The fact that because of the crowded box office slate, some of the best movies of the year were hardly seen at all. Get More »

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Summer Movies Poll: Best Indie

FilmDistrict / Focus Features / Fox Searchlight

NEXT: What was the biggest surprise this summer? >>

PREVIOUS: What was this summer's best action movie? <<

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Rashida Jones Upgrades to Lead Status in 'Celeste and Jesse Forever'

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones in "Celeste and Jesse Forever"
Sony Pictures Classics

"Celeste and Jesse Forever," the indie comedy that charmed Sundance audiences earlier this year, has been pegged as a breakup comedy, but you wouldn't know it from the first ten or so minutes of the film.

A cute opening title sequence shows the two lovebirds of the title (played by Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg) meeting, canoodling and eventually wedding all in quick succession. Next thing you know it, the two are sharing a car ride together, acting as happy couples do by bantering and declaring their love for one another. It's only at a dinner with friends that it all becomes clear: Celeste and Jesse are in fact separated, and on their way to an amicable divorce. The thing is, they're still best friends. Get More »

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Q&A: Rashida Jones on Writing, Ron Swanson and Irrationality Over Her Race

Rashida Jones
Getty Images

Rashida Jones wanted to tell a certain story, play a specific character, and truly challenge herself. So she did what most actors can't: She wrote her own movie.

Along with close friend/ fellow actor Will McCormack, Jones penned a story based on their own relationship: The two dated briefly before deciding they were better off as friends, and then became as close as could be. The result is "Celeste and Jesse Forever," a funny, heartfelt film about a divorced couple intent on remaining BFFs, with Jones co-starring alongside Andy Samberg in the title roles.

The Harvard-educated daughter of legendary music producer Quincy Jones and comedic actress best known for TV's "Parks and Recreation" got candid with us about baring her soul in "Celeste" and the internet's ridiculous obsession with her race. Get More »

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Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg Are BFF in 'Celeste and Jesse Forever' Trailer

Celeste and Jesse Forever
Sony Pictures Classics

Thank god for Rashida Jones!

That's got to be what Andy Samberg is thinking today. After all, his new film, "That's My Boy," kind of threw up all over itself at the box office. But luckily for Samberg — and movie fans everywhere — that bad taste is already being washed away by the sweet new trailer for Jones and Samberg's upcoming rom-com/dramedy "Celeste and Jesse Forever."

Which, by the way, we have right here. Get More »

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Emma Roberts Visits the 'Empire State'

Emma Roberts
Getty Images

Best known for her work in "Scream 4" and a slew of indie flicks that hit the film festival circuit (most recently "Celeste and Jesse Forever"), Emma Roberts is about to make a leap to the big leagues. The starlet has signed on for Dito Montiel's "Empire State," which already counts Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson among its cast.

Based on true events dating back to 1982, the story follows two childhood friends (Hemsworth will play one) from Astoria, N.Y., who plot to rob an armored car depository.

According to Variety, Johnson will take on the role of the NYPD detective out to bust them and Roberts will play a waitress who becomes a love interest for Hemsworth's character. Get More »

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Is Emma Roberts The New Ke$ha?

Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

All the stars are out at this year's Sundance Film Festival, but it turns out that Emma Roberts isn't content being the next big thing in movies — she's also ready to become the next big thing in pop music as well. And her inspiration, according to her wild new chat with MTV? Ke$ha.

Okay, so the music gig is actually for her new movie "Celeste and Jesse Forever," but Roberts still couldn't be happier over the chance to let it all hang out. "I get to play a pop star, which is so fun. Why not?"

So where does Ke$ha fit in to what Roberts describes as a "wildly entertaining and inappropriate" musical experience? Check out this exclusive interview from MTV — and get ready to rock.

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15 Films We Can't Wait to See at Sundance

Sundance Film Festival

"Like Crazy," "Take Shelter," "Martha Marcy May Marlene," "Pariah." What do these films all have in common? They all premiered at last year's Sundance Film Festival. To say that the bar was raised for this year's edition to deliver the indie goods is an understatement.

We're glad to report that 2012 is shaping up to be another great year for the world's most important independent film festival. Just take a look at some of the talent included on the lineup: Kirsten Dunst, Andy Samberg, Elizabeth Olsen, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Kate Bosworth and director Spike Lee. Now that's enough reason to get excited.

We've worked our way through the massive lineup to bring you our picks for the top 15 films we're most excited for. Get More »

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Elijah Wood Also Believes in 'Celeste and Jesse Forever'

Elijah Wood
Getty Images

Elijah Wood is ready to be the saucy gay friend.

That's how The Hollywood Reporter describes the "Lord of the Rings" star's role in "Celeste and Jesse Forever," the romantic comedy starring Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg. Wood will be playing Jones' metrosexual business partner (yeah, we can see it).

"Celeste and Jesse Forever" chronicles a couple (Jones and Samberg) in the midst of a divorce attempting to maintain their friendship while pursuing new relationships.

Elijah Wood joins a cast that includes Emma Roberts, Ari Graynor and Chris Messina. Lee Toland Krieger is directing the script by Jones and Will McCormack, which the "Parks and Recreation" beauty describes as "When Harry Met Sally," but "20 years later."

There hasn't been enough of Frodo since the "Lord of the Rings" days, though he looks to be getting pretty busy. His first TV series, "Wilfred," premieres on FX on June 23, and he'll be voicing a lead role in Disney's upcoming animated series, "TRON: Uprising." He's also set to play Ben Gunn in a new TV movie of "Treasure Island" and will be reprising his role of Mumble in "Happy Feet Two," opening Nov. 18.

And yeah, he'll be in "The Hobbit." Awesome.

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