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LICK IT! A Portrait of Channing Tatum Made Out of Candy

Who can make a Tatum
Out of jelly beans
The girls all wanna taste 'im
Especially 'round the jeans
The candyman can
Cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.

That's right, food-centric artist Jason Mecier, who last gave us the Kevin Bacon portrait made out of actual bacon, has handcrafted a new confectionary delight for the senses: a portrait of his majesty Channing Tatum in his "costume" (or lack therof) from "Magic Mike" made entirely out of Mike & Ikes (via Hollywire).

When Channing co-stars with Jamie Foxx in this summer's action thriller "White House Down," that might make a great opportunity to make a portrait of Jamie out of fox fur, or perhaps another one of Channing fashioned from over 1000 small portraits of Tatum O'Neal.

The possibilities are literally endless!

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