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'The Town' Lines That Could Also Be Used in Affleck's Whitey Bulger Movie

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

One of Ben Affleck's first I'm-a-serious-filmmaker-now-so-stop-making-fun-of-"Gigli"-already efforts was 2010's "The Town," a heisty movie with a few feels and lots of fun quotables.

Affleck co-wrote the scripts for both "The Town" and his directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" alongside fellow Boston-lover-slash-apparent-crime-scene-aficionado Aaron Stockard — who, back then, was only barely IMDb-worthy for his production assistant status on "Good Will Hunting."

According to Deadline, this little dream team is now set up for a third go-round at the writer's table for Warner Bros.' Whitey Bulger pic (ya know, after he handles s**t in the Batcape for a while for the same studio). Get More »

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Before They Were Famous: Casey Affleck in '80s TV Show

Casey Affleck PBS

It's hard to believe Casey Affleck turns the big 3-8 this week, just four days before his latest film, "Ain't Them Body Saints," hits theaters. It feels like we've watched the youngest Affleck grow up right before our very eyes. His first big-screen role came in "To Die For" (1995), opposite future bro-in-law Joaquin Phoenix. And then there are his collaborations with the elder Affleck, Ben, in films like "Chasing Amy" (1997), "Good Will Hunting" (1997) and "Gone Baby Gone" (2007). Get More »

The Top 2 Afflecks of All Time

Casey Affleck & Ben Affleck Getty Images

Some surnames are just more common than others. You know, Jones, Smith, Affleck. So standing out from the crowd when you have one of those names can be very difficult. Seriously, can you just imagine the confusion at school for those poor teachers who had to deal with yet another kid named Ben Affleck? Man, how could they tell them all apart?

And that — along with the release of Casey Affleck's new mood piece "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" — got us thinking: Just who is the greatest Affleck in the long history of Hollywood? Get More »

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The 12 Ballsiest Movie Publicity Stunts

Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza Getty Images

In this economy, filmmakers will do just about anything to boost ticket sales. And when they've already placed larger-than-life ads all over the world, what more can you do? Publicity, silly!

Since the dawn of time, movie folks have gone to great lengths to get people to know — and hopefully see — their latest projects. But it's no easy task. Now that film publicity is more common than ... well, movies themselves, the tactics have become crazier. Raunchier. Scarier. Really, just more of a giant, fabulous hot mess. -- By Christopher Rosa and Jacqueline Lem Get More »

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'Out of the Furnace' Trailer: Christian Bale (Not Batman) to the Rescue

Christian Bale is back to his crime-fighting ways — some good 'ole fashioned sleuthing, tough guy threats and, of course, an intense mission to save a life. We know what you're thinking, so stop right there; it's totally not "The Dark Knight Rises ... Again." Rather, it's Bale's latest film "Out of the Furnace," the first trailer for which just dropped today.

Bale returns to the big screen as Russell Baze, a gritty, greasy mill worker living in the poverty-ridden Rust Belt town of Braddock, Pa. His brother Rodney (played by Ben Affleck's kid brother Casey Affleck) has just returned from fighting in Iraq, which should be the most joyous of occasions, right? Wrong. Turns out Rodney's a little short on cash and joins a crime ring led by Curtis DeGroat (a creepy-as-f*** Woody Harrelson) to settle his debt. Oh, and, Curtis does not play nice, so eventually Rodney ends up missing and Bale's Russell has to put on a brave face and save his brother. How's he going to do this without the bat cape and of those cool Wayne Enterprises' gadgets, you ask? Well, Russell here's an ex-con who has tattoos and lives by the sauce! He does not play, people!  Get More »

'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' Trailer: Affleck and Mara Do Bonnie and Clyde

It seems odd to say about a guy who was nominated for an Oscar, but Casey Affleck doesn't get nearly enough props. Think about it: Has the guy ever turned in a performance that was less than awesome? Yet he still ends up being overshadowed by his headline chomping big bro. It just ain't fair.

Well, Ben's baby brother is back at it again, and judging by the new YouTube trailer for "Ain't Them Bodies Saints," it looks like this may finally be Casey's time to shine in the spotlight. Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Olyphant, Affleck and Damon Get the Gigs

Timothy Olyphant Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

Timothy Olyphant just can't hang up that cowboy hat. The "Justified" star is joining Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins and Jennifer Carpenter for "Bone Tomahawk," a violent horror-western about four men who attempt to rescue a group of captives from a band of cannibalistic troglodytes that live beyond the edge of civilization (awesome). [Deadline]

Casey Affleck is on the case of the "Boston Strangler," a true-crime thriller about the hunt for the notorious serial killer who terrorized Beantown in the 1960s. Affleck will produce and hopes to play one of the detectives. [Deadline] Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Teller, Bosworth and Affleck Get the Gigs

Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• We wouldn't mind getting snowed in with this trio! The Hollywood Reporter calls for stormy weather as "Project X" star Miles Teller will star opposite Analeigh Tipton and Jessica Szohr in "Two Night Stand," a romantic indie that centers on a pair of twentysomething strangers who awaken after an ill-advised one-night stand to find themselves snowed in by a blizzard that’s put all of Manhattan on ice.

• After playing a victim in "Straw Dogs," Kate Bosworth is looking to be the rabble-rouser this time around. Heat Vision reports that the "Blue Crush" beauty will be playing James Franco's revenge-minded (and meth-addicted) sister in "Homefront," the action thriller starring Jason Statham and written by Sylvester Stallone. Get More »

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Sibling Rivalry: Vote for Your Favorite Brothers and Sisters

Liam and Chris Hemsworth
Getty Images

They may be brothers and sisters in real life, but in the acting world, sibling actors are often fierce competitors. Sometimes they're even up for the same roles.

You could call these cases of sibling rivalry being played out on the big screen a real family affair, along the lines of "Mom always liked you best."

We've come up with a list of top actors who have competing brothers or sisters. Vote on your favorites of each brother-brother, brother-sister or sister-sister pairing -- and may the best siblings win. Get More »

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Rooney Mara Heads for Texas with 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints'

Rooney Mara
Getty Images

It looks like Rooney Mara will be headed for the Lone Star State after she leaves "Brooklyn."

The "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" star has scored her third gig this week as she's signed on for Texas-set drama, "Ain't Them Bodies Saints," according to Deadline. Get More »

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