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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Start Date, Fake Title Revealed?

LucasFilms LucasFilms

We're all looking forward to seeing Disney and J.J. Abrams carrying on various staples of "Star Wars" and a UK fan-site seems to have revealed another example.

Super-fans know that "Return of the Jedi" (originally titled "Revenge of the Jedi," until a very educated super-fan pointed out the philosophical problem with that title) went under the working title "Blue Harvest" back in 1982, to hide the production from the prying eyes of press and people dressed up like Darth Vader. ("Blue Harvest" has since been referenced by Family Guy, The Simpsons, Dark Horse Comics and more.)

And this was before TMZ existed, so imagine the secrecy that is going to be required for "Star Wars Episode VII." It looks like the sneaky working title this time around is going to be "Foodles."

Yes, as in, the Disney themed snack product at the grocery store. Get More »

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Lawrence Kasdan Strikes Back: The Original Script for 'Star Wars: Episode V'

Lucasfilms Lucasfilms

It's one of the most famous exchanges in the history of cinema: Han Solo and Pricess Leia's heartfelt goodbye in "Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back." Just before Han is frozen in carbonite by the sinister Darth Vader, Leia reveals her love and he simply answers, "I know." So insouciant. So perfect.

And as we now know thanks to SlashFilm, so completely different from what screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan actually wrote. Get More »

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Awesome 'Empire Strikes Back' Set Photos Unearthed

LucasFilms LucasFilms

The "Star Wars" franchise is that nerdy little gift that just keeps on giving, one generation after another.

Not only is Disney furiously piecing together "Episode VII" to usher in a third round of installments in a galaxy not so far away, but cool items just keep poppin' on up from the first go-round as well. Get More »

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Carrie Fisher Wants to Eat Earth Before Heading into Space

20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox

It's been thirty-plus years since Carrie Fisher did that abtacular bikini scene for "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi," so it's understandable that for "Episode VII" she'd have a very different approach to the Princess Leia diet in mind. Only, instead of using low impact cardio machines or high protein snacking or whatever it is the kids are doing these days, Fisher's pretty much planning to eat like she's Jabba the Hutt until the studio forces her to shape up. Nom nom nom.
Get More »

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George Lucas Confirms Return of Original 'Star Wars' Cast

Star Wars Disney

Ever since Disney acquired the rights to "Star Wars" in what is surely the last sign of the coming apocalypse, rumors have been flying that the cast of the original trilogy — namely Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford — will all be returning for "Star Wars: Episode VII." Heck, sometimes those rumors even come from the stars themselves, like Fisher's supposed "joke" yesterday about returning as Leia. It's hard to even figure out what's real and what's not at this point, right?

Well, if anybody would know the truth, you'd think it would be George Lucas — and in a new interview with Bloomberg Businessweek of all places, Lucas has just confirmed that all three stars will indeed be returning. Get More »

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UPDATED: Carrie Fisher Was Just Kidding About the Return of Princess Leia in New 'Star Wars'

Carrie Fisher in Star Wars Lucasfilm

UPDATED 3/7/2013: The erstwhile Leia has a new party line: Just kidding! CNN got a hold of one of Carrie Fisher's reps, who, presumably to the sound of lightsaber-wielding nerds' hearts around the world breaking, said that she was joking.

"She was joking," the rep said. "Nothing has been announced."

Or, as our resident reading-between-the-lines specialists here at NextMovie would say, nothing has been announced...yet.


PREVIOUSLY: It would appear that a certain "Star Wars" alum is preparing for a triumphant return to a galaxy far, far away.

Carrie Fisher more or less confirmed that she'll be reprising her role of Princess Leia Organa (now Leia Solo, we would assume) in at least some future "Star Wars" film in a recent interview with Palm Beach Illustrated. Get More »

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Carrie Fisher Would Like Princess Leia to Hand Over the Throne

Princess Leia LucasFilm

Whenever a zeitgeisty phenomenon like "Stars Wars" happens, some of the people associated become inextricably connected with it in the public eye for a very long time. The potential for typecasting foils the good vibes from success, really. Carrie Fisher is one example of such, having brought the oft-emulated and desirable Princess Leia Organa into being on-screen for George Lucas' far, far away sci-fi starter in 1977.

And while she has that iconic role to thank for a rather fruitful career now spanning four decades, she still has a thing to say to that little bun-haired lady people keep wanting her to wear "those f--king white leather boots" to reprise for funzies. Get More »

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How Old Characters Could Ruin a New 'Star Wars'


If you have trouble understanding me, it's because I've been breathing into a paper bag for almost two weeks. I have lesions up and down my arms from all the pinches I've applied to myself. I really and truly can't believe we're getting another "Star Wars."

Just as I was coming around some news items of not-pure-ridiculousness surfaced that key members of the classic cast, namely Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and, gasp, Harrison Ford were all keen or at least open to the concept of returning to their far, far away roles from a long time ago. Get More »

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Carrie Fisher Wants to Be in the New 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Star Wars Disney

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, Carrie Fisher once played Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. And for the past 29 years, she's been cool with that legacy, occasionally appearing at conventions and reunions and generally being a good sport about things. But now that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm and is making a new "Star Wars" trilogy, does she really want to play Leia again, all these years later?

Well, of course she does — and we've got the video right here to prove it. Get More »

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Harrison Ford Is Open To a Little More Han Solo

Star Wars Disney

When news broke last week that Disney is buying Lucasfilm and will be putting out a third "Star Wars" trilogy, reaction was mixed. And a big reason for that mixed reaction was the fact that fans were sure at least one original cast member wouldn't have anything to do with a return to "Star Wars:" Harrison Ford, who has long been dismissive of the role of Han Solo.

Well, if the news that there would be a new "Star Wars" trilogy wasn't shock enough, here's something that will really blow your mind: According to Entertainment Weekly, Ford is actually on board with reprising his role as Han Solo and is considering a return for "Episode VII." Holy smokes. Get More »

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