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'Spring Breakers' NSFW Outtakes: Look at James Franco's S**t

James Franco, or rather his cracked-out, corn-rowed, grillz-sportin' "Spring Breakers" character Alien, has some dope s**t...and he don't give a f**k wants you to know it.

Whether you loved, hated or thought it was bananas — c'mon, Britney Spears music and mountains of weed in the same flick? — "Spring Breakers" divided the nation when it debuted in March. Now the film, directed by Harmony Korine and starring Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine, is stirring up controversy again (come and get it!) with the DVD, which hits stores tomorrow, July 9. Get More »

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'Spring Breakers' Cast Belts 'Baby One More Time' at SXSW

Surely director Harmony Korine knew what skill set he was getting when he cast a cadre of former Disney starlets in his drug and violence fueled new movie "Spring Breakers." Even though the flick has more to do with armed robbery, casual group sex and the Floridian criminal underground than most standard Disney fare, the former "Kids" writer clearly couldn’t help but sneak a sing-along moment into the film. The end result, complete with a blinged-out Franco’s piano rendition of the 2004 Britney Spears hit "Everytime," taught audiences nationwide that the Timberlake breakup song sounds so much better while being sung through pink ski masks with a few AK-47s hoisted in the air. While this will undoubtedly be the most-remembered Britney tune in the movie, another of the pop princess' hits makes an appearance: The girls sing "...Baby One More Time" a cappella in a parking lot. Get More »

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Top 5 Things We Learned About 'Spring Breakers' Director Harmony Korine


Spring Breakers Annapurna Pictures

"Spring Breakers" writer-director Harmony Korine gave one cuckoo bananas, bat guano one-on-one with Vulture about the film, its actors and, uh, oddball inspirations. Reading between all the ramble, we drew a fistful of valuable lessons from the guy. Get More »

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The 7 Most Insane Things That Happen in 'Spring Breakers'

Spring Breakers A24

Can't wait until Friday to see James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson run wild in director Harmony Korine’s ode to debauchery, "Spring Breakers"? Well, these top insane moments from the film should tide you over (yes, we've got SPOILERS GALORE).

If you've been living under a rock, here’s what we’re talking about: your favorite Disney stars wearing only bikinis in a movie about a group of girlfriends going on spring break. But in Korine's world, along with booze, drugs and beach bodies there's a rapping drug dealer (James Franco), a Britney Spears ballad and lots of guns. Get More »

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The 10 Most Random Foreign Commercials with American Movie Stars

George Clooney DnB NOR

Ahh, the never-ending pursuit of the almighty dollar yen, euro and ruble. It will forever dominate us all — especially those in Japan, Europe and Russia, respectively.

That's where the following American movie stars traveled to film a commercial or two. Fortunately for us, what happens overseas does not stay overseas. Thanks, YouTube! We haven't quite forgiven you for Bieber, but this is a good first step. Get More »

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Jennifer Aniston: Hottest Woman Ever?

Jennifer Aniston
Getty Images

Who knows what men think is hot better than, well, men? (Answer: No one.)

Which is why when "Men's Health" releases its Hottest 100 Women of All Time list, we best pay attention. Pencils ready, everyone?

According to them, Jennifer Aniston is tops.

That's right, the former Mrs. Brad Pitt beats out siren Raquel Welch, who sits in second place. Rounding out the top five are Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears (we're guessing they're referring to her pre-head-shaving days) and Madonna. Wait — what? That last one seems like a bit of a stretch, but maybe it's just us. And where's Angelina Jolie? Get More »

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9 Great Movie Moments at the Video Music Awards

Ben Stiller at the Video Music Awards

You might think that the MTV Video Music Awards are all about music, or more specifically, music videos. But throughout the past 17 years, there have been plenty of movie-related moments that have broken up the many Madonna performances, "Moonman" award upsets and general VMA revelry.

After all, you can't pack an auditorium full of the entertainment industry's most talented performers and not expect some big-screen brilliance. (We're already anticipating one big movie moment at this Sunday's show. Two words: "Hunger Games.")

In celebration of this year's ceremony and the big-screen moments that it will certainly bring, we've compiled the nine best movie-related VMA moments (ever!) for your enjoyment. Get More »

Britney Spears Is a 'Jackass' in this Kimmel Klip

Britney Spears and Johnny Knoxville
Jimmy Kimmel Live! / ABC

As the pop princess who started a bubblegum revolution, Britney Spears has seen the highest of highs... and as a woman who had a very public meltdown a few years back, she's also seen the lowest lows.

Honestly, we're not quite sure how to categorize the sight of her being covered in supposed human waste while riding in a portable toilet attached to a bungie cord. All we can do is sit back and appreciate it. Get More »

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Divas Do Hollywood: We Grade Their Acting

Screen Gems

Madonna and Whitney to Gwen and Britney... Nearly every pop queen has packed up their diva ways and taken them to the big screen. 

The results have been mixed; for every Mariah Carey in "Precious," there's a Mariah Carey in "Glitter," and for every J. Hudson in "Dreamgirls," there's a J. Simpson in "Employee of the Month." 

With veteran screen diva Cher teaching acting newcomer Christina Aguilera the tricks of crossing over in "Burlesque," here's a rundown of the most memorable instances of divas gone Hollywood. Get More »

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