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Disney Buckles Under 'Sexy Merida' Backlash

Disney Disney

So apparently the suits at Disney have given up and are like, "Fiiiiine, we'll make Merida an un-hot ginger."

The controversy, which first reared its head earlier this week when a more slim-trim/glammy Merida from "Brave" was unveiled for her coronation as a Disney World Princess, has resulted in fan outcry that ultimately led the Mouse House to tell Inside the Magic that the redesign was strictly a "one-time stylized version" that will only be used on a "limited line of products" for Target. Get More »

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Jilted 'Brave' Director Slams Merida's Princess Makeover

Disney/Pixar Disney/Pixar

There was a certain fist pump-ery involved with the wily little heroine Disney and Pixar drew up for "Brave." Merida was a lot more rough-and-tumbling Katniss Everdeen than airy-fairy Cinderella, and the world dug it ... to the tune of more than a half billion smackers worldwide. Some of us sensed a new, bolder, more "with it" direction for the House of Mouse's idea of a Princess — one that didn't need a Prince Charming to kiss away the spell but who could get out there and handle business her own dang self.

Yeah, but that didn't last long did it? Saturday, Disney unveiled a shinier, supposedly prettier and definitely thinner variation of Merida at Walt Disney World when it inducted the character into the Disney Princesses line-up. Barf. Get More »

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Eff, Marry, Kill: Oscar Surprises 2013 Edition

We don't know if you've heard, but something went down last night. Something happened in Hollywood, something the world saw and won't stop talking about.

Yeah, we're talking about Jennifer Lawrence falling down the 2013 Oscars. (Well, and J-Law's tumble, but we'll get to that.)

Since this is NextMovie and we're not really the type to come at things head-on, we knew that we wanted to recap the Oscars, but how? The only way we know: With a game of Eff, Marry, Kill.

This isn't a hot-or-not, more  of a thoughful, mature look at the night that was. (Cough.) Our trusty FMKers ranked the three surprises from the night that shocked us most — Ang Lee's win for Best Director in a wide-open field, "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Skyfall" tying for Best Sound Editing, and, of course, Jennifer Lawrence falling ass-over-Dior on her way up to accept her Best Actress statue — and DTR. What shocks can we live with? What do we sneaky love? What gets the knife?

Before you read our panelists' picks and rationale below, please vote in our poll and explain yourself in the comments. Now grab your ballgowns and join us for Eff, Marry, Kill: Oscar Surprises 2013 Edition! Get More »

Most Effed Up Spells in Witch Movies

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

In "Beautiful Creatures," Lena Duchannes traipses into the damp, small town of Gatlin, South Carolina with the sole intention of remaining a good witch. There are those in her lineage who want nothing more than for her to join the dark side upon turning the dreaded age of 16, but the gal's got eyes for a little human boy named Ethan and just wants to play nice, for crying out loud.

Most of her predecessors in cinematic spell-casting, however, were not quite so noble. In fact, a lot of them would just do some downright effed up stuff. Let's review some of the worst. Get More »

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'Wreck-It Ralph' Wrecks It at the Annie Awards


The 40th annual Annie Awards, which recognize excellence in animation, were held last night and according to, Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph" dominated the proceedings, earning five Annies including Best Animated Feature.

The win follows "Wreck-It Ralph's" victory at the Golden Globes last month and cements the film's status as the frontrunner for the Best Animated Feature award at this year's Oscars. Pixar's "Brave," meanwhile, did manage to take home two Annies, but the one time presumed frontrunner now seems doomed to be an also-ran at the Academy Awards.

For a full review of this year's Annie Awards, including wins by "ParaNorman" and "Rise Of the Guardians," head to

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Oscar Nominees React to Being Un-Snubbed

Jennifer Lawrence Getty Images

Oscar might be the word of the day, but for some folks, their own names were what rung loudest and proudest during this morning's 2013 Academy Award nominations read-out. Sure, some of them were just as baffled by some of the snubs as the vociferous folks of the Twitterverse, but they couldn't complain too much because, hey, they just got a chance at the most elite prize in the biz.

So, in the day's spirit of actors and such talking about actors and such, we've gathered here the nominees' various reactions to this year's nods. You can probably read between the lines on a few of these.

Best Actresses

Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook": "I'm so honored and grateful for this nomination and to be in the company of such talented actresses. Having the fortunate opportunity to work with David O. Russell was an extraordinary gift and I am so thrilled for my fellow cast members Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver who are all nothing short of amazing. This was a labor of love that we all poured our hearts into and could not be more thankful to The Weinstein Company and Harvey Weinstein for their unyielding support of the film" (ET Online). Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Brave' and More

Brave Pixar

This week: Pixar churns out another animated blockbuster with "Brave," featuring the voices of Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Waters, Robbie Coltrane, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson and many more.

Also new this week is Oliver Stone's "Savages," the sci-fi comedy "The Watch" with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, and the glorious Blu-ray debut of "Lawrence of Arabia." Get More »

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Summer Movies Poll: Standout Female Star

Sony / Warner Bros. / Universal

NEXT: What was the best comedy movie of the summer? >>

PREVIOUS: Who was the standout male this summer? <<

This poll will close on Aug. 30, 2012, at 12 p.m. ET

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The United States of Movies Summer Olympic Teams

This Friday will kick off the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, and though our old Revolutionary War adversaries might be our allies now, that doesn't mean the U.S. of frickin' A. isn't ready to bring the thunder.

Using our powers of make-believe and fantasy, we've assembled athletic champions from the entirety of movie history to give us a clear advantage towards the race for Olympic glory in every sport of the XXX Olympiad. Get More »

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Fate Smiles on 'Brave' at the Box Office


13 was a lucky number for Pixar at the box office this weekend as according to, "Brave" became the 13th straight Pixar film to open at number one with an impressive $66.7 million debut.

While "Brave" was able to change its fate at the box office, however, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's" efforts to change American history itself ended up falling flat. The action epic brought in a disappointing $16.5 million in its opening weekend, landing it in third place behind returning blockbuster "Madagascar 3."

For a full look at the weekend box office, including figures for "Prometheus" and "Snow White and the Huntsman," head to

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