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GALLERY: The Best Movie Mustaches of All Time

The mustache isn't just facial hair. It's an art form, one few are able to master.

In honor of Paul Rudd's "Super Mario Bros." makeover in "Prince Avalanche," we salute some of the finest examples of the mustache in cinema, from Robert Pattinson's bizarre turn as Salvador Dali in "Little Ashes" to Tom Selleck in just about everything. The extreme levels of testosterone may make you feel a little woozy, but that's all part of the awesome.

Browse the most masculine gallery ever and wish you could grow a mustache as mighty.

Originally published on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012.

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Freddie Mercury Biopic: Sacha Baron Cohen Bows Out

Sacha Baron Cohen Getty Images

Despite a striking resemblance to Freddie Mercury — not to mention the promise of a new opportunity to show off his, uh, acting chops — Sacha Baron Cohen has pulled out of playing Queen's famed lead singer in an upcoming biopic. Talk about a project being "Under Pressure."

Deadline reports Cohen is leaving the project due to "creative differences" with the living members of Queen (guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor) who retain complete script and director control over the film. Cohen was itching to do a saucy and salacious exposé on the controversial figure, who died from AIDS-related pneumonia in 1991, while the other Queen members are apparently shooting for a more tamed, PG approach to the story. Get More »

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The 35 Best Movie Cameos of All Time

This is the End Columbia Pictures

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have assembled a Murderer's Row of comedy heavy-hitters to provide cameos as themselves — including Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Emma Watson and Rihanna — in their new apocalyptic satire, "This is the End."

That's a buncha muncha cruncha cameos, but how do they stack up among the greatest ever perpetrated? We're counting down 35 surprise appearances in movies that pleased and shocked us ... and left us wanting more. Get More »

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Behold! The Most Underpaid Actors of All Time


Yesterday, we reported the completely non-shocking news that Eddie Murphy has officially been named the most overpaid actor of 2012 by Forbes. And this isn't exactly a new trend for Murphy, who also came in second on the list of most overpaid actors of 2011. In fact, given his mostly abysmal track record since the late 1980s, we'd have to say that poor Eddie is now in the running for the most overpaid actors of all time.

Which got us thinking: Which actors out there deserved to get some of that money that went to Murphy instead? Who are the most underpaid actors of all time? Get More »

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Our 15 Favorite Idiots (in Movies)

Paul Rudd in Our Idiot Brother
Weinstein Co.

They say the U.S. doesn't make things anymore -- that we've lost our way and are no longer No. 1.

Well, "they" are wrong. No country on Earth is capable of producing the quantity, quality and quantity of idiots that our fair land churns out with alarming regularity.

Affable favorite Paul Rudd continues the proud tradition of representing our country's most common commodity in "Our Idiot Brother," nwe on DVD and Blu-ray this week. But can he be stupid enough to join the ranks of elite morons, or does he still have a few more brain cells to kill? Let's review his imbecilic competition. Get More »

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Russell Brand Vs. Sacha Baron Cohen

Getty Images

Russell Brand's the type of bloke who has too much -- he's too good looking, too funny and has a beard that magically stays exactly 1/8 of an inch in length at all times. And now this lanky Limey is daring to take on the remake of Dudley Moore's classic comedy "Arthur." Bloody 'ell!

One suspects he may already be vying for a place setting at the supper table of the British comedic elite. But is he ready? Dudley Moore had some mighty large shoes to fill, even though, technically, they were quite small. Maybe Brand should first pick a fight with someone his own size.

How about Sacha Baron Cohen who, like Brand, cut his teeth across the pond before invading the U.S. of A? Now there's a chap who could take Brand to clown school. Whether he's poking fun at politicians as street thug-turned-interviewer, Ali G, or dredging up the worst in people as unworldly Kazakhstani reporter, Borat, Sacha may be the brilliant Brit to beat.

Okay, tall, handsome entertainers: Let's have a go... Get More »

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The 25 Funniest Movies Ever... This Millennium


Everyone has their own personal favorite genre, but comedy is arguably the most universal. Have you ever met someone who's said, "I don't like to laugh"? Neither have we.

The past decade has seen filmmakers like Adam McKay and Judd Apatow rise from obscurity onto the A-list, while actors like Seth Rogen and Zach Galifianakis have gone from esoteric television shows to big-budget movies.

But enough talk. Read. Argue. Yell at us. You can debate the order of these films all you want, but you can't deny the humor of any of them. Get More »

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Sacha Baron Cohen Skews Saddam Hussein as 'The Dictator'

Sacha Baron Cohen
Getty Images

After taking on America as Borat and Brüno, Sacha Baron Cohen is attacking overseas. In the upcoming comedy "The Dictator," Baron Cohen will play a tyrannical leader inspired by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "The Dictator" is based on Hussein's novel "Zabibah and The King," which tells the love story between a king and a commoner married to an abusive husband.

The tender tale was actually an allegory for Iraq following the first Gulf war, with the king representing Saddam, Zabibah symbolizing the Iraqi people, and her evil husband acting as the United States.

Hmm… doesn't exactly sound like a laugh-out loud knee-slapper, does it? Get More »

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'Borat' Team May Reunite for 'The Dictator'

20th Century Fox

It's taking every ounce of our self-restraint to not quote "Borat" like a yuppie in a level zero improv class.

Director Larry Charles ["Borat," "Bruno"] may reunite with actor Sacha Baron Cohen ["Borat," "Bruno"] for "The Dictator," reports The Los Angeles Times.

Following "Borat," Charles directed Baron Cohen's "Bruno," along with Bill Maher's anti-religion documentary "Religulous" and a couple episodes of Larry David's HBO comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm." None of the projects, however, stuck with the nationwide audience like "Borat" and his special cocktail of naivety and cultural insensitivity. Get More »

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