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Ryan Gosling Characters You DON'T Want to Say 'Hey' To You

Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC

Oh, Ryan Gosling. America's Sweetheart. The man who was robbed — robbed! — of the Sexiest Man Alive title. There are several good reasons why The Gos inspired the wave of "Hey Girl" memes: He's our handsome dream boyfriend who will write to us every day for a year, will do the "Dirty Dancing" lift with us in his living room and break up a street fight in New York on his way home from the gym, and so much more. Get More »

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GALLERY: Hot 'n' Heavy Movie Makeout Sessions

Holidays aren't known for being divisive, but Valentine's Day is the rare exception -- your outlook on chocolate hearts and long-stemmed roses might vary wildly, depending on relationship status.

But whether you're madly in love, a satisfied single, or planning to bah-humbug your face off all day long, there's one thing we can agree on: movie stars having sexy time is just plain nice to look at.

So in honor of Cupid's arguably awesome arrow, let's look at the some of the hottest P.D.A. in film.

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Eva Mendes and Greta Gerwig Bring Gender Harmony to 'Place Beyond the Pines'

Getty Images

While there's no word if director Derek Cianfrance next movie will feature even half as much making out as his debut film "Blue Valentine," it does show promise with its above average quantity of beautiful people. Because we know how much beautiful people love to make beautiful kissies.

"The Place Beyond the Pines" has already signed up chiseled leading men Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in the respective lead roles of stunt-driver-turned-bank-robber and cop-turned-politician who doesn't like stunt-driver-turned-bank-robbers -- and now it has set of equally stunning female co-stars.

Eva Mendes and Greta Gerwig will also star in "Pines," according to Deadline, as the wives of the dueling badasses. Get More »

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'Blue Valentine' DVD/Blu-ray Worth Your Green

Blue Valentine DVD
Weinstein Co.

"The most provocative film of the year," teases the tagline on the "Blue Valentine" DVD/Blu-ray sleeve, right underneath Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams getting in on (outdoors no less).

Surefire soft-core skin flick with celebs? Not quite.

Despite what the marketing (and the film's original NC-17 rating) might lead you to believe, "Blue Valentine" is a breakup drama that exposes more nerve endings than flesh. Sure there are a handful of admittedly frank sex scenes between the film's two gorgeous leads. Are they explicit? Not so much. Do they depict the couple's volatile dynamic? You betcha! Get More »

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Get in the Black With a 'Blue Valentine' DVD Prize Pack

Anchor Bay

We're not gonna lie: "Blue Valentine" is a sad movie.

That said, it's also one of the best films of last year, as evidenced by the slew of award nominations it garnered, including a Best Actress Oscar nod for Michelle Williams, and Golden Globes nominations for Williams and her co-star Ryan Gosling.

It's indisputably one to watch -- and you know what can soften the blow of the beautiful story of love found and love lost? Watching it for free.

We're giving away a fantastic "Blue Valentine"  prize pack that includes a copy of the movie on DVD and the soundtrack -- including tracks from bands like Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles -- to three lucky film fans. Get More »

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My Favorite Movie Of 2010: Ryan Gosling

Getty Images / IFC Films

"'Enter the Void,' by Gaspar Noé. I never saw anything like it. I just think it's completely unique.

"I couldn't compare it to anything. It's incredibly powerful. As much as you could recreate the experience of dying and being dead, he did it. Outside of actually doing it, I think that's as close as you can come."

Ryan Gosling stars in "Blue Valentine" alongside Michelle Williams, which opens in limited release on Dec. 29.

More Favorite Movies of 2010: Sharlto Copley | Matthew Bomer | Executive Editor Kevin Polowy

'Blue Valentine' Will Leave You Battered and Bruised (In a Good Way)

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in "Blue Valentine"
Weinstein Co.

Know this: "Blue Valentine," the romantic scorcher of a drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as an obscenely good looking couple on the outs, isn't a soft-core skin flick.

Despite all the ruckus surrounding the film's original NC-17 rating (which has since been changed to an R), and a poster that suggests a "Last Tango in Paris" retread for the hipster set, indie director Derek Cianfrance has fashioned a modern day tearjerker that exposes more raw emotion than flesh. Get More »

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The 25 Best Movies of 2010



Twas a year in which sequels ("Toy Story 3," Iron Man 2"), "originals" ("Inception," "Despicable Me") and movies somewhere in between ("Alice in Wonderland") dominated the box office side-by-side.

But what movies ranked highest where it matters most (you know… in our hearts)?

From thrilling new installments in the behemoth "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" franchises to fascinating prestige films that mined gold from surprising sources like Facebook and ballet, here are our picks for the very best of the best of 2010. Get More »

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BREAKING: ‘Blue Valentine”s NC-17 Rating Overturned

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in "Blue Valentine"
Weinstein Co.

UPDATE: The MPAA has overturned its initial NC-17 rating for "Blue Valentine" and has given it an R rating instead after Harvey Weinstein himself appeared at a hearing to plea the film's case, Deadline reports.


For years, the MPAA has made movie ratings decisions that make you smack your head and shout, "Are ya high?" Get More »

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Solo Acts: Our 13 Favorite Single-Artist Soundtracks


For "Black Swan," director Darren Aronofsky trusted longtime collaborator Clint Mansell to fill out the whole soundtrack. The upcoming film "Blue Valentine," meanwhile, is scored entirely by indie rock band Grizzly Bear.

And then, of course, there's Daft Punk's creation for the upcoming "TRON: Legacy." 

But these defy movie soundtrack conventions. The majority of the great ones are more like mixtapes (yeah, we're referencing you, Zach Braff), made by director for his girlfriend film. It is sweet, but impersonal.

So when a director collaborates with only one musician to build the soundtrack, it's like a boyfriend writing and recording an entire album for and inspired by his girlfriend. With that in mind, here are our 13 favorite single-artist soundtracks. Get More »

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