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GALLERY: Ryan Gosling Pointing at People

We all know about Miley Cyrus flashing her peace signs and AnnaLynne McCord blowing kisses on every red carpet ever, but there's another repeat poser in Hollywood who deserves a special gallery.

Ryan Gosling.

The "Gangster Squad" star has his very own signature red carpet quirk we'd like to point out. Literally. The guy just can't stop pointing. He points at his co-stars, he points at the cameras, he points at the sky.

Dude, we get your point. (Ha!) See for yourself.

Originally published Oct. 6, 2011.

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My Favorite Movie: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick's Favorite Movie is The Women
Getty Images / WHV

"My favorite movie is 'The Women' from 1939. It's been my favorite movie since I was like 12 years old.

"I love the dialogue, really.  It's just a lot of really strong female performances.  Rosalind Russell kills it, you know.  It's one of those movies, like 'Scott Pilgrim,' actually, where you have to see it like five times to get all the jokes.  It just moves so fast."

Anna Kendrick will reprise her role as Jessica Stanley in this week's "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

My Favorite Movie: Hugh Dancy

Getty Images / Warner Bros.

"Of all time? I love a wide variety of movies, but 'Bringing Up Baby' is a favorite movie of mine. I have a soft spot for that sort of screwball comedies.

"The performances, the story, everything from beginning to end in that film just fits together. Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are an incredible pair. The comedy just-- it just works. It's just absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to comment on much because it's so perfect."

Hugh Dancy currently stars opposite Elizabeth Olsen in "Martha Marcy May Marlene" and will soon be heard as the voice of Marshall Mallow in the animated adventure "Dorothy of Oz."

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X Marks The Spot For Our 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Blu-ray Giveaway


Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of merry pirates have spent four epic movies sailing hither and yon in search of glorious, glorious booty. Which has been great to watch, but for their sake, it's too bad they didn't have Wi-Fi on the Black Pearl.

Because we've got some incredible "Pirates of the Caribbean" booty right here -- and we're going to just give it away.

Sure, we can't promise you eternal life like the Fountain of Youth can. But considering we're going to hand out three -- three! -- copies of the "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" Blu-ray/DVD combo pack (which hits shelves on Oct. 18), we can at least promise the lucky winners a lifetime of eternal entertainment. Get More »

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GALLERY: Drink Deep of the 'Rum Diary' Premiere

"Why is the rum gone?" Johnny Depp asked this question (perhaps more than once) in a certain film franchise in which he appears as a pirate. Well, there's definitely no shortage of the delightful beverage in Depp's second descent into the mind of Hunter S. Thompson, "The Rum Diary."

Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Giovanni Ribisi, the lovely Amber Heard and many more raised a glass on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere to celebrate this new exercise in gonzo filmmaking.

Take a hearty swig of our gallery and prepare for "The Rum Diary", which will hit theaters (hard) on Oct. 28.

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My Favorite Movie: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Getty Images / Paramount

"It changes all the time, it’s so hard [to pick one], but 'Sunset Boulevard' is one of my favorites. 

But it changes. 'Rosemary’s Baby.' 'Fargo.'  It’s really hard to pick one but those are the first few that come to mind right now."

Mary Elizabeth Winstead can currently be seen in "The Thing," a prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter classic and co-starring Eric Christian Olsen and Joel Edgerton. She'll next be seen in the eagerly anticipated "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

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Steve Martin & Friends Get Big Laughs in 4 'Big Year' Clips

The Big Year
20th Century Fox

Funnymen Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson are a trio of birders looking for the rarest species on Earth and finding big laughs in "The Big Year."

Based on the book "The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession" by Mark Obmascik, the comedy follows three men at a crossroads in their lives who wind up competing with each other, in what some would call the trivial pursuit of viewing as many different kinds of birds as possible through binoculars. After many trials and errors, they wind up discovering something even rarer: friendship. Or do they? Get More »

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Meet the Fine Young Cast of 'Footloose'

Kenny Wormald in Footloose

Updating a classic can be treacherous, like building a strip mall on hallowed ground; but director Craig Brewer ("Hustle & Flow") avoided the dreaded "High School Musical" route for his remake of "Footloose."

Fans will be relieved to hear that two of the original songs made the cut. Some other adjustments include having four very different dance sequences, and demolition derby buses instead of tractors. Brewer also anchored the script by fleshing out a backstory in which five Bomont teens were tragically killed after a night of dancing and loud music.

But the best upgrade to "Footloose" is the casting of professional dancers in the two lead roles. Everybody loves '80s dance movies, but come on, back then it was super-obvious whenever they swapped Kevin Bacon or Jennifer Beals with their wig-wearing dance doubles. Get More »

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Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves Do 'Taxi Driver'

Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves do Taxi Driver
Harper's Bazaar

We're not sure about Keanu Reeves as Robert De Niro. But Chloe Moretz makes for a scarily spot-on Jodie Foster.

Reeves and the young "Hugo" star are just two of several actors who took part in Harper Bazaar's "The Age of Scorsese" photo shoot, which features several recreations from classic Scorsese productions.

Don't get too freaked out -- Chloe is actually just about the same age that Jodie Foster was when she played the angelic prostitute in "Taxi Driver." And she's never actually seen Scorsese's influential 1976 New York drama, because "My mom won't let me." Get More »

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway Make Beautiful Music Together


They say art imitates life, but never has that phenomenon been more exciting or beautiful than the singing collaboration between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway at the Orpheum in Los Angeles this past Monday night.

The art? Well, JGL was on hand to celebrate the work of his online community, hitRECord, which brings together various audio and video clips online and invite collaborators to create unique artworks from them. The result? He and Hathaway took a viral video from hitRECord and made a viral video of a hit record from it. Now that's the way to harness the new media! Get More »

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