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MTV's Oscar Roundtable: Best Supporting Actor

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Unlike the Best Supporting Actress category, it's still too close to call this year's Oscar race for Best Supporting Actor. But just like its female corollary, the category is filled with uniformly excellent performances from some of today's best working actors.

As a part of our massive lead-up to Sunday's Oscars and our own live red-carpet coverage, we have broken down the Best Supporting Actor category, so you know heading into the big night what to expect.

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YouTube Commenters Break Down the 2013 Oscar Nominees

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Ah, the YouTube comments section. An anarchist's wet dream. The 2013 Wild West. Vaunted Land of the Mouth Breathers. And the only place fit to appropriately break down this year's Oscar nominees for acting.

Indeed, no nominee is safe from the wrath of the sub-100 IQ anonymous. Best Actors and Actresses, you're up first. Step right up and be mocked by the kings of the typo! Get More »

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