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Josh Duhamel's 2013 Oscar Picks

New Year's Eve Warner Bros.

It's nearly go time: The 2013 Oscars will air Sunday evening. You're likely scrambling to fill out your office pool, debating whether you can catch up with the Best Picture nominees (you can't; there are nine, bro) and stocking up on the vino to prep for Hollywood's big night. Just in case our Oscar picks weren't good enough for you, we wrangled a bona fide movie star to share his expert second opinion.

Please welcome Josh Duhamel, star of "Safe Haven," to the arena. The guy straddles the line between normalcy and the Academy: He watches the awards at home, but he's also, you know, married to Fergie and working as an actor. And he's no slouch when it comes to the awards circuit, either: Duhamel will host the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards next month.

When we caught up with the very candid Duhamel prior to the V-Day release of "Safe Haven," we weaseled a few of his Oscar picks out of him, and learned which Best Picture decision still has him red in the face (Hint: Its lead characters are blue in the face.) Get More »

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