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The Best and Worst Moments From the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

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Phew! What a ride! Two short hours later, the MTV Movie Awards are over, and it's safe to say that the 2013 version was as memorable as any. One thing's for sure: I definitely didn't write this vague, general introduction a full 45 minutes before the show even started.

It was a whirlwind 120 minutes, and even if you didn't miss a moment, you may have missed a few moments. So let's head to the replay booth and recap the best and worst of what we just saw. Get More »

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The Best and Worst Moments From the 2013 Oscars

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And with all the hype, the endless amounts of expert prognostications and snarky articles on movie websites, the Oscars are over in only three-and-a-half short hours. Well, not short, exactly.

Certainly longer than some other things with lots of hype (BOOM SEX JOKE) - but still, here we are.

The awards have been handed out, and it's time to review what we all just watched. Get More »

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