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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Side Effects' and More

Side Effects Open Road

This week: Steven Soderbergh's supposedly final film "Side Effects" is a psychological thriller starring Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones. We tell you why it's a final work worth checking out.

Also new this week is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to leading-man status in "The Last Stand," the YA supernatural romance "Beautiful Creatures," Al Pacino and Christopher Walken in "Stand Up Guys" and a 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray of "National Lampoon's Vacation." Get More »

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Infographic: Young Adult Heroines

Young Adult Fiction is all the rage in cinema right now. True, "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" have made their final bows, but in their place has come a maelstrom of successors, including "The Hunger Games," "Warm Bodies," "Beautiful Creatures," "The Host," and the upcoming big-screen adaptations of "Divergent" and "The Mortal Instruments."

Most of these stories are seen through the eyes of a young heroine, and with all of these yarns sharing similar elements of romance, fantasy and conspiracy, keeping track of all the distinctive details of each leading lady and their respective heroine's journeys can be a daunting task indeed. In the interest of simplicity and at-a-glance organization, NextMovie's own Nick DeSantis (artwork) and Amanda Bell (stats) have conjured this handy chart to help in keeping all the ladies in line — literally. Get More »

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'Die Hard' Kills Softly at the Box Office

20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox

The calendar may have said Valentine's Day, but for movie fans it was "A Good Day to Die Hard," as according to the latest entry in Bruce Willis' decrepit action franchise eked out a win at the box office this weekend.

Not that it was easy; with an estimated total of $25 million, "A Good Day to Die Hard" barely beat out returning champion "Identity Thief," which racked up $23.4 million. And the latest sappy Nicholas Sparks romance "Safe Haven" also made a good showing, earning $21.4 million for a third place finish.

"Twilight" wannabe "Beautiful Creatures," on the other hand, took a complete header, debuting way down in sixth place with just $7.5 million. For a full look at that film's failure, as well as the rest of the box office top ten, head to

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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'Die Hard' & More

"People in the United Kingdom and outside the United States share my bemusement with the United States that America doesn't share with itself." – Bill Hicks

Greetings from the apocalypse, and welcome to an extra-LONG, extra-FUN Presidents Day weekend that does not involve Bill Clinton. (Actually, it does, but I can't resist a good penis joke.) Enjoy the festivities, and if George W. Bush asks why he didn't get an invite to the BBQ just tell him it must have gotten lost in the mail. If he still won't shut up about it just tell him to go paint another picture of his bathroom. Get More »

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Most Effed Up Spells in Witch Movies

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

In "Beautiful Creatures," Lena Duchannes traipses into the damp, small town of Gatlin, South Carolina with the sole intention of remaining a good witch. There are those in her lineage who want nothing more than for her to join the dark side upon turning the dreaded age of 16, but the gal's got eyes for a little human boy named Ethan and just wants to play nice, for crying out loud.

Most of her predecessors in cinematic spell-casting, however, were not quite so noble. In fact, a lot of them would just do some downright effed up stuff. Let's review some of the worst. Get More »

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Questions and Answers With 'Beautiful Creatures' Stars Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Nothing says romance like Southern gothic and sorcery -- at least, that's what the team behind the new teen romance flick "Beautiful Creatures" hopes. Hitting theaters today, the film stars 18-year-old Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes, a high school student moonlighting as a witch (or, in the film's parlance, a "caster") and coming to grips with her powers in the sleepy town of Gatlin, South Carolina. Aldren Ehrenreich, 23, is the other half of the doomed romantic duo. He plays Ethan Wate, the mortal boy (un)lucky enough to meet Lena and get pulled into her chaotic life in the months leading up to her 16th birthday, when the true nature of her powers will be revealed.

NextMovie caught up with the two young stars in New York City earlier this week. Read on to learn their opinions on being judged by teenagers, the hardest words to say with a Southern accent, and the quote they don't want making headlines. Get More »

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Enter to Win this Supernaturally Great 'Beautiful Creatures' Giveaway

Look at you. Yeah, you. Has anyone (other than One Direction) told you lately that you're beautiful?

Well, you are. You're a beautiful creature.

And you know what would make you an even more beautiful? A whole load of "Beautiful Creatures" swag.

Lucky for you, to celebrate the film's Valentine's Day release, NextMovie is happy to present the chance for two lucky winners to score some supernaturally super swag and majorly up their caster game. Get More »

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February Movie Math: It All Adds Up to What You Want to See

Warm Zombies Summit

Your mother always told you that math would be important someday, and we're here to validate her. Call it better living through arithmetic, but we believe simple math can help you decide which new movies coming out in February are for you.

Oh, and did we mention there are no actual numbers involved? It's like "Moneyball," but for movie-loving dummies.

So if you'd like a glimpse at what the cinema can offer you on this most romantic of months, read on for your latest lesson in Movie Math. Get More »

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9 Cool Things We Learned on the 'Beautiful Creatures' Set Visit

Warner Bros.

We, at NextMovie, pride ourselves on being early adopters of YA literature. We were on "Twilight" before K.Stew was ever a noun. We championed "The Hunger Games" before everyone (and their mom) knew it was cool. We're like hipsters, only way dorkier.

So when it was time to head off to Louisiana for a visit to the set of "Beautiful Creatures," we grabbed our dog-eared copy of the book it's based on — the one we read waaaaay before it was a movie — and geeked out on the beautiful creatures that are now bringing "Beautiful Creatures" to the big screen.

So what are the coolest details we learned on the New Orleans movie set? Read on. Get More »

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New York Comic-Con Preview: The 20 Events We Can't Miss

Warner Bros.

How awesome is New York? So awesome that we're willing to throw crumbs to podunk towns like San Diego once in a while. Sure, knock yourself out, have the world's biggest pop culture convention in the world, we'll be over here on the East Coast being awesome.

As it happens, we have our own little Comic-Con and it ain't exactly something to sneeze at. Held in the House that Graft Built (a.k.a the Jacob K. Javits Center), New York Comic-Con is a perfectly suitable alternative for those too weak and puny to make it out to SD. If it is your first time, however, the schedule can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, I'm here to help you strategize. Get More »

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