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Reboot Culture: A Visual History of Movie Reboots

carrie300x220 MGM

Over the last few years, we've seen a ton of movie reboots coming out of Hollywood. Many hardcore fans groan in protest when a new one gets announced, but there's always enough curiosity that there's no reason to stop making them. With "Carrie" hitting theaters today and new "Godzilla" and "Robocop" films still in the works, it certainly doesn't seem like we'll see any less of them going forward. The team over at The Verge has put together a particularly awesome infographic that details the trends in reboot culture and what properties we could be seeing brand new on the big screen in the near future.

The most interesting thing that's pointed out here is that the reboots seem to be coming in cycles. Comic book film franchises, much like their source material, seem to reboot quicker than almost anything else. But, as the years have gone on, studios have had to go further and further back to find properties to relaunch. "Carrie" is a prime example, with this reboot coming nearly 40 years after the original.

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Squirrel Superheroes Are the Highlight of Your Tuesday

Santiago-Perez at DeviantART Santiago-Perez at DeviantART

You guys, it is only Tuesday.

And Tuesday is almost worse than Monday because you're no longer rested up from the weekend — unless you were one of those select few peeps who got Columbus Day off — and yet there's still so much week left.

So, we here at the net's most entertaining film site would like to offer you a condolence laugh or two by way of a squirrel photoshopped into your favorite superheroes and other iconic film characters. Of course. Get More »

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Christian Bale's 'Batman Begins' Audition is Just as Amazing as You'd Expect

You might still be scratching your head over Ben Affleck being chosen as the next Batman, but there's a reason the role has become so sacrosanct to Batfans and normies alike these days. That reason, of course, is Christian Bale. Get More »

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Ben Affleck Defends Batman Casting: 'I Handle S**t'

The Batfleck finally speaks, Gotham!

After getting some superheroiffic backup from the likes of Matt Damon, Kevin Smith and even "The Wolverine" himself Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck has finally dared to emerge from his Batcave — no, but seriously he did have one of those in his house at one point — and speak up for himself being cast as Batman in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" follow-up, that "Batman Vs. Superman" project. Get More »

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Justin Bieber Puts the B.S. in 'Batman Vs. Superman'

Justin Bieber Batman Vs. Superman 300x220 Justin Bieber on Instagram

Justin Bieber may very well have spent the weekend following Floyd Mayweather around Vegas like a puppy, but one thing the Biebs was not doing — even though he'd obviously like you to believe he's cool enough to — was putting his grubby little mitts on that covetous "Batman Vs. Superman" script. Get More »

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5 Reasons Kevin Smith Totally Supports the Batfleck

Ben Affleck and writer-director Kevin Smith go way, way back (it's almost Matt Damon status, ya'll) to the days of "Mallrats" and "Chasing Amy" and such. Affleck starred in a half dozen of the guy's movies, and Smith in turn helped produce the eventual Oscar-winning and career-jettisoning "Good Will Hunting." So, they're pretty old school bros.

And Kevin Smith's a super-geek when it comes to all things comic books, so of course he had some amazing things to say about the fact that his long-time pal will become the Batman for Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" sequel, tentatively referred to as "Batman Vs. Superman." To put it mildly, he was pretty excited about the news. Get More »

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Matt Damon Stands Up for His Bro Affleck, But Won't Play Robin

Getty Images Getty Images

How 'bout a little round of Pyramid? Okay, just take a stab at what we're describing here: peanut butter and jelly; crackers and cheese; hugs and kisses; thunder and lightning; Ben Affleck and Matt Damon ...

Ding, ding, ding!

"Things that go together" is right-o. Buuuut that last pair hasn't been a thing for more than a decade, and we've got some bad news for those who were hoping to see 'em reunite as the Caped Crusader and his trusty sidekick. It ain't happening.

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Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor? Yes, Please!

Getty Images Getty Images

With all due respect to Gene Hackman, John Shea, Michael Rosenbaum, Kevin Spacey and all those other dudes who bravely put razor to scalp to become Superman's arch-rival Lex Luthor on the big or small screen, the most picaresque fella for the job might just be "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston.

With his show being officially dunzo and a "Batman Vs. Superman" movie on deck to follow up Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel," well, the planets seem to have aligned on that note indeed! And Cranston is totally down for the job, too, because obviously. Get More »

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Guess Who's Being Considered to Play Batman in the 'Man of Steel' Follow-Up

Batman and Superman Movie Warner Bros.

With Christian Bale out of the Batman picture for good, director Zack Snyder's got some serious wheel-turning to do over who he'll choose to put on the black cape next for his "Man of Steel" follow-up, set to crossover the Big Blue Boy Scout with Gotham City's very finest in 2015.

And it looks like there might already be a few frontrunners for the coveted gig of the Caped Crusader — though nothing's even remotely official yet as it's script drafts, not talent offers, which are currently crowding the guy's table.  Get More »

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These Silhouettes Capture the Origins of Your Favorite Superheroes

Creative Bloq Creative Bloq

Everyone loves a good superhero movie. But with all of these remakes, reboots, prequels and sequels (see: "Man of Steel", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "The Wolverine", this new "Batman vs. Superman" business, et al.), it seems as if we've been watching the same films over and over again, just with a different set of actors and a few tweaks here and there.

However, there is a reason why those big Hollywood execs think these movies are worth rebooting: because they're gonna sell. Audiences have come to idolize and identify with these iconic characters and their journeys — so much that we're willing to watch their stories get re-hashed on the big screen time and time again.

Artist Khoa Ho has beautifully captured this sense of timelessness in his new poster series, which is aptly titled "Trials of the Past." In these illustrations, Ho puts his own spin on the classic superheroes we've all come to know and love. Get More »

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