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'Expendables 3': Mel Gibson's Gone Bad

Mel Gibson Getty Images

Do we smell a comeback? We're all for being optimistic… but let's give it the ol' wait and see.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Mel Gibson has signed on to "The Expendables 3", the third installment of Sylvester Stallone's explosion-filled, testosterone-heavy action series. Gibson will play the film's resident bad guy, confirming previous rumors that the actor/director was in talks for the franchise. He will join an impressive collection of action stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas, Milla Jovovich and Jackie Chan. Get More »

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He'll Be Back: New 'Terminator' Trilogy Officially Begins in 2015


With both Dwayne "Please Stop Calling Me The Rock" Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger supposedly, maybe, probably in the mix for the next installment of the "Terminator" franchise, this one under the control of art house messiah Megan Ellison ("The Master," "Spring Breakers"), it was only a matter of time before more official-sounding details for the proposed film emerged like a robot hand from a lake of lava. And now it has.

Paramount has announced that  "Terminator 5" (they lost the "the," by the way) will be a complete reboot and the first part of a stand-alone trilogy. Let that sink in for a second. Surprised at all? Yeah, us neither. Get More »

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Dwayne 'Legally Prohibited From Being Called The Rock' Johnson In 'Terminator 5'?

Paramount Paramount

Dwayne "No Longer Merely The Rock" Johnson has a history of entering already established franchises late in the game: He joined the "Fast and the Furious" movies 5 sequels in and signed up for "G.I. Joe" on its return to duty (hell, he was even in the sequel to the forgettable "Journey to the Center of the Earth" that starred Brendan Fraser and his questionable hair piece). This streak might continue if the rumors circulating are true and he becomes a part of the new "Terminator" movie that Megan Ellison is producing for Paramount. Get More »

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Arnold Says 'Terminator 5' Shoots In January! But He Says A Lot Of Things...

Terminator MGM

Ever since California's Governator made his return to Hollywood, he's talked openly about starring in sequels to just about everything he's ever participated in. ("Kindergarten Cop 2," anyone?).

The passable but somewhat laughable "The Last Stand" was a box-office bomb. To be fair to the Austrian Oak, plenty of "The Expendables" guys had movies bomb this year. But it makes sense that he'd return to the franchise well. Get More »

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The 9 Best Movie Vines So Far

Vine Vine

Vine is to YouTube what flash fiction is to the short story, and the increasingly popular little video app is gaining a lotta traction in the movie biz right about now because, well, there's a ton of hilarity potential.

Sure, one could make a series of hoity-toity Tribeca Film Festival-worthy six-second shorts with the program, too (yawn), but who wouldn't rather see things like rap song/ Disney movie mashups and random celebrity impersonation samples and brief homemade movie reboots? Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Side Effects' and More

Side Effects Open Road

This week: Steven Soderbergh's supposedly final film "Side Effects" is a psychological thriller starring Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones. We tell you why it's a final work worth checking out.

Also new this week is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to leading-man status in "The Last Stand," the YA supernatural romance "Beautiful Creatures," Al Pacino and Christopher Walken in "Stand Up Guys" and a 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray of "National Lampoon's Vacation." Get More »

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9 Foreign Actors Who Do the Worst American Accents

Olympus Has Fallen FilmDistrict

People are always complaining about how much Americans suck at doing accents, whether it's Kevin Costner as "Robin Hood" or Keanu Reeves seemingly coming off a heroin addiction in "Bram Stoker's Dracula." And we do suck sometimes, yes.

However, we want to at least even the playing field a little by pointing out some bafflingly bad American accents perpetrated by thesps from overseas. Europe and Australia may have the best acting academies and such, but not every graduate is as versatile as they should be, starting with a certain Gerard Butler from this past weekend's "Olympus Has Fallen." Get More »

Girls Impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger And It Is Won-duh-ful

"Get to da chopp-ah!"
"It's not a tum-ah!"
"I'll be bah-ck."

Is there an actor's voice any more distinguishable than Arnold Schwarzenegger? The iron-pumping, butt-grabbing (allegedly!) "Terminator" has essentially eclipsed all other famous Austrians (sorry, Heinz Weixelbraun, but it's true!) with his unabashed devotion or uncanny disinclination to shake his heavy native accent. Although "I'll be back" might be his most iconic sound bite, the guy has given us a slew of phrases to impersonate. And to take it one step further, the only thing funnier than someone trying to do an Arnold impression is when that someone is a lady. The roided-up renditions juxtapose to hilarious result when spoekn by women.

YouTube channel Fat Awesome has asked everyday ladies to impersonate Ah-nold, and the results are mixed, to say the least. But, nevertheless, it sure is fun to watch. Just don't let Schwarzenegger anywhere near them (he's got a certain reputation for being, er, "grabby").

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The 10 Most Random Foreign Commercials with American Movie Stars

George Clooney DnB NOR

Ahh, the never-ending pursuit of the almighty dollar yen, euro and ruble. It will forever dominate us all — especially those in Japan, Europe and Russia, respectively.

That's where the following American movie stars traveled to film a commercial or two. Fortunately for us, what happens overseas does not stay overseas. Thanks, YouTube! We haven't quite forgiven you for Bieber, but this is a good first step. Get More »

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He'll Be Back: Schwarzenegger Returns to 'Terminator' Series

Terminator MGM

It feels like ages ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger made his most famous promise (no, not the one to Maria Shriver) when he declared, "I'll be back." Well, it turns out he might just be a man of his word after all—at least when it comes to his career. The actor-turned-politician-turned-actor is, indeed, coming back… to his most famous role, that is.

During a press conference in London for "The Last Stand," Schwarzenegger revealed that he will appear in the next "Terminator" film, which is currently being developed by producer David Ellison, Bleeding Cool reports. Get More »

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