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I Love You (Ant) Man: Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones Making a Threepeat?

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Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones are both charming and funny in their similarly understated ways, and what's better is that they work together pretty dang well, as evidenced by "I Love You, Man" and "Our Idiot Brother."

Now the pretty pair is said to be preparing for another on-screen reunion — this time within the Marvel Universe. Get More »

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Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Facing Off for 'Ant-Man'

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It may have taken Edgar Wright eight bleeding years to finish the script for "Ant-Man," but with pre-production stuffs for the next Marvel franchise-starter already going down in L.A. right now, there's just no time to waste on casting that eponymous bug dude hero already.

So, since he won't be waiting 'til "The World's End," wink wink nudge, Wright has reportedly selected himself a fine pair of thesps from the Hollywood colony to compete for the big, thoraxy part: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd. Get More »

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Edgar Wright Pic-Teases Some 'Ant-Man' Action

Edgar Wright Twitter Edgar Wright Twitter

Here we go!

Now that Edgar Wright is done gallivanting around the globe in triumph over "The World's End," he's gotta get moving on that "Ant-Man" flick (no, really, the release date got moved up so it's totally crunch time ... pardon the onomatopoeic pun).

Wright, who worked on the script for the dang thing for eight years, has finally gotten himself back to the colony Los Angeles to work on the next Marvel movie, and he was kind — or cruel, depending on how you look at it — enough to share a little picture action of the ubersecret goings-on. Get More »

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Was the 'Ant-Man' Release Pushed Up to Make Room for More Marvel?

Marvel Marvel

Edgar Wright's gonna have to hustle even harder (and most definitely faster) to make that long-awaited "Ant-Man" flick happen on schedule, ya'll, because according to Deadline, Disney and Marvel Studios have now upped the release date for the insectazoid pic from Nov. 6, 2015 to July 31, 2015 — a little more than three months sooner than originally planned.

Considering it took Wright eight freakin' years to nail down the script for his "Ant-Man" (no, seriously, he was tapped for the project back in '06 and just finished the screenplay with Joe Cornish in July-ish), that extra time might be sort of precious to the guy ... So, Marvel must have a pretty good (read: lucrative) reason up-sleeve to make such a schedule shift, riiiiiight? Get More »

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Edgar Wright Jokes About Making 2nd 'Ant-Man' Movie With Simon Pegg

Director Edgar Wright may be best known for his "Cornetto trilogy" ("Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz" and the upcoming "The World's End"), but things are about to get really, really super. As in, superhero.

Wright will direct "Ant-Man," the origin story of a scientist who discovers a way to change his size at will, for Marvel for a Nov. 6, 2015 release.

While doing promotional rounds at San Diego Comic-Con alongside Nick Frost and Simon Pegg for "The World's End," Wright dropped a truth bomb on MTV News' Josh Horowitz: "Ant-Man" is actually two movies, and his bros Pegg and Frost will star. Get More »

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Edgar Wright: 'Ant-Man' Script Finally Finished

Once upon a time, long before the beginning of the Universe as we know it (the Marvel Universe, that is), a man by the name of Edgar Wright sat down to write a script about a tiny hero named Ant-Man. You may know Mr. Wright as the dude who made hardy har har-ish movies like "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz" and "The World's End," but through all the chuckles, he wrote and wrote and wrote about his little antennaed friend.

Unfortunately, he kept having to change his story because things like "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" kept changing the Universe ... With Marvel finally geared up to launch Phase Three, though, the world has become his colony, and he's been able to finish the script for his  "Ant-Man" once and for all. Get More »

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Vin Diesel Drops Giant Hint After Marvel Meeting

Vin Diesel Vin Diesel

Doth our eyes deceive, or is this latest picture from Vin "Secrets Slip Like Water" Dieselsuper clear indicator of what he's been chatting it up with Marvel about?

After teasing everyone late last month about his not-so-hush-hush studio summons, the very viral Vin Diesel updated his Facebook last night with a new Marvel-ous pictorial update of himself standing before an "Avengers" comic poster featuring, prominently, the Giant-Man... a character who's also sometimes referred to as the Ant-Man. Aha!

"See the new Giant Man!" the artwork beside Diesel, a decidedly giant man himself, reads. Get More »

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Vin Diesel Plus Marvel Equals What?

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Vin Diesel must give exactly zero effs about the definition of the term "secret" 'cause the uberjacked action star is developing a little history of shelling out critical deets way before he's supposed to.

In the latest instance of Mr. Muscles beating everyone else to the media punch, he's announced via his super viral Facebook page (seriously, he's like the number three most popular celeb or something) that he's just gotten himself a special meeting request from the folks at Marvel, thank you very much.

"Marvel has requested a meeting," he teased last night, "no idea what for... haha, you probably know better than me." Get More »

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The Top 10 Avengers of 2012

The Avengers Marvel Films

The new year is fast approaching and, on the Internet, that means just one thing: Time to put together some top 10 lists. And since "The Avengers" was undoubtedly the film event of the year — $1.5 billion worldwide doesn't lie — we thought it would only be fitting to ring out the old by taking a look at the Top 10 Avengers of 2012.

Just how awesome are the Avengers? They're so awesome that they get a Top 10 list even though there were only six of them in the movie. Get More »

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15 Things We Learned at 2012 Comic-Con

Robert Downey Jr.
Getty Images

If there was one victor among the movies paneling at San Diego Comic-Con this year, it'd have to be … Marvel. Or was it "Man of Steel"? Or maybe "The Hobbit"?

Another Con's in the can, and we've emerged with new intel on a handful of high-profile mega-movies. There weren't necessarily any groundbreaking casting announcements this year, but first footage from movies like the new Superman flick, "Oz: The Great and Powerful," "Pacific Rim" and "Elysium" had fans and bloggers buzzing big time.

Check out the biggest movie scoops below. What we should add, #16: Getting in line at 7 a.m. does not guarantee you entry into the con's marquee venue (Hall H). Not even for a 6 p.m. panel. And yep, we learned that the hard way. – By Bryan Enk and Kevin Polowy

Get More »

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