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Jedi Kitten Totally Goes to the Dark Side

The force is quite strong with this four-legged furball.

Remember when Volkswagen made a funny during 2011's Super Bowl commercial spree by having a Darth Vader costume-clad child's dreams of exercising some Jedi Knight telekinesis skills come true?

Well, this is like that. Only, it's got a kitten! And a fish! Get More »

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The 5 Best Animal Performances of 2012

Life of Pi 20th Century Fox

Awards season is now underway, which means for the next few months Hollywood will carry out its competitive annual tradition of putting roses on the noses, so to speak, of the year's decidedly best actors and actresses of the human variety. Looking back at some of the finest flicks from 2012, though, we noticed some pretty significant contributions coming in courtesy of the rest of the animal kingdom.

So, to throw our furry film friends a proverbial golden bone, here are our top five picks for tail-waggingest animal performances of the year. Get More »

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Peter Jackson Denies 'The Hobbit' Animal Cruelty Charges

Peter Jackson / Facebook

Protestors and activists are planning to demonstrate at the international premieres for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" after allegations that 27 animals died during filming due to unsafe conditions on the farm where they were being housed, according to The Daily Mail.

In response, Peter Jackson has issued a strongly-worded statement denying those claims. Get More »

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