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'Atlas Shrugged: Part III' Going the Kickstarter Route and Totally Biting the Hand That Feeds

Spotlight Pictures Spotlight Pictures

If you're one of those people who totally gets Ayn Rand's magnum opus "Atlas Shrugged," kudos and all for your grapple on the concept of Objectivism, but don't you think this movie adaptation business is just not working out?

'Cause the first two installments did pitifully at the box office and even worse with critics ("Part I" got 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes! Eleven!), and now the filmmakers on "Part III" are turning to Kickstarter for a 'lil crowd-source funding and weird fan interaction while Rand rolls in her grave. Get More »

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15 Movie Star Moments That Will Warm Your Cold Heart

Hellboy and Friend Make-a-Wish

Between their frequent arrests, desperate need for attention and outrageously high earnings, celebrities tend to draw a lot of ire from the public. But sometimes it's easy to forget that famous people, just like everyday people, range from vapid and self-absorbed to completely cool, friendly and generous.

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of moments that will hopefully restore your faith in the ability of the rich and famous to be totally awesome. Get More »

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This Couple's Movie-Themed Engagement Photos Will Bring You Joy


Weddings are a lovely time for any couple. But even the hottest pairs can't avoid the dreaded awkward engagement pictures. Forced smiling, weird hand placement and oddly-tilted heads make even Brad and Angelina look cuckoo-bananas.

So when Joshua (a photographer) and Rachel Watson had to take their engagement pictures, they weren't hungry for any awkward sauce. Rather, they decided to do something pretty epic: fashion their pics after famous movie and television posters. And yes, they win all the awards. Get More »

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The 15 Worst Accents in Movies Ever

Killing Season Millennium

So many actors have tried, and so many actors have failed. Accents have long proven to be one of the hardest things to hone when it comes to a film role. While Irish seems to be the most challenging of dialects to lock down, there are also other accents — even American — that have yet to be mastered in cinema.

Playing a Serbian posing as a Bosnian in the upcoming "Killing Season," John Travolta is going a rare route. It's debatable whether he can pull it off, but he doesn't have to worry about sounding all sorts of wrong if he's in the company of these actors with the worst movie accents. Get More »

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Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: Star Talks Breast Cancer Prevention

Getty Images Getty Images

Angelina Jolie, humanitarian and star of the upcoming "Maleficent," revealed in a New York Times op-ed piece today that she had had a preventative double mastectomy, removing all of her breast tissue.

"My doctors estimated that I had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer, although the risk is different in the case of each woman," she wrote, revealing that her mother had died of breast cancer and that Jolie, too, possesses the risky BRCA1 gene.

Those who have the gene marker for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer like Jolie, she wrote, have a 65 percent risk of getting cancer. Get More »

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The 10 All-Time Sexiest Movie MILFs

Movie MILFs Paramount/Sony/Lionsgate

Among circumstances that are devastating for you and awesome for everyone else, having a hot mom ranks near the top.

If it's you with the hot mom, there's nothing positive about it. You are the kid with the hot mom. Your friends could be asexual boy scouts and they'll still talk about how hot your mom is with relative frequency.

If it's your friend with the hot mom? A+! Congratulations! What a life bonus!

The children of the following ten movie characters have had to deal with a lot. Their (fictional) moms are incredibly sexy. Let's discuss. Get More »

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17 Movie Stars Get Animated

The Croods DreamWorks

Practically every mega-star in Hollywood has gotten animated.

Tom Hanks was a toy. George Clooney was a fox. Eddie Murphy was an ass a donkey. And in the prehistoric adventure "The Croods,"  Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds play a cavegirl, a caveman and a caveboy, respectively.

We wondered what these stars would look like as animated people rather than as, you know, animals and neanderthals and stuff. Thanks to these 17 portraits, we've replaced our wondering with works of art. Get More »

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There's a Brangelina Wine Now

Angelina Jolie Getty Images

Admit it: You've always wondered just what Brangelina might taste like.

Well, wonder no more, because according to the number one source for all Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gossip, Time Magazine, the pair have just released their first batch of wine — and it's already sold out.

And by all accounts, Brangelina tastes gooooood. Get More »

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The Coen Brothers Do Angelina Jolie's Bidding for 'Unbroken'

Angelina Jolie directs In the Land of Blood and Honey FilmDistrict

What Angelina Jolie wants, Angelina Jolie gets.

Purportedly the star-turned-director had her pick of the litter when it came to finding screenwriters for her latest directorial outing "Unbroken," and according to The Hollywood Reporter the former "Tomb Raider" has dug herself up a pair of aces: The Coen Brothers. Get More »

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The 9 Worst Oscar Speeches Ever

angelina-jolie-300 Getty Images

Winning an Oscar represents the culmination of years of labor and faith in the careers of those who work in film. When your name is called, it's etched in stone forever, never to be taken away by anyone or anything. And that's all fantastic.

There's one final detail that can still go terribly awry, however; something that can, fair or unfair, eternally undermine your win and your performance in the film: A botched acceptance speech.

Don't **** up the acceptance speech.

Here are nine unfortunate incidences of a less-than-stellar moment in the Oscar spotlight. Get More »

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