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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Trance' and More

Trance Fox Searchlight

This week: Director Danny Boyle crafts a stylish modern-day film noir with a bizarre love triangle in "Trance," starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel.

Also new this week is the British crime drama "Welcome to the Punch," which also stars McAvoy as well as Mark Strong, and the Blu-ray debuts of "The 300 Spartans" (1962) and Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm" (1997). Get More »

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JK! Sam Mendes In Talks to Direct Bond 24

DanielCraig_Skyfall_7_300 Sony

UPDATE: Not so fast there, Mendes! Mz. Broccoli isn't finished with you yet! According to a Deadline Hollywood report that went up just hours after Variety published a story revealing all of the directors in the running, the guy who directed "Skyfall" (and won an Oscar for "American Beauty") is back in the running to direct Bond 24 after all. Mendes had told Empire Magazine that he bowed out in order to focus on other projects, including a West End production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." The Deadline report says that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael Wilson are now open to waiting for him.


EARLIER: Are we ready to see James Bond with a wizard's wand? Will Nick Fury ask him to join "The Avengers" in a post-credits scene? How about Daniel Craig donning the "Iron Man" suit, helping a royal get over a stutter, or (gulp) fighting Hulk dogs? Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Life of Pi' and More

Life of Pi Fox

This week: Ang Lee's "Life of Pi," a spiritual survival tale about a boy and a tiger lost at sea on a lifeboat, took home more Oscars (four) than any other movie this year, including Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best Original Score.

Also new this week is the making-of-"Psycho" biopic "Hitchcock" starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, the animated kids' flick "Rise of the Guardians" and the sobering dramedy "Smashed" with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul. Get More »

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Sail the Blu-ray Seas With Our 'Life of Pi' Giveaway

Life of Pi Fox

"Argo" may have won Best Picture, but it was "Life of Pi" that swept the Oscars this year with four wins, including Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best Original Score.

Based on the bestselling novel by Yann Martel, "Life of Pi" follows two unlikely survival companions — a young boy named Pi (Suraj Sharma), and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker (the work of several incredibly talented special effects artists) — as they're lost at sea on a life raft. Uneasy bonding amidst astonishing spectacle ensues.

Judging by the film's bewilderingly underwhelming domestic box office numbers, chances are you might not have seen this one in all its 3-D glory in theaters ... though now's your chance to bring this breathtaking adventure into your own living room as two lucky winners will take home a "Life of Pi" Blu-ray/DVD combo, courtesy of our giveaway. Get More »

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Oscar Nominees React to Being Un-Snubbed

Jennifer Lawrence Getty Images

Oscar might be the word of the day, but for some folks, their own names were what rung loudest and proudest during this morning's 2013 Academy Award nominations read-out. Sure, some of them were just as baffled by some of the snubs as the vociferous folks of the Twitterverse, but they couldn't complain too much because, hey, they just got a chance at the most elite prize in the biz.

So, in the day's spirit of actors and such talking about actors and such, we've gathered here the nominees' various reactions to this year's nods. You can probably read between the lines on a few of these.

Best Actresses

Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook": "I'm so honored and grateful for this nomination and to be in the company of such talented actresses. Having the fortunate opportunity to work with David O. Russell was an extraordinary gift and I am so thrilled for my fellow cast members Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver who are all nothing short of amazing. This was a labor of love that we all poured our hearts into and could not be more thankful to The Weinstein Company and Harvey Weinstein for their unyielding support of the film" (ET Online). Get More »

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'Life of Pi' Tiger: What's Real and What's CGI?


Putting a teenage boy and an adult Bengal tiger together in an enclosed space, such as the 20-foot lifeboat that is one of the few settings of "Life of Pi," is a dangerous proposition. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that 17-year-old star Suraj Sharma, who played Pi, was never actually in the boat with a live tiger.

"No, that never happened," Sharma told NextMovie of sharing the boat. Instead, he studied his massive, furry co-stars in their cages, and watched videos of their movement online. "I would watch them be trained and stuff like that."

"We didn't want our actor to get eaten," visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer told the New York Times." Get More »

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Remember Him? It's Gerard Depardieu!

Getty Images

Remember this guy?

French actor Gérard Depardieu last made headlines just over a year ago for something bad he depar-did: peeing in the aisle of an Air France flight after a stewardess told him to return to his seat.

Now, if you're still like, "Gérard Depar-who?" that's okay too. Although he has nearly 200 credits to his name on IMDb, the actor mostly appears in French films. On these shores, he's best known for his roles in "My Father the Hero," "The Man in the Iron Mask," and "Cyrano de Bergerac." Get More »

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'Life of Pi' Trailer Gets the International Treatment

"Life of Pi" Fox

A new international trailer for "Life of Pi" has just arrived and while it retains all the incredible imagery and stunning wildlife of the first domestic trailer, this time around we get a lot more insight into the human side of things.

And the human side is something Ang Lee specializes in. Get More »

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'Life of Pi' Trailer Shows the Circle of Life

"Life of Pi"

For thousands of years, the mathematical constant known as pi has helped mankind harness the power of science to build and create a new world for humanity. Recently, though, pi has taken on an even more important role: As the cool inspiration for pop culture touchstones like Darren Aronofsky's cult classic film "Pi" and March 14, a.k.a. Pi Day. It's no longer square to be a circle.

So what could possibly make pi even better? Well, how about a giant tiger?

Yeah, welcome to the new trailer for "Life of Pi." Get More »

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Tobey Maguire To Live The 'Life Of Pi'

Tobey Maguire
Getty Images

It looks like Kirsten Dunst didn't call him "Tiger" in the "Spider-Man" movies for nothin'!

Tobey Maguire is set to reunite with director Ang Lee for a small role in "Life of Pi," the highly anticipated adaptation of Yann Martel's bestselling novel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Get More »

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