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Can 'Spider-Man' Survive Without Andrew Garfield?

Getty Images Getty Images

Via MTV News — Face it, Sony — you're about to hit a sticky situation.

Andrew Garfield is signed and sealed to play Peter Parker in a third film beyond next summer's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but beyond that? Nothing. The British actor confirmed in a recent interview with Yahoothat Sony's planned "Amazing Spider-Man 4," set for release in 2018, is not on his radar.

"I mean I'm under contract for another one after this... as far as a fourth one? That's not anything to do with me," he said. Director Marc Webb added that he's always conceived of his "Spider-Man" vision as "a trilogy to be totally frank," indicating that he, too, has no plans for a fourth "Spider-Man" film.

For more, head to MTV News.

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'Why Can't Spider-Man Be Gay?' Asks Andrew Garfield

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a gay man can..."

Why can't Peter Parker be gay or bisexual? That's what Andrew Garfield wants to know. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2" star revealed that he's half-seriously/half-jokingly pressured producers to make "M.J." a dude.

"Why can't we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?" he says he told producer Matt Tolmach. "It's hardly even groundbreaking!... So why can't he be gay? Why can't he be into boys?" Get More »

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Mary Jane Nixed from 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Shailene Woodley Getty Images

Mary Jane Watson may have played a central role in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy, but she won't show-up in the rebooted version until 2016.

Yes, there were set photos of "The Descendants" star Shailene Woodley floating around from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but those scenes have either been axed or will be saved for the third movie, "Superman: The Movie"/"Back to the Future"/"Kill Bill"/"The Lord of the Rings" style.

According to a new interview in Entertainment Weekly (which we became hip to thanks to Superhero Hype), Woodley understandably isn't super stoked about the news, but she gets the reasoning behind it. Get More »

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'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Set Photos: What's Paul Giamatti Wearing As Rhino?!

Getty Images

Getty Images

Paul Giamatti spent part of the Memorial Day holiday weekend stalking New York's streets as The Rhino, the comic villain who makes his screen debut in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Previously, we'd seen a bit of what Jaimie Foxx will look like as Electro as well as set pics of Giamatti in character as Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich. But these photos, from a scene director Marc Webb called "Park Ave Showdown" on Twitter,  are a step closer to what the finished costume will be all about onscreen. The Yale University grad and Oscar nominated actor from "Sideways" and "American Splendor" will get his thug on as the notoriously dim-witted villain created by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. Get More »

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Yes, There Is A God: Andrew Garfield Plays Basketball With Kids In Full Spider-Man Regalia

New York City is currently being bombarded with all sorts of super-heroism, as the cast and crew from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" are in the Big Apple shooting the highly anticipated sequel. Anytime a big movie like this shoots in a city this stuffed with people, there are inevitably interesting encounters between pedestrians and big screen superheroes and villains (like when Jamie Foxx strolled through Times Square in his lightning-blue Electro make-up). And while amateur paparazzi have been capturing moments of impromptu Spider-mania throughout the shoot, nothing has come close to being as heartwarmingly adorable as the footage of Andrew Garfield, dressed head-to-toe in his Spider-Man ensemble, playing a pick-up game of basketball with two little kids. Get More »

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Chris Cooper Is the Green Goblin in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Getty Images Getty Images

Last summer's superhero reboot "The Amazing Spider-Man" was pretty cool, mostly because of the chemistry between stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, but as much as we love The Lizard, the action scenes were just kind of ho-hum. You know, fighting a big gekko is cool and everything, but we like our Spider-Men to be in a little more danger.

Well, someone at Sony apparently fells the same way, because according to Heat Vision, Oscar winner Chris Cooper has just signed on to play the sinister Norman Osborn in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Look out, Spidey, the Green Goblin is back! Get More »

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New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Costume: 'My What Big Eyes You Have!'


When Sam Raimi held the reins of the "Spider-Man" franchise he basically kept the webslinger's costume consistent, that black gooey alien Symbiote suit notwithstanding.

Of course, any Batman or Iron Man fan will tell you a character's suit usually changes somewhat from movie to movie depending on the whims of the toy company machine. Hence, reboot director Marc Webb has given ComingSoon the first glimpse of Spidey's new duds from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Get More »

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'Spider-Man 2' Synopsis Promises Villainy and High School Daze

Columbia Pictures

Now that production is in full building-to-building swing on "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in the Big Apple, Columbia Pictures has now shot out its official presser with a few stringy plot details about the flick in its web.

In addition to assuring the return of Andrew GarfieldEmma Stone and Sally Field (duh), add-ons Jamie FoxxShailene WoodleyDane DeHaanColm Feore and Paul Giamatti are also now confirmed. Get More »

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20 Movie Stars You Didn't Know Were Jewish


Ah, Hanukah! Festival of Lights! A time for Jews everywhere to get together in a spirit of peace, give gifts and sing songs. It's also a time for gentiles everywhere to ask questions like "So... what's the deal with Hanukah?" and "How do you spell Chanukah?" and "Why does it keep moving around the calendar like a celebratory hobo?"

These are good questions; deep questions. And who better to ask than Hollywood's Jewish stars! But who's Jewish? It's no shock that certain actors are from the tribe (shalom, Sasha Baron Cohen!), but Zac Efron? Get More »

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Dane DeHaan Is the New Harry Osborn in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Mark Webb Twitter

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when that picture is a photo of the new Harry Osborn in the upcoming superhero blockbuster 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2," it's more accurate that a picture is worth about 10,000 re-tweets.

So are you ready to meet the once and future Green Goblin? Get More »

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