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'The Heat' Director Paul Feig Lists His 'Farm Team' of Funny Ladies

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Paul Feig knows from funny women. The director of "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat" (the latter of which is available on Blu-ray and DVD now), Feig broke the mold of the typically male-dominated realm of ensemble comedies, and proved that studios could make money while also catering to women.

At a dinner party in New York City celebrating the home release of "The Heat," NextMovie was able to chat one-on-one with Feig in a somewhat-quieter corner of the downtown SoHo House. Feig seems to invite the breathless "here's what they wore" recaps more commonly attached to female stars, so here goes: Charcoal three-piece suit, silky indigo necktie peppered with dainty white dots, a crisp white shirt, a purple pocket square bordered by white and coordinating purple socks.

It's not just a commitment to notable ensembles that Feig has in common with his fairer sex counterparts; he said he also tends to see the world from their point of view, saying that when he's tried writing scripts for a guy's guy movie a la "The Hangover," he didn't "have an honest take on it." Get More »

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The Golden Girls Are Back! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Sign on for 2 More Years as Globes Co-Hosts

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Sometimes we all win. Such is the case today as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have now signed on to co-host the Golden Globes again for the next two years.

That's right, two more back-to-back installments of these comedic-besties-slash-America's-girl-crushes joining up to give Hollywood the business (and some prizes) on NBC's big stage. Get More »

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Golden Globes: Will Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Come Back?

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Remember when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler basically just owned at the Golden Globes? Oh, right, of course you do. That's not something people easily forget.

Well, given their display of good-natured hilarity — which was probably a welcome change of pace from the endless brutality of Ricky Gervais, at least for the would-be victims — and the strong ratings the pair reeled in during their turn on the stage, it's hardly a surprise that NBC wants its resident funny gals back for another round.  Get More »

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'A.C.O.D.' Trailer: Adam Scott, Adult Child of Divorce

Imagine you wake up one day and find out there's a whole stinking book devoted to breaking down you and your particular brand of weird.

In "A.C.O.D.," the first trailer for which is now in by way of Yahoo! Movies, that's exactly what happens to Adam Scott's character Carter, who thought things were going well in his life — great job, lovely girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) — until he learned that his supposed childhood therapist (Jane Lynch) was actually just conducting a study on kids whose parents were divorcing and included their little chats in her book, dubbing him "Rick."  Get More »

'Inside Out': Amy Poehler to Lead Best Pixar Movie Ever

Disney-Pixar Disney-Pixar

Writer-director Pete Docter has been giving Disney-Pixar the goodness for quite a while now, what with penning the stories for "Toy Story" and "Wall-E" as well as taking the helm for "Monsters Inc." and "Up." Now, the good Docter's ready to get all introspective and psychological-like for his next animated feature, "Inside Out."

The film concept and cast was introduced at Disney's D23 Expo last weekend by the studio's chief creative officer, John Lasseter, who described the story as "one of the most unique films [he's] ever been associated with — a magical, wonderful, original film." Get More »

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Hollywood's 13 Best Commencement Speeches

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Some of us just yawned and obsessed over the ticking of the clock during our far-too-long commencement speeches. Whatever maniac decided that so-and-so's wife's something or other who didn’t even graduate is equipped to send students off with a 30-minute diatribe on themselves is sorely mistaken. Just dole out the degrees already and call a day a day, right, kids? Unless ...

You know, every so often schools are able to wrangle in someone actually interesting to deliver a few notes of wisdom — some more often than others (cough Harvard cough). Even better, once in a while they're our very shiniest movie stars who make lots of funnies and deliver all the feels and suddenly the speeches don't seem so bad. Get More »

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Drake Dons Incredibly Fake-Looking Afro, Shoots 'Anchorman 2' Cameo

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Will Ferrell's "Anchorman" sequel's subtitle might be "The Legend Continues" but it should probably be re-dubbed "A Series Of Potentially Distracting Cameo Appearances" (although that would be really hard to fit on the marquee). Kanye West, Tina Fey, Kristin Wiig, Nicole Kidman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Amy Poehler (whom "Anchorman" die hards will remember had a sizable role in the first film, only to see her entire subplot deleted from the final product), Liam Neeson, John C. Reilly, Jim Carrey and Harrison Ford have all shot cameos for the hotly anticipated sequel (also: an animatronic shark).

The latest celebrity to be roped into this cameo feeding frenzy? None other than Canadian rapper Drake.
Get More »

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The 'Parks and Rec' Justice League: Stacheman and Other Friends

Uproxx Uproxx

The cast members of "Parks and Recreation" are practically superheroes to us already. The way they work together to bring justice to the town of Pawnee, Indiana is just remarkable.  So why not make it official and slap a Batman mask over Ron Swanson's head? (Completed with a cutout for his mustache, of course.) Get More »

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Where 25 Movie Stars Went to College

Admission Focus Features

Not all movie stars are created equal. Some are tall. Some are short. Some spend their free time on philanthropy. Some spend their free time in jail. And some secretly gave children up for adoption. Wait; that's actually Tina Fey's character in "Admission" — not to be confused with the real Tina Fey, who (at the time of this posting) has not put any of her offspring up for adoption. Get More »

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Nick Offerman's New Movie Has the Weirdest/Best NSFW Promo Ever

Anything that Nick Offerman has done or will ever do is funny in some fashion. Pretty much everyone agrees with this, including, apparently, Nick Offerman.

As if specifically putting that theory to the test, the promo for Offerman's latest film, "Somebody Up There Likes Me," first presented by our fraternal twins at Cinemablend, is bizarre on a level that makes a David Lynch movie seem like the gag reel of Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups" by comparison.

Graced with more celebrities per capita than your everyday disaster relief telethon, the promo starts with Offerman's "Parks & Recreation" co-star Adam Scott confronting Offerman in his wood shop about not showing up to the P&R set for work that day.

Things get decidedly NSFW from there. Get More »

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