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Mashup: 2012's Worst Movies Movies Review Themselves

Taste is subjective, right? One man's trainwreck is another man's cult classic... most of the time. But some movies are so bad, we've often suspected even the actors involved know they're making a piece of garbage.

This mashup of bad-movie characters proves our suspicions were right: In this educational video from, the brutal truth of 2012's worst movies comes straight from the horses' mouths. 


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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'American Reunion' and More

American Reunion

This week: Stifler and the rest of his East Great Falls gang reunite for a wild weekend of MILFs and memories in "American Reunion," the third and final sequel in the theatrical "American Pie" comedy franchise.

Also new this week is a return to form for Robert De Niro in "Being Flynn," Anna Paquin in the long-delayed "Margaret," plus the Blu-ray debuts of "Altered States" and "Chariots of Fire." Get More »

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Q&A: Chris Klein on 'American Reunion' and His Hero Harrison

Chris Klein
Getty Images

Chris Klein became a household name and instant heartthrob when he appeared in 1999's hit comedy, "American Pie." Klein played Oz, the athletic lacrosse player with a voice, and heart, of gold — which means that, in some ways, he was like a one-man precursor to "Glee." Just sayin'.

Over the years, the "American Pie" franchise has continued to amuse, delight and (ahem) ... educate … moviegoers everywhere. We've seen these friends get laid, get married and everything in-between. And now, with the most recent installment, "American Reunion," hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week, we thought it's high time we had a chat with this dreamy thesp to discuss whether these stars still get along after all this time and how he'll know when he's finally "made it." Get More »

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Celebrate the 4th With This 'American Pie' & 'American Reunion' Blu-ray Giveaway


On July 4, we celebrate all that we love about America: democracy, baseball, apple pie and, of course, Hollywood movies. So what better way to celebrate Independence Day than by watching the movie with the most infamous scene involving an apple pie ever, "American Pie?"

You should enjoy your apple pie on July 4, but probably not as much as Jim does in this 1999 comedy. Flash forward to 2012, and the gang is back for "American Reunion," returning to East Great Falls for the first time since their senior year. The cast might be older, but that doesn't mean they've slowed down at all. Thankfully, not much has changed in terms of the movie's crazy hijinks or outrageous comedy.

Two lucky fans will receive a copy of "American Pie" and "American Reunion" on Blu-ray so they can see how it all began and catch up with what the gang has been up to. Get More »

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Why Must Every R-Rated Comedy Show Peen?

Jason Biggs in American Reunion

The "American Pie" franchise deserves its full slice of credit when it comes to innovation in the sexual humor space; its original, after all, was the movie that introduced the world to the not-so-time-honored tradition of making whoopee with pastries.

But what's the "edgiest" scene (played for laughs) in its latest installment, "American Reunion"? A shot of Jason Biggs' fully exposed member, of course.

Welcome to the most over-used cliche in contemporary R-rated comedies. Get More »

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'The Hunger Games' Feasts On Pie At the Box Office

Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games"

"The Hunger Games" continued its epic dominance of the box office charts, taking in $33.5 million over the weekend to easily claim the top spot over the newest "American Pie" sequel," "American Reunion," which debuted with a solid $21.5 million gross according to

The victory for "The Hunger Games" also pushed the worldwide phenomenon over the $300 million mark domestically, with a 17-day tally of $302.8 million in North America alone.

For a full rundown of the box office figures, including numbers for returning films "Mirror Mirror" and "Wrath of the Titans" and a report on the 3D re-release of "Titanic," head to

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Before They Were Famous: Alyson Hannigan in 'My Stepmother Is an Alien'

Alyson Hannigan in My Stepmother Is an Alien
Columbia Pictures

Though she's known these days as the sweet and innocent Lily on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," Alyson Hannigan's biggest contribution to pop culture is indisputably her role as the sweet and not-so-innocent Michelle Flaherty in the "American Pie" franchise.

Her character's big reveal at the climax of the classic 1999 teen comedy, in which the audience's (and protagonist Jim's) perception of her goes from tame to over-the-top with one unforgettable "band camp" story, is a scene that has achieved near mythic status among millennial moviegoers, and we've all got a special place in our hearts for her because of it. However, Hannigan's very first starring role came more than a decade before she rocked Jason Biggs' world, in the sci-fi comedy "My Stepmother Is an Alien." Get More »

Have a Slice of These 5 'American Reunion' Clips

American Reunion

Those who were in high school when "American Pie" came out in 1999 may be shocked to discover that not only have Jim, Stifler and the rest of the gang grown up, but so have you. That's right, you're all old-ass 30somethings, and you can learn to cope with it by watching the cast of your favorite teen sex comedy prove that even adults can still have fun in "American Reunion."

The class of '99 returns to East Great Falls for its big reunion, with Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) having settled into a life of marriage and kids that just might get a much-needed shot in the arm during the wild weekend. Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris Klein, Seann William Scott, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth, Natasha Lyonne, Mena Suvari and, of course, Eugene Levy are all back for one last slice. Get More »

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The 25 Most Essential '90s Movies

Pulp Fiction

There's a reason you've recently had the urge to bust out your plaid shirts, Celine Dion albums and dial-up modems, as this week sees the release of two relics of the 1990s: "Titanic 3D" and "American Reunion."

Since both of these movies make us think back to a more innocent time when Monica Lewinsky was an eager young White House intern, our money wasn't on fire and Twittering was a weird body tic, we're reminiscing about that decade's most influential and essential cinematic treasures for future generations. It wasn't easy to narrow down the list (next time, "Problem Child 2," next time ...) but if we were to preserve only 25 flicks from the '90s in a time capsule, they would be these (listed in alphabetical order). Get More »

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5 Questions With 'American Reunion' Star Tara Reid

Getty Images

When Tara Reid starred in "American Pie," she was just a cute, young actress, famous for nothing but her pivotal role in "The Big Lebowski" and a promising career — and nothing more. 'Member that?

With the entire gang back together for "American Reunion," older but somehow even better looking, it's easy to believe that Reid and her castmates are the same fresh-faced youngsters we met in 1999.

We got a few minutes to ourselves with Reid — so obviously, we tried to uncover her anti-aging secrets first. Of course, we also worked in a few questions about her own "Pie"  reunion and her future movie plans. Get More »

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