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Questions and Answers With Jennifer Coolidge

Getty Images Getty Images

Jennifer Coolidge is lucky nobody in Regency England knew how to bend and snap, because Lord knows everyone everywhere else does, and doesn't hesitate to let the actress know. Best known for her memorable turns in "Legally Blonde" and as Stifler's mom in "American Pie," Coolidge's latest release, "Austenland," takes her to a Jane Austen-themed estate on the English countryside. She plays Elizabeth Charming, a woman with more money than she seems to know what to do with who ends up spending it on a trip to the manor and befriending Jane Erstwhile (Keri Russell), an Austen aficionado.

Coolidge brings her trademark comic chops to the role (her reason for heading to the romantic sleepaway camp is that she thinks her chest would look great in period fashions) and plays charmingly against Russell and the rest of the cast.

Here, the actress opens up about whether Austenian romance still exists, her theory that producer Stephenie Meyer is a vampire and how many times she's bent and snapped in her life. Get More »

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12 Movie Posters Recreated With Their Original Titles

Remember back when everyone's favorite rom-com was "$3000" starring Richard Gere and hot new star Julia Roberts?

Not every movie starts out being called the movie we've come to know and love. In fact, it's rather common for movies to have "working titles," or titles that just ended up getting changed somewhere between conception and distribution. Steven Spielberg's classic tale of a young lad and his alien pal once had the rather whimsical if vague title of "A Boy's Life" and the Will Smith superhero yarn "Hancock" was almost known as the rather awful "Tonight, He Comes." (Huh?)

Usually whatever title is actually released is ultimately for the best. Here are what a few of the most recognizable movie posters might've looked like if the films they advertise hadn't gone through a name change.

'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' (1982)

et-the-extra-terrestrial-a-boys-life Get More »

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The 10 All-Time Sexiest Movie MILFs

Movie MILFs Paramount/Sony/Lionsgate

Among circumstances that are devastating for you and awesome for everyone else, having a hot mom ranks near the top.

If it's you with the hot mom, there's nothing positive about it. You are the kid with the hot mom. Your friends could be asexual boy scouts and they'll still talk about how hot your mom is with relative frequency.

If it's your friend with the hot mom? A+! Congratulations! What a life bonus!

The children of the following ten movie characters have had to deal with a lot. Their (fictional) moms are incredibly sexy. Let's discuss. Get More »

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Yuck: The 10 Grossest Comedy Movie Scenes Ever


They're called gags for a reason, folks.

The idea of gross-out comedy is nothing new: Since the dawn of modern cinema, filmmakers have tried to capture audiences' "yucks" along with their yuks. Beginning with 1914's silent feature "Nell's Eugenic Wedding," in which a character eats soap and then repeatedly vomits for supposed chuckles, bodily fluids, nudity and innuendo have been trotted out for an uncomfortable laugh.

This weekend sees the release of "Movie 43," perhaps the granddaddy of all gross-out movies, consisting of several comedy shorts strung together to make an aggressively raunchy full-length movie. Boasting some of Hollywood's top names — Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman and Elizabeth Banks, to name just a few — performing unspeakable acts, some wide-eyed moviegoers may find the flick tough to stomach.

They say the best way to acclimate to a new experience or overcome a phobia is to face it. "Movie 43" doesn't come out in theaters until this weekend, so we can't show you more than the trailer right now, but we can condition you with the most gag-worthy gags in recent memory. Without further ado, please enjoy ("enjoy") the 10 gross-out movie scenes that haunt our dreams. Get More »

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The 13 Ickiest Movie Romances of All Time

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Summit

Not every romantic movie match was made in heaven. We submit it's quite the opposite in a lot of cases.

This baker's dozen batch of film titles in particular, boasting some shamelessly twisted pairings, has definitely given our gag reflex an unhealthy workout over the years. From incest to incomprehensible deception to just plain strange, there are a lot of different variations of yuck to be experienced within this group. Get More »

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The 12 Most Awkward Sex Scenes in Movies

Helen Hunt and John Hawkes in "The Sessions" Fox Searchlight

Andy Warhol famously said, "Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets," but clearly he never saw "Monster's Ball." If uncomfortably awkward love scenes don't bother you, this weekend's indie offerings may be just for you.

Check out "The Sessions," featuring an oft-naked Helen Hunt as a sexual surrogate trying to pleasure a disabled virgin (John Hawkes). And, if that's not enough, there's also "The First Time," which highlights a laughably awful (or realistic, depending on your experience) adolescent deflowering.

From the comedic to the absurd to the downright depressing, here are 12 cringe-inducing sex scenes we've compiled for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Get More »

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295 Movies Sing 'Baby Got Back'

"The Terminator" in "'Baby Got Back' Sung By the Movies"

For centuries, music, art and poetry have revered the human body, but no one did it quite like rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot in his classic 1992 hit "Baby Got Back." Now, 20 years later, the song gets the cinematic treatment in a new video that features 295 movies singing the lyrics to everyone's favorite ode to the derriere.

Many of your movie favorites express their booty adoration in this video by dondrapersayswhat, including the horny "American Pie" crew, seemingly straight-laced Atticus Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Sally Albright from "When Harry Met Sally...," letting out her famous groan, of course.

Check out the video below, and see if it makes you appreciate the song — and the backside — anymore than you already do. Get More »

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Q&A: Jason Biggs Gets Back to His 'Grassroots'

Jason Biggs
Getty Images

We all know and love Jason Biggs as the, ahem, sexually adventurous Jim from the "American Pie" franchise ... and he's okay with that. After all, Jim will probably go down in celluloid history as one of the most iconic virgins ever.

That said, however, if there was ever any doubt that there's more to Biggs than Jim, his new dramedy, "Grassroots," will put those fears to rest. Biggs plays Phil Campbell, a recently-fired journalist who agrees to help his quirky friend Grant Cogswell (Joel David Moore) campaign for a seat in the Seattle City Council. There's picketing. There's the FBI lurking. There's even a giant polar bear suit. Oh, and this tale happens to be (mostly) true.

We sat down with Biggs to talk about this departure from "American Pie" and whether he thinks that part of his life has really, finally been put to bed. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'American Reunion' and More

American Reunion

This week: Stifler and the rest of his East Great Falls gang reunite for a wild weekend of MILFs and memories in "American Reunion," the third and final sequel in the theatrical "American Pie" comedy franchise.

Also new this week is a return to form for Robert De Niro in "Being Flynn," Anna Paquin in the long-delayed "Margaret," plus the Blu-ray debuts of "Altered States" and "Chariots of Fire." Get More »

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Q&A: Chris Klein on 'American Reunion' and His Hero Harrison

Chris Klein
Getty Images

Chris Klein became a household name and instant heartthrob when he appeared in 1999's hit comedy, "American Pie." Klein played Oz, the athletic lacrosse player with a voice, and heart, of gold — which means that, in some ways, he was like a one-man precursor to "Glee." Just sayin'.

Over the years, the "American Pie" franchise has continued to amuse, delight and (ahem) ... educate … moviegoers everywhere. We've seen these friends get laid, get married and everything in-between. And now, with the most recent installment, "American Reunion," hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week, we thought it's high time we had a chat with this dreamy thesp to discuss whether these stars still get along after all this time and how he'll know when he's finally "made it." Get More »

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