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'Machete Kills' Trailer Will Slay You, Son

Robert Rodriguez is clearly one sick and twisted film-making individual, but hey, it works.

The first trailer for his "Machete" follow-up titled "Machete Kills" is in, and it basically operates as a virtual Who's Who of the most oddball cats in Tinseltown.

Joining Danny Trejo for movie two of the "Grindhouse" spin-off series — which, let that seep in for just a second — are a bevy of randoms from across the entertainment biz spectrum, including Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson, Vanessa Hudgens, Demian Bichir, Sofia Vergara, Antonio Banderas, Alexa Vega, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez, Cuba Gooding Jr. and, reprising her resident hot chick role, Jessica Alba. That's, uh, quite the spread he's got for this bloody display.

And, naturally, there are some pretty awesome little highlights to parse through here. First, we were particularly amused by this bit with Carlos Estevez Charlie Sheen as one take-no-names POTUS instructing someone off screen, "Let's go kick some a**" while ditching his nerdy specs ...

Charlie Sheen in Machete Kills Trailer Gif

... and we really got a kick outta whatever was happening with Sofia Vergara's gun bosoms in this frame ...

Sofia Vergara's gun bra in Machete Kills Trailer GIF

... also, there was this bit with Lady Gaga, ever the flamboyant femme fatale, hailing down a trucker in stilettos and fur for some reason ...

Lady Gaga Machete Kills trailer GIF

... but most of all, we were totally owned once they showed us Mel Gibson doing machete stuff because c'mon.

Mel Gibson in Machete Kills trailer GIF

You know what they say: go big or go home! (Or just go to the theaters on Sept. 13 to catch this bad boy on opening day.)

Casting Roundup: Page, Brolin and Williams Get the Gigs

Ellen Page Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

Ellen Page will be starring in "Into the Forest," the story of two teenage sisters living in rural Northern California as society seems to decay and collapse around them. As if that should alarm the girl who saw buildings fold in on themselves and stuff in "Inception." [The Playlist]

• Another thesp is packing his bags for "Sin City." Josh Brolin, who appeared in director Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Terror," will be playing the central role of Dwight (played by Clive Owen in the original film) in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For." Now how about some casting news on the film's femme fatale, Ava Lord, already? [MovieWeb] Get More »

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Liam Hemsworth Gets a 'Paranoia' Love Interest in Amber Heard

Getty Images

What do you get when you pair one ridiculously good looking person with another ridiculously good looking person? "Paranoia." Wait. What?!

Major she-hottie Amber Heard will become the on-screen love interest of "The Hunger Games" star Liam Hemsworth in Robert Luketic's new thriller "Paranoia," Variety now reports.

In the flick, adapted by Jason Dean Hall and Barry Levy from the Joseph Finder novel of the same name, Hemsworth stars as Adam Cassidy, a corporate peon who finds himself transformed into the pawn in a company spy game. Hemsworth's character tries to climb the corporate ladder by way of some illegal and unfortunate maneuvering and then is suckered into spying on a rival biz to avoid punishment by his boss. He has a one-night-stand with Heard's character but later finds her instrumental in his forced espionage scheming.

Sounds dangerous ... and sexy! Get More »

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Amber Heard Brings Glamour to 'Machete Kills'

Getty Images

Amber Heard, the blonde who turned up the heat in "The Rum Diary," is at it again. This time, the bombshell is in talks to become the latest femme fatale in the Robert Rodriguez action flick, "Machete Kills," the sequel to the 2010 Grindhouse hit "Machete." (Insert men cheering here.)

According to Variety, Danny Trejo will return as the titular lead, along with beauties Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez. Oh, and Mel Gibson may be stopping by. In other words, Trejo is one lucky ex-federale. Get More »

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Jake Gyllenhaal Won't Be Heading For 'Motor City'

Jake Gyllenhaal
Getty Images

UPDATE: Jake Gyllenhaal won't be replacing Dominic Cooper in the dialogue-free crime drama, "Motor City," after all. Deadline reports that negotiations fell through due to scheduling conflicts.

Stay tuned for news on who will end up being silent but deadly as the framed ex-con in the Dark Castle production being directed by Albert Hughes.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Jake Gyllenhaal just has one of those faces, you know?

The guy almost doesn't even have to talk at all in his movies because his super-expressive face pretty much says it all. And according to Variety, that makes him the perfect pick to replace Dominic Cooper in the upcoming dialogue-free action film "Motor City." Get More »

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15 Blondes Gone Brunette on the Big Screen

Everyone knows blondes have more fun. Right? Has anyone ever really researched this, or did someone (a blonde, we're betting) just make that up and say it enough times that eventually people accepted it as truth?

Well, wonder no more, because we've done some (very scientific) research -- and things are looking up for ladies with tresses from chestnut to chocolate and everything in between. So as Katherine Heigl prepares to hit the big screen as a brunette in "One for the Money," we at NextMovie have compiled our own list of Hollywood golden girls who have dabbled on the dark(er) side.

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Amber Heard Revs Her Engines In 'Motor City'

Getty Images

Earlier this year she took a spin with Nicolas Cage in "Drive Angry," but now Amber Heard's peeling out and heading towards the "Motor City."

Deadline reports that the ultra-hottie beat out several other young hopefuls for the chance to burn rubber alongside "The Devil's Double" star Dominic Cooper in the gettin' outta jail and takin' revenge flick. "Motor City" became a priority project at Warner Bros. when Albert Hughes ("The Book of Eli") signed on to direct the script by Chad St. John, which originally contained no dialogue.

Whether this will still be a "silent movie" (presumably still with audible gunshots and blood splatters) remains to be seen, as the writer suggested to Scriptshadow that he was asked to write a version containing dialogue for Dark Castle producer Joel Silver. Get More »

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GALLERY: We're Drunk on 'Rum Diary' Starlet Amber Heard's Hotness

Amber Heard might just be the luckiest girl in Hollywood.

OK, so her big show on NBC, "The Playboy Club" was one of the first series canceled this season, but that doesn't change the fact that she's a lucky duck. Just look at her -- she's got the hair, she's got the face, she's got the body, she's got the chops and she's got the social awareness.

And now, of course, she's got Johnny Depp. The rising starlet appears opposite the eternal heartthrob in "The Rum Diary," out in select cities this weekend.

Don't worry -- we're jealous right there with ya.


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The Women of Fall

As the leaves turn their autumnal colors and the air gets brisker, we like to warm ourselves by the fire of scorching hot babes burning up the screen with hotness!!!

Ahem. With all due respect, coming up this fall is an amazing lineup of actresses, poised to deliver what look to be some of the best performances of the year. These ladies are in it to win it, and by "it" we mean box office loot, Oscars, and a special place in our hearts.

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15 Movie Stars Heading to TV This Fall

Luke Wilson & Zooey Deschanel
Getty Images (2)

School is back in session and the summer movie season has wrapped, which means the pop-culture focus temporarily shifts to television until the annual slate of Oscar contenders and holiday blockbusters hit theaters.

This fall, though, you'll notice the new television season has a host of big movie stars transitioning to primetime, either for the first time, like Luke Wilson, or in a splashy return, like Ashton Kutcher.

While the majority of film actors are headlining high-profile series, a couple of them are lining up for key supporting roles in ensemble casts. Take a look at these 15 familiar faces and find out where you can catch them on the small screen this year. Get More »

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